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Based on characters from the Dreamtales comics universe.
This is a fan fiction.

“Hey! Wake up baby,” Suzy whispers to Marilyn’s ear, “it’s 2PM already.”
The shutters from the window on the wall facing the bedroom’s door are closed, the only light is coming from the bedside lamp. The little girl sits up, half asleep with her eyes still closed. She rubs them and yawns before looking at herself.
“I’m still a child…” Marylin says with a soft, childish voice.
“Yes, I’m sorry.” Suzy answers, sympathetically.
“I don’t remember, how did I end up here?”
“You fell asleep last night after we left the forest, I’ve put you to bed when we arrived.”
Marilyn looks up at her girlfriend who seems terribly exhausted.
“Did you sleep?”
“Not really, I have to admit I couldn’t help but think about you.”
“Are you going to call the doctor?” the dark-haired girl asks.
“I’m afraid I’ll have to.”
The poor little one lowers her head, starting to give up on the idea of taking back her adult body.
“But don’t worry about that.” Suzy tries to avoid Marilyn to be more scared that she already is. “For now, try to get up, I’m gonna get you something to eat. Just call me if you need anything okay?”
Marilyn nods her head before Suzy leaves the room and shut the door behind her. The blond-haired woman keeps her grip on the knob a short time, leans back on the door and lets out a long sigh in despair. Before her, stands the bathroom just next to the pantry door which is on her right at the end of the corridor. She goes left, getting closer to the front door before which stand the living room on the right and the kitchen on the left where Suzy’s heading, strongly yawning of exhaustion as she opens the fridge to make her girlfriend a breakfast. She takes out a bottle of milk and put it down on the table in the middle of the room.
“I feel like I’m babysitting her,” she thinks while taking a glass and pouring out milk, “I almost miss when she was cocky”.
Marilyn’s behavior was getting on her nerve these past days and deep down Suzy truly wanted her to change, but not like this at all. Furthermore, as a child she doesn’t seems more bearable.
“She was a sexy pain, now she is a cute little pain. It doesn’t change that much eventually.”
She makes some toast and smile as she knows her own kindness will always have the upper hand. A pain or not, she isn’t going to let Marilyn down.

Three loud knocks resonate through the house. Suzy stops her preparation, surprised that someone is paying them a visit.
“Maybe it’s Mandy,” she thinks, “Please, tell me nothing bad happened to her. After Marilyn growing younger, another problem with Mandy is the worst thing that could happen.”
Marilyn also hears the knocks coming from the front door and starts to panic.
“Oh no…” She puts her ear against the door, hoping not to hear any visitors crossing the doorstep.

Suzy puts down the knife and the toast on which she was spreading some butter and goes to the front door. Her face cringes as she grip the knob, she has never been that scared of what might be a the other side. The young woman slowly pulls the door and see two policemen appear before her, one bald on the right and the other with brown short hair.
“Oh my god...” she softly lets out, her eyes are wide open.
“Hello...” the bald policeman on her right awkwardly says after seeing the reaction on Suzy’s face.
“Oh… Hello!” She makes an uncomfortable smile.
The policeman stays silent a few seconds as he starts to look suspicious like his colleague by his side.
“Is everything alright mam?” he asks.
“Yes! It’s just… I’m surprised to see two policemen on my doorstep.” she answers.
“Yes, of course.” The policeman smiles, he doesn’t seem to believe a word of it.
Marilyn on her side is terrified.
“The police!” she says out loud as she puts out her ear from the door, “I must hide!” She runs all around the room, searching for a solution.

“We’re trying to get some information about a woman who’s been seen wandering around completely bare last night. Some people claims it was a blond lady.”
Suzy remembers that woman in the forest the previous night but tries her best not to show the police that she knows something.
“Really, a bare woman?” she asks innocently.

