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3.12.2020 RelaxSmileDraw

Relax Smile Draw is an experiment aimed at curing art block, unlocking creativity, having fun, improving health and finding more happiness.

Anyone is welcome to join in on it.
All you have to do is:
1. Read this:…
2. Make a piece of daily art while only focusing on relaxing and smiling, and not the art itself.
3. Post it and tag #relaxsmiledraw, and/or tag me.
There is a private FB group for those who don't yet want to post their result in public:…
4. Include this so that others might get to try it out.

Remember what Bob Ross said, there are no mistakes, only happy little accidents.


Another attempt at this experiment

This one was hard for me, mostly because I'm not used to working on landscape solely and also not using a whole lot of stock brushes. Focusing on making abstract brushes do what you want them to is freaking hard, but I know if I want to go to the next level of being an artist, this is one of my biggest hurdles to get over.

There were a number of times I had to force myself to smile and I would forget to relax and had to keep reminding myself. I played music to help, tried dancing in my seat to loosen up, etc, but I would be lying if I said I enjoyed every bit of this XD

Here is the original:…

I decided not to add in the fence from the original since if I use this picture for any of my horse stuff, chances are it is in a wild setting. Something that also really helped was setting up grid lines on both pieces so I could more easily replicate the proper dimensions. Highly recommend this

Used a lot of gimp starter brushes, but I know I used these two sets also:

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i find this piece soothing to look at with the two large geological formations framing a sunrise or set.

i'm glad to see you getting out of your comfort zone and trying out different things. and just working on making it all enjoyable again.

cheers you on.

i love watching Bob Ross, his programs are so soothing and i find what he shows in them works for most traditional and digital paint medias the back to front and pushing between light and dark and just letting the scenery flow.

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I've thought about doing a Bob Ross tutorial for one of these experiments, that might be coming in the future ^_^
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sweet! I'm looking forward to it!