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Leuthil Character Model Sheet

My latest character, Leuthil Spellsinger. She has another last name, Spellsinger in elvish, but I forgot my little scrap of paper I wrote it on and it's too late to remember it...I'll get back to you on that one.

Yay. I go to bed really really late.

Oh yeah, for my animation class...yaddah yaddah run cycle and lip sync to follow. I gotta figure out a way to convert my last cycle to .gif so I post it.
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Very cool, great poses and great turn-around :)
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Hehe...I was soooo tired! I was making big lines on the paper and turning them into gesture lines. :giggle: They made very interesting poses, though.

Lol, thanks! I'm almost done with her run cycle. Gotta do some cleanup.
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Lol, yeah, I've done that, too ;) Sucker for retro that I am, I used to watch re-runs of the original Mickey Mouse club late at night (and Zorro, I miss Zorro :( ) but they had Roy who was an artist. There was one segment they did where someone would draw just a random line on the page, and he would turn it into something. I've tried it a few times when Im bored or just feeling uncreative. It's an interesting little experiment.
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Cool! :w00t: It is fun, and you can do the most interesting things with it! We should try this more often ;)

(I miss Zorro, too!)
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how cool is that? you're so good at drawing--- the animation will be great, i'm sure of it.
nice work
keep it up
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Lol, thanks. I started her running this morning. I only did two key frames this morning, but we spent most of the class lecturing on timing...Soon :plotting: yes....soon.
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