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Starlight Glimmer Fan Button

Starlight Glimmer Fan Button

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Credits to SLB94 for the image.

Starlight Glimmer belongs to Hasbro

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In fact, I don't like her anymore, villain or not.

But if you're a fan of her, I respect your opinion. :)
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Using! •3• ❤
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Using!! ❤️💜
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I absolutely adore Starlight she is my one and only waifu 💞😍💞😍💞
Platypusrocks's avatar
Using, she gets too much undeserved hate. :(
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I also do not understand hate for her. "She did not deserve redemption, creator's pet, she was too quicly reformed, she is still bad person" blah blah. They do not see that even if she messes things she currently means well. She is a good character in the way she is I think.

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can you make one for Dick Dastardly Fan?
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may u make a fan button of my oc
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