Marilyn, still searching for an escape without realizing that no one is looking for her at the moment, decides to leave the house through the window and hide inside the hedge surrounding the backyard. She opens it, then puts her hands on each of the shutters before pushing them out and so exposing herself to the sunlight.
Suddenly, a strong feeling takes over her entire body, “oh…” she gasps. The little girl makes two steps back, her body starts to shake while her heart starts to beat stronger. Then, after a few seconds, her little legs starts to stretch, her entire body getting taller. “Oh… Oh!” She moans as an amazing sensation flows through her body. A smiles appears on her faces as she becomes privy of what’s happening.
Her top becomes too small, her belly gets more and more uncovered, her abs and every other muscles tightens repeatedly as her body changes. Her pants rises up to her calves.
Marilyn looks down as she feels her womanhood getting back to her. Her nipples gets hard and erect as her breast grows on her chest, pushing on her top that is never going to resist their future size. “Oh yes, OH!” she screams as the two mounts swell.

Suzy looks at the corridor as her girlfriend's screams reaches her ears.
“What’s happening there?” the policeman asks as he hears the moans.
Suzy looks back at him.
“Well.. ehm… it… it...” The woman tries to find something but nothing comes to her mind. She sees the brown haired policeman who hasn’t spoke since the beginning of the encounter put a hand on his mouth ready to burst into laughter.
Tearing sounds spreads through the room when Marilyn’s child legs starts to take back the big and sexy figures of a woman. Her thighs get larger and larger, ripping the seams on the sides of the pants. “OH! OH!!!” She closes her eyes in delight and caresses her thighs with her hands, getting more turned on the more she feels them bloating, ripping even more the side of the pants which glide down her waist under the pressure of her widening hips. She feels her butt inflating and pushing out her pants, trying to get free from its prison of clothes until, on a loud snap, her ass bursts and rips off the back of her pants, the cheeks slamming together as the pressure releases.
“Oh yes! It… Feels… So good. Oh!”. A tingling sensation begins to be felt between her legs. She looks down to see that her pubic hair grows over her pussy.
“Oh! I’ve never been… Oh!... So Happy... To see hair growing down there!” Her swelling boobs starts to block the view and shakes the more they grow. Huge gaps starts to appear between each button of her top. They all give out stretching sounds, all on the brink of giving way.
“Oh yes! Let me… Help you my friend!” Marilyn arches her back, pushing her breast forward. She then pushes up her boobs with her forearms and squeezes them with the upper arms causing the first button to pop out in the middle of the top. “OH!” Then a second one and eventually, the two mounds burst out of the pajamas, jiggling gloriously.
Suzy, on her side, tries her best to explain a situation she doesn’t understand herself to the police.
“Is it your Partner Marilyn?” the policeman asks impatiently while his colleague desperately tries to hide his giggles.
“Well… yes…. but listen, it sounds to have stopped,” she awkwardly says as all the screams, moans and ripping sounds cease.
“What the hell was that?” he asks.
“I don’t know, I’m truly sorry. What did you want to ask me?” Suzy skips the subject.
“The bare woman! Have you seen or heard anything!”
“Well, no, not really”
“Not really? What does that mean?”
“That means I didn’t see anything.”
“What were you doing last night?” The bald man asks.
At the moment the policeman finishes his question and before Suzy could answer, the door leading to the bedroom slightly opens just to allow Marilyn’s head to pass through and keeps her body hidden.
“Hello gentlemen!” she says, out of breath, with a sensual voice.
Suzy’s eyes opens wide. She understands that her partner grew back to her adult self.
“Hello, you’re Marilyn?” The man asks.
“I am now” she says in delight with a smile on her face.
“Don’t stay so far from us, we’re not gonna bite you.”
“Oh… I’d love to, but I’m not fully dressed you know.”
The other cop bursts into laughter and goes back to the car to avoid disturbing his colleague.
“Well… is there something you wish to tell us?” The policeman starts to sound bored of that situation.
“Yesterday night, Suzy and I went out to look at the stars with our little friend Mandy”
Suzy face-palms under the stupidity of her girlfriend. The policeman glares at Suzy then continues his interrogation.
“And none of you saw anything odd?”
“No but we didn’t stay out for long as Mandy seemed terrified. Maybe she noticed something but was too scared to tell us. Who knows?” Marilyn adds, proud to reveal to the cop that Mandy is afraid of the dark.
The man looks thoughtful for a second.
“Very well, thank you for your… cooperation.” One more time, he glares at Suzy who lowers her head, embarrassed, “It’ll be fine… for now. Have a nice day,” the policeman says.
Thanks, you too,” Marilyn answers.

