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3.21.20 RelaxSmileDraw: Glitch

Relax Smile Draw is an experiment aimed at curing art block, unlocking creativity, having fun, improving health and finding more happiness.

Anyone is welcome to join in on it.
All you have to do is:
1. Read this:…
2. Make a piece of daily art while only focusing on relaxing and smiling, and not the art itself.
3. Post it and tag #relaxsmiledraw, and/or tag me.
There is a private FB group for those who don't yet want to post their result in public:…
4. Include this so that others might get to try it out.

Remember what Bob Ross said, there are no mistakes, only happy little accidents.


The colors of Ostara and spring. Was this place always here? Did it grow with the forest or is it decaying as the forest grows in? If you take a rock from the ground and make it a structure, but it is still that rock, when does it change from being organic? Would it always be organic?

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