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The Aftermath

This video is just a compilation of Quickie 1 and 2 with a quick aftermath.

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Ohh God please let your new big project be a male age progression. I'd love to see you use the same effects that you use kn the others, like the clothes ripping and buttons flying off that would be awesome

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar

My next project will be male and female AP

great video, good holidays and long live the next video

The aftermath of this aftermath will probably result in kids of their own!

Tried to play the video,but not working.

Please help!

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar

What is happening when you're clicking the link?

I cannot press the play button,I'm blocked out of it or something.

Still nothing.

Does this have to do with memory banks?

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar

I don't understand ^^'

Sorry for not being specific,I should have told you that it wasn't working on my phone.

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Try this link, I'm posting all my content on Dailymotion now. Remember to disable the adult filter at the bottom of the page.

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Areat's avatar

Absolutely stunning work!

Love the realistic post AP pubes state. Meanwhile this dude's dong is in the top 0.001 percentile. XD

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar

Thanks ;) Well... when it comes to erotic fantaisies, we tend to give the character big attributes. ^^'

Areat's avatar

Yeah, but bigger isn't necessarily sexier, and more importantly breaking the realistic wall kind of pull out of imagining the scene as real. Just my opinion, though. Your work here still is absolutely amazing.

AgeGrowthFictions's avatar

You're absolutly right ! As we say in France : "Too much of too much kills the good" Even if I like to give big attributes to my characters, I always tr y to keep things to a rare but still realistic proportion.

12345123456734's avatar

I finally saw this movie. And I have to say, excellent job. I really enjoyed the narration audio & the slow passion made at the end. These transformation films let you soak in all of the surroundings. They feel powerful.

A longer one would've been good. My c*ck grew because of this.

This was even better than I hoped. The narration for the new footage was a nice touch.

12345123456734's avatar

Once I get home, I think I’ll clear my mind before experience this with some meditation music. Your videos have this really ambience around & I hope that I can grasp a lot of enjoyment out of this video.

I think if my dick grew that much I would probably shoot my load just as fast.

CallaWhite's avatar

Amazing work, I love the combined videos into one.

12345123456734's avatar

I think I should save this video for a rainy day. If it’s the best Age Growth Fiction video. I want to set up a perfect movie night to go with it.

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