He goes back to the car where his colleague is waiting for him.
“You have to work on your self-control,” he says.
“We have to go back to one of the old woman we met this morning. Her granddaughter Mandy might have seen something and I truly think that these two aren't innocent of what happened last night.”

Suzy sees the car leaving and shuts the front door before releasing a long sigh.
“Did I disturb your conversation?” Marilyn asks.
“What happened?” Suzy asks as she goes toward her girlfriend.
“Well,” Marilyn opens the door completely and gets in the corridor, “I got back my attributes” she says as she cups her breast then slowly passes over her hard nipples with the palms of her hands before sensually caressing her torso from her breast to her bush between her legs.
Suzy, seeing Marilyn’s wonderful body with the pajamas in tatter tightly hanging on her body, suddenly stand still as she feels her heart beats pounding very strong. Her eyes fill with desire and her mouth stays slightly open, letting her trembling breath be heard. It doesn’t take long for Marilyn to notice the nipples erecting on Suzy’s breast.
“I haven’t been able to make such an effect on you since you saw me naked the first time we made out.” Marilyn goes toward her.“Or maybe it’s the hair on my pussy. Do you like it?” she adds with a sensual voice. Normally, she always shave down there. “Or maybe it’s these ruined clothes on my body.” she whispers to her ear.
Marilyn gently pushes her girlfriend against the wall then presses her breast against Suzy’s who feels turned on like she’s never been.
“Oh… Marilyn…” She says as she turns her head right, exposing her neck to Marilyn. The latter grabs Suzy’s right boob and proceed to kiss her in the neck.
The blonde girl breathes louder and louder, her heart beating stronger than ever until she undergoes soft but strange spasms due to muscle contractions in different areas of her body.
“No… Stop!” Suzy slightly pushes Marilyn away. “I... can’t. I’m sorry.”
“Come on, I want it so much.”
“I know. But I have to go to Mandy and ensure nothing bad happened to her.”
Marilyn sighs. Suzy goes to the front door and grabs the knob, then looks back at Marilyn.
“And... yes, I like it… a lot” she says as she looks at the hair covering her grilfriend’s pubis.
Marilyn bites her lower lips as the two woman make one last eye contact before they separate.

Suzy reaches the pavement in front of the house.
“What happened to me? Being turned on never made such an effect on me. Well... not that much.” All her limbs still shake and sweat. She takes a few seconds to catch her breath.
Her heart beats slowly calm down letting her take back control. Then, without waiting, she walks fast in the direction where Mandy lives, the fear growing with each step. She cares about that little girl after all, she can’t deny it, but she also has to protect Marilyn at the same time.
“What am I going to tell Mandy? The conversation that’s coming is going to be complicated for sure. Make Mandy speak about last night but don’t say a word about what happened to Marilyn. Easy! And fun… maybe...”

