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The Knight

So this is a demon, inspired by the Hell Knight from the D00M series.

Hope you like it.

Edit: there will be a Baron to accompany him later on. :)
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Ummm nice one! I really like the way you make it! Because in some ways remind me the beast from Doom 4 but i feel a nostalgia for the cyberdemon of the original Doom! Very nice one! :clap: ;) :clap:
Agent-Chris's avatar
Doom 4? Hehe! Well it would be a hell of a coincidence, but as far as I know, there is no official footage of Doom 4, except for some "supposedly" leaked screenshots from an early pre-alpha build, and there are no demons in them.

Thanks a lot, anyway. I'll paint a Cyberdemon, too, someday.
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Wait! who the hell i am! nah just kidding umm then im a little confused!

Anyway youre welcome!!! nice!!!! ;)
Skylore-Vegh's avatar
That face is awesome.
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Thank you. :)
I almost got a little carried away with it's texture.
legnaus's avatar
It kinda looks more like pinky than the hell knight
Agent-Chris's avatar
I think I see what you mean. ;)
YanTheDreamer's avatar
Man, its just wonderfull!
531st's avatar
Nice job with muscles

He already got 1 rocket i see :D
Agent-Chris's avatar
Thanks! Yup, right in the face. :)
jennsch's avatar
Great creature concept and the attention to detail on this is lovely. It makes the creature seem all the more realistic! Nice work (:
Agent-Chris's avatar
Thanks a lot. I wish the compression wasn't so brutal though.
seiza-Ronso's avatar
this is AWESOME!
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