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A Mossy Getaway: Wendy Free Jump Training

((at least this time I remembered her leg markings XD ))

After Kimmie's lessons for the day, Clara was itching to get back to Fair Wendy and see how the mare was handling herself. Gordie was keen as well and decided to follow along. Wendy was once again shy as she came to the fenceline, yet another stranger in this strange land, but he emanated the same calm and niceness as the shorter female that Wendy was becoming connected to. Despite having been at Adhacrann now for a few months, the couple had not really had a chance to explore much and Gordie thought it was time for them to strike out a bit more on their own. He packed up a few things and treats in a bag and the trio set out on a minor hike.

Now, Adhacrann was definitely a strange place, and something the couple had been starting to explore was that it actually had its own biomes, each set separated by mountains that rotated clockwise around the island. They had only ever moved around in the temperate regions that were directly south, south west, and south east of the tree's entrance. But Gordie was itching to check out the more tropical regions that were to the far west and today had convinced Clara that maybe it would be a fun idea. They knew that walking to get to the mountains would take a bit, and after discussing travel throughout the island with Lana, the latter had set up strange and large doors halfway along each biome, each one that opened to a hallway that once one door was shut, the other would open to the biome the person desired to visit.

Today, they decided to test such doorways today. It didn't take long for them to find the first one to the south west. Its size alone made it easy to spot. Gordie knocked on it politely and it opened with only a little sound, allowing the humans and the horse to enter easily. Fair Wendy wasn't quite so sure of this escapade, but Clara made it clear that she would not force it upon the mare if she didn't so choose. No halters, no lead lines, the mare was free to go as she wished. Such autonomy was strange for Wendy. Such freedom was so rare. And in the confidence of this woman, Wendy desired only to see where she would lead to. So she followed cautiously, walking into the weird earthen hallway after them.

As soon as the doorway behind closed, the one ahead opened into a land of absolute green. Moss hung from trees like curtains on a window, the air thick with moisture and the sounds of the birds all so new. Gordie and Clara awed at the new biome, a lush subtropical jungle. They all entered slowly, out of curiosity and wonder. It took them a good few moments before they finally started hiking along, enjoying the wondrous sights around them, winding their way through thick underbrush and along wild streams. The mare began to become more exploratory after some time, walking alongside the pair rather than behind them. Clara would nudge Gordie every time she went ahead of them, smiling at the warm-blood's curious behavior. This was the confidence and inquisitive nature that Clara had always heard about, the attitude she had always wanted to see in a horse. Stella was a nice horse, don't get her wrong, but that mare had too much confidence that edged on cocky. And Stella wasn't so much curious as she was demanding. It was refreshing to see a horse that was more humble in attitude.

Eventually, they hiked upon a clearing where some old logs lay, felled by storms long ago. Gordie and Clara went first through it, climbing over the fallen towers of old carefully since some were so much larger than the humans were. At first, Fair Wendy tried to find ways around the logs, a few small enough that she did a little hop-step over. After a bit, some logs got a bit bigger, and Wendy, feeling a bit more sure of herself now, did a little skip over those and stopped trying to find her way around them. It wasn't until probably the 10th log, a larger one that sat suspended a bit above the ground, that the mare started to feel her wild oats. Maybe it was old training coming back, maybe just second nature for her breed, but Fair Wendy made a little canter for it and jumped the logged. "Holy crap! Did you see that, hun?!?" Clara excitedly motioned to the mare who now excitedly trotted forward ahead of them, ears up in delight. Gordie smiled broadly, "Looks like we got a jumper on our hands..."


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