On the other side of the village, in her grandmother’s house, Mandy leaves her bedroom after getting dressed. She wears a white skirt and blouse and the same magically repaired pair of sandals from yesterday. Her room is the last door to the far right of the house, at the end of the corridor. Immediately on her right stands her granny’s bedroom. A little further on the left, at the beginning of the corridor, is the door to the bathroom. She reaches the living room that represents almost half of the left side of the house to find her grandmother getting out of the kitchen which stands just next to the old lady’s bedroom but can only be accessed through the door from the living room.
“Granny!” Mandy calls as she sees her grandmother.
“Yes honey?” the lady answers, walking toward the window to the backyard.
“Can I go to Marilyn and Suzy’s house?” Mandy asks, a bit scared of a refusal.
Granny opens the windows then walk toward the french window which stand on the left wall of the house.
“Of course honey,” she says as she opens it, her face still kindly smiling as always.
Mandy goes to the front door.
“Take care if you stay out late tonight!” the old woman adds right when her granddaughter crosses the doorstep.
Mandy turns around, surprised.
“I… I won’t be long you know.” she answers, wondering why her grandmother think she’s going to stay out until the night.
“Very well then, have fun!”
Mandy crosses the front-yard and reaches the pavement. She goes right, toward the main street which crosses the village from one side to the other. Arriving at the junction, she meets the neighbor who lives in the house just after her grandma’s one.
“Hello Mandy!”
The man before her is John, a tall brown short haired man with brown eyes in is 30s who is married to a quite small blond haired woman named Tracy. Together, they have a little girl named Lucy, blond haired like her mother, quite puny and slightly younger than Mandy.
“Oh… Hello!” the girl answers.
“ What’s the hurry?” he asks, smiling, seeing that she is rushing.
“I… just can’t wait to go see my friends.”
“You’re right. Enjoy the beautiful day!”
Mandy smiles and hopes to avoid a long conversation.
“Unfortunately our poor little Lucy can’t, she is in bed.”
“What’s happening?” Mandy asks, a bit worried as Lucy is a friend even if she is younger and quite shy.
“She woke up completely exhausted this morning, I’m afraid she might be sick, or maybe it’s just the heat I don’t know, I’ll call for a doctor if it goes on.”
“Oh… could you tell hello for me?”
“That’s very kind of you, I will.”
Mandy smiles.
“Well, I won’t delay you more. Have fun with your friends!” John says.
“Thanks! Goodbye!”
Mandy resumes her path with a fast walk.

She reaches the center of the village in no time just to see Suzy running toward her. The little girl at first doesn’t know if Suzy’s going to talk to her or slap her in the face because of how fast she is running.
“Mandy! It’s so good to see you. Are you alright?” She asks as she puts her hands on Suzy’s shoulders and squats down for Mandy and her to be at the same level.
“Yes, I’m fine” Mandy is surprised by how much Suzy seems to care for her, something she’s never seen that much before.
“I’m… I’m sorry for yesterday. We shouldn’t have left you alone like this.”
“Oh… Don’t worry I’m okay!”
“Are you sure? You know, the police came over, have you seen the woman they’re searching?” Suzy asks.
“Grandma told me they also came home this morning, but I didn’t see anything.”
“What did you do after we left?”
Mandy hesitates a lot after hearing this question. “I can’t tell her the truth, she won’t believe me.” she thinks.
“For my part, all I remember is seeing you getting inside the small cabin,” Suzy adds.
“Well, I stayed a bit before going back home because I was scared,” Mandy answers.
Suzy looks suspicious.
“Scared?” she asks.
“Yes…” Mandy softly answers.
The woman is torn apart between two feelings. Regretful of letting the little girl alone and scared to death during the night, but also surprised to see her admit so fast that she was scared. One thing she knows for sure is that Mandy would never say that she is or was scared so easily.
“She is lying, but why?” Suzy thinks, “Mandy, if anything happened to you, please, tell me,” the woman insists, sympathetically.
“What on earth happened to you last night for you to care so much?” the little girl asks, determined not to tell the truth.
Suzy looks at Mandy in the eyes. She can’t tell her anything about Marilyn’s strange transformation but she has to find a way to know more about these events.
“Listen, yesterday night was really… strange and…”
“Strange?” The two policemen who visited Suzy suddenly appear and interrupt her as they overhear the conversation. Suzy brutally stands.
“And what was strange about that night during which “you didn’t see anything”, may I ask?”
The men are standing on her left and don’t look like they want to laugh anymore. The bald policeman looks at Mandy very cold face and sees in her eyes that she surely hides something. He decides to talk to her.
“Hello Mandy, I’m police officer Jordan and next to me is police officer Walker, I’d like you to follow him in our car to go to our police station and meet our chief, Misses Olsen. Would you like to?”
“I don’t know… maybe?” Mandy answers, a bit worried.
“Don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine.” Police officer Jordan answers.
“Well… okay…”
“Let’s go then!” Police officer Walker says kindly before going with Mandy to the car.
Officer Jordan waits for his colleague and Mandy to go further before talking to Suzy.
“Listen to me, I don’t know what you did last night with this girl but it looks like she’s hiding something and it’s not a little secret but something she’s afraid to tell.”
“What?” Suzy protests.
“No need to say anything now, we’ll have plenty of time to talk at the station young woman”
“What do you think I did?”
“I’m just surprise to see that the first thing you did after we came to your house was to go meet that little girl. For me it’s suspicious.”
Suzy lowers her head, feeling like a trap is closing around her.
“You can remain silent now if you want. My colleague drops Mandy off at the station then goes back for us.”
He takes his phone and calls for his chief.
“Chief, Walker is on his way to the station with Mandy.”

A few minutes later, the little one arrives at her destination with Walker. They both get out of the car and head to the front door that the policeman opens for Mandy.
“There you go.” he says with a smile.
The girl enters and is immediately welcomed by a smiley woman in her late thirties, wearing a uniform and looking kindly at her.
“Hello, I guess you’re little Mandy. I’m Misses Olsen.”
“Hello.” Mandy answers before Walker takes the floor.
“I’m going to let you two together I have to go back to Jordan.” The policeman says.
Chief Olsen nods.
“Tell me when you’re back here,” she adds before he leaves.
“Well honey, you’re here because I’d like to talk to you about yesterday night, are you okay with this?” she says to Mandy, always with a kind and reassuring tone.
The poor little red-haired get more and more scared about that. “Someone must have seen me last night,” she thinks, “But how could they have recognized me?”
The woman sees Mandy’s eyes filling up with fear.
“Don’t worry, you’re safe here. First I’m going to call your grandma to explain the situation and then I’ll have a few other things to do before we have our little conversation, okay?”
“Okay” she shyly answers.
“Would you like to go to our recreation room while I take care of everything?”
Mandy nods.
“Come with me.” Misses Olsen says as she guides the little girl through the police station.
The main hall just has a circular desk at the center of it and chairs on each sides of the entrance door. On the right, stands the door to the bathroom. In the middle of the wall behind the desk is a corridor to the back of the station where two containment cells are as well as some other room with different equipments. The stair to the 2nd floor is on the right of the same wall. Misses Olsen and Mandy takes it to reach the recreation room, the latter being immediately on the right at the top of the stairs.
“Here we are.” the woman says as they enter the room.
The girl looks around. In front of her stands a window as large as the wall but divided in several parts that can be open separately. The shutters are closed. A couch is right by the door against the wall on her right facing a small TV at the opposite side.
“Well, sit down, get comfy”
Mandy sits down on the couch, her feet levitate a few inches over the floor as her legs are too small to even allow her tiptoes to reach it. The police woman get the remote, turns the TV on and then proceeds in searching for a cartoon.
“There! That looks good. Don’t hesitate to change the channel if you want to watch something else. I’ll be as fast as I can. Call for me if you need anything.”
“Thank you” Mandy answers as Olsen leaves.

More than two hours passes during which, for most the time, Mandy stays alone watching TV. She doesn’t really care about the cartoons actually. She can’t help but think deeply about what she’s going to tell Olsen.
Downstairs, Suzy has been there for quite a while and undergoes a hard interrogation from Jordan in an office.
“Take my place for second, we have a blond exhibitionist woman in the town whose description matches your physique. She was going toward the forest and, what a coincidence, that's where you were last night with your girlfriend and a child who seems relatively scared to tell us what happened there,” Jordan says, “you have to understand that you can’t just get away with your “we came out to look at the stars” even more when we know that the sky was covered with clouds all night long!”
“Most of the night yes but for a moment it got cleared.” Suzy adds, desperate to find a way out of this.
At that moment, Olsen opens the door and makes a sign for Jordan to get out for a second. The latter gets up, leaves the room and shuts the door behind.
“We have a problem, I’ve been trying to call Mandy’s grandmother for hours without success. I sent walker directly to her house but no one seems to be there.”
“That’s problematic…” Jordan answers.
“He told the neighborhood to warn her that Mandy’s with us so she must try to make contact as soon as possible. The problem is that I wanted her to be aware of all this before asking Mandy for information.”
“Yes, I understand.”
“It’s getting quite late. If we don’t have any news soon, we’ll have to let Mandy go, but if there’s no one home to take care of her, then we can’t let her go.”
“Oh my god, what a headache,” Jordan says.
“Don’t tell me, I’ll keep you up but for now, stop the interrogation.”
“Okay, but the two of them do not tell us the same story.”
“I know, It’s not canceled, only postponed.” Olsen adds before leaving. Jordan on his side goes back inside his office.
“Well, let’s stop for now, I guess you have nothing else to tell me”
Suzy lowers her head and sights.
The policeman looks at her a few second.
“Yes?” he asks, feeling that she’s about to give in.
“No… it’s just…”
The policeman stands up and gets closer to her.
“You know, I’ve been doing this job for some time now and I know when someone is not telling me everything,” he says, “I’m going back to my seat and you tell me everything okay?”
The man sits behind his computer. Suzy slowly starts to speak.
“When we were out to see the stars, the sky was indeed covered so... Marilyn and I went into the forest without Mandy.”
Jordan writes everything down on his computer silently.
“She was scared to come with us so we left her next to the cabin. Then... after a moment in the forest...” She hesitates as she remembers Marilyn transformation, then continues. “We went back home and Mandy was gone when we made our way past the cabin again.”
“Did you try to check if she was safe at home?”
The policeman sighs and finishes to write everything down. He then looks at Suzy whose head is still low to flee the man’s sight.
“You feel bad about that?”
“If anything has happened to that little girl, you’re going to be seen as responsible.”
“I really didn’t want to do that.”
“But you did. At least, contrary to your girlfriend, you look ashamed.”
“What… Marilyn? She’s here?” Suzy asks, raising her head.
“Yes, she’s been interrogated by my colleague.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because you didn’t need to know.” The police officer stands up. “I’ll be right back.”
He leaves the room and joins Walker in the hall.
“It’s done.” Jordan says
“Really, what did she says?” Walker asks
“Exactly the same as Marilyn!”
“And you believe her?”
“Yes, she looked really ashamed. I truly don’t think the two of them made up that story” Jordan says.
“That’s crazy. I have to admit, when Marilyn told me without any shame that they dumped the girl in the middle of the night, I could swear she was making fun of me.”
“The same for me. But I’m afraid Suzy didn’t want to do that at all. I think she’s afraid to confront her girlfriend,” Jordan suggests.
“Maybe but that doesn’t excuse anything. Imagine what could have happened to that little girl.”
“That’s exactly what I told her. By the way, any progress with Mandy?” Jordan asks
“No news from the grandmother and Olsen starts to think that Mandy hasn’t seen anything last night actually.”
“What? You’re serious?” Jordan exclaims.
“Yes I’m afraid. The poor little one must still be in shock after last night. Going home alone in the middle of the night after being dumped by two women she trusted,” Walker explains.
“Yeah… probably…”
“ You don’t seem to agree.”
“It’s just… In the end we have nothing about the exhibitionist and we have to start from scratch with the research.” Jordan says, fed up.
“We’ll see that later. For now I suggest you share your result with Olsen.” Walker tells his colleague who nods before following the recommendation.

Meanwhile, at dusk, Mandy’s grandma leaves the house to go to the police station, worried not to have heard from her granddaughter. She goes through her portal to reach the pavement when someone interrupts her.
“Excuse me!” A voice shouts.
The old woman turns around to see John, the neighbor, running to her.
“Hello, I’m sorry but the police has been searching for you all day,” he says.
“I think It’s about Mandy.”
“What’s happening?” Granny asks, worried.
“I don’t know but it looked very important. I understand they called you many times and left you a voice-mail.”
