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By Agent-Di
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Voila! Gaia, also known as Mother Earth but more commonly called Mother Nature. This character will appear in my sequel to Stuck Together which I'll start posting after I finish my other two FOP fics. She's the head sprite and sort of their mother figure. That came about mostly because she's always tending to things and training the other sprites. I know that in mythology Gaia is both the mother and wife of Uranus but this is FOP people so I paired her with Father Time. No I don't know when I'll get his profile pic done. =P He's just a minor OC anyway.

I wanted to give her a rustic, adventurous personality that you wouldn't expect from looking at her. Her voice would sound like a tough mountain gal or western cowgirl. She does have a sweet nature though and isn't exactly fond of Aphrodite who's a little too refined and dramatic. She gets along best with the Tooth Fairy and Mnemosyne. Since she can't be everywhere at once the sprites work for her (like the cherubs work for Cupid) and help her maintain the Earth and magic worlds. The anti-creature realms fall to the anti-sprites and her anti-self. Once again they're minor OCs so don't expect profile art for 'em anytime soon. =P

Gaia Version, Chartre, & Art © Agent-Di
Fairly OddParents © Butch Hartman
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Wow, this would actually be a cool character to have in an episode :)
silverlily202's avatar

she's a hippie.
What if she had her own show with a husband and it's called How I Met Your Mother Nature? :giggle: I don't know I just thought of that name for Earth Day.
Agent-Di's avatar
Lol! :XD: That sounds like the kinda thing FOP would do a spoof of.
Ecosauna's avatar
You should e-mail the creator of Danny Phantom and send these in, ur good at mimicking the style and have awesome characters!
MarcosBnPinto's avatar

Actually, since I use to post( other )fanart as quite like themed mini-series, so I´ll fave this( though it just can sound so strange, still )!
Ninayumi's avatar
i'm studying mytholagy in school :lick:
DuckyYepYep's avatar
She fits the bill on how I think Mother Nature should be. It's very cute, I love your profile pictures, and MN has such a nice, unique look to hear. :) You always draw fantastic pictures. :thumbsup:
Agent-Di's avatar
Lol, thank you. She's also got more detail than any other FOP OC I've made. I think the trickiest part of drawing her will be remembering to add all those little nature elements on her clothes.
MetalDragoon's avatar
Heh, she's cool! Can't wait to see what you did with her hubby!
PhantomGoDeo's avatar
This is so awesome! :D You're very good @ creating characters! ^^ I like this idea of "Mother Nature"; I was just thinking about that concept yesterday! O.o;;;

Anyway, I really like the detail you've put on this. The wings are really nice, and I like how you put different weather-type things on the clothes! :D It's awesome what you put into consideration when designing the characters. Great job! :D :+fav:
Agent-Di's avatar
Hey I'd love to see your version of Mother Nature. There are so many different ways you could go with her look and personality and it's interesting to see everyone's take on a popular character.

Lol, I almost went nuts trying to combine all the different elements into one character so she'd look like the head sprite. This was my favorite out of two designs so I'm glad it's going over well. Thanks for the great feedback! :)
PhantomGoDeo's avatar
Yah; maybe I will...! I'll start sketching at random times during the day for a few days and see what I come up with... ^^

Oh, & you're welcome :D
stingraykebab's avatar
Wow! Really nice character design you have there! I like the clothes you made for her... quite creative! Like how you drew her... fits her personality!
ArtGirlBecky's avatar
Yay for loosely-based-on-mythological-persons-OCs!

Whew, that was a mouthful!
maylee's avatar
Hee-hee fantastic character, I just love her design. Hey I got an idea, I'm in the process of designing 'Jack Frost', they could be related some how, maybe as a brother or something in those lines *puppy eyes* =3.
Agent-Di's avatar
XP Aww! Thank you very much for the compliment Astra. I already have an OC called Jacque Frost though. He's a nymph who's one of those daredevil types with a funny accent. He's engaged to one of the sprite OCs and I'm hoping to include him in my comic. If you wanted to kinda do a crossover type thing and use this Gaia character in your art I don't mind. I'm looking forward to seeing your Jack Frost character. You're great with character designs. :highfive:
maylee's avatar
Oh for the love of--! That's it, I'm not designing anymore !£"%*&^ characters anymore! :surrender:
Agent-Di's avatar
No, dangit Astra don't let that stop you from designing your own! Everybody's got their own ideas and different spin to put on characters like Mother Nature, Jack Frost, and the mythological beings. :tears: I'd love to see what your version looks and acts like. The more the merrier. And they're all just fan characters anyway so it's all in good fun. :hug:
EmberMcLaineRocks's avatar
Awesome character! She looks great. I love how her outside appearance doesn't reflect her attitude. Great job! :+fav:'s
DJWill's avatar
Wow Gaia it's so beautiful! :love: but you are most beautiful,Di-Chan ^^ :+fav:
MegJohnston's avatar
:clap: I love her design, you did a great job! =D
HeartlessSlayer's avatar
her wings reminds me of Jen's character Puck, but none the less, she's another great character Di.:D

Now we have a FOP charcater who actually cares about the nature, maybe she would might have a good relationship with my Native Fairies. Since they want to protect nature as well.:earth:

and again, Keep up the awesome job of being creative iwth your characters!:clap:
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