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The AgeShiter : The Minion

Melany - The Minion in the shadows

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Areat's avatar

Such a masterpiece!

I like how her ass and thighs thickens ripping her skirt

skinfetish's avatar

Holy shit this is incredible. The production quality alone is amazing! And the fact that it actually has a plot and suspense and good pacing. Wow


AgeGrowthFictions's avatar
Thank you so much. I'm trying to go even further for my next project ;)
12345123456734's avatar

What a thrilling transformation. I can’t wait to see your future videos(:

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar
Thx, I'm working on it ^^
Areat's avatar

What an impressive work! I absolutely loved the slow AP with burst clothes. Top notch job. And that looming reveal in the garden. Brrr!

Do you happen to also make AR?

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar
Thank you so much for your nice comment, I'm so glad you liked it ^^.
I don't make much AR but it's not impossible that one day I'll make a video where a character grows back to a child after an age progression.

im sorry. but i'd like to know what you've been up to. can you share us about the progress?

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar

I'm working on a female AP video. I'm working on the transformation sequence and cloth simulation right now. ^^

Great Work! You are a master of creating atmosphere. Can you also create a bright atmosphere? And it would be wonderful when you would make a age progression with more muscular girl(s). Like in Aedificatorum Nata or even more, i love how the abs appears.

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar

Thanks you! ^^

I admire Lovecraft's work, that's why the atmosphere is ofter dark I guess.

But I'll do bright atmosphere again, one day or another ^^.

yttyr's avatar

Whilst I personally prefer slower paced transformations with continuous growth, like you did in The Giant, rather than the bursts of rapid growth you did here I can't deny the attention to detail you have put into this. The fluidity of her motions, the minor details in how she moves, the physics at play as her muscles and breasts expands. Heck, although I could do without the veins I will admit you did a marvellous job with them.

As for the video in general I like how you did the scene where she runs upstairs with the panning shot and still images of her. The grammar could use a bit of work but I won't hold that against you. I would have preferred a longer/slower transformation with more close up shots of her growing body and body parts but I'm not gonna complain, you did such an amazing job with this.

All in all It's a really great animation. It's just too bad that the rapid bursts style of growth and the veins turns me right off.

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar

I'm so sad you didn't like the veins, many people told me it was a sexy add-on and liked it. Well, I guess we all feel things differently ^^'.

The goal of my next project is to slower the process a lot. I have to admit that bursts of rapid growth are great for sound design as it avoids continuous repetitive sounds.

Anyway, my next video will depict a more continuous growth and there shouldn't be any veins.

Don't hesitate to send me a private message to correct me on my grammar so I can improve. As you know I'm french and even If I speak english, my grammar can still be awkward sometimes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to make that detailed critic. ;)

Oh I liked the veins very much!

Really good work again AGF, I think this one surpassed the last one by alot!

the transformation sequence was very satisfying and also the details from the veins was really good and the cloth physics was great

I'm going to be honest for a moment during the last scene I thought there was going to be a suprise transformation with the mother going through a AR(Age Regression) by the ageshifter or her own daughter, but I guess I was expecting a bit too much hahaha

but besides that I really enjoy it

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar
Thank you so much ^^

OMG, that looks so real with the veins. I hope you making more longer process. Love it so much.

Keep it up!

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar
Thank you ^^
Yes, the goal of my next video is to make a longer process.

There were a lot of people who said it was kind of short or regretted the lack of shoe burst, but I'll just say, it's great, from start to finish, I especially liked the way you worked on the legs and showed butt expansion at the beginning, and I really liked looking at her veins and hands, it's so cute and sexy! I think this is the best thing you've done so far. I don't even know what will happen next, because it seems very difficult to surpass such a high level. In any case, good luck to you and thank you so much for your work!

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar

Thank you so much for your comment!

I have to admit that, what's helping me improve and search for new things to do is the people's review :)

TGFreakperson's avatar

Its so well made, love the storytelling and the animating style you put into it. Again you out-animated yourself ;) cheers

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar
May be short but still a satisfying transformation! Hope the next one will be a longer AP TG one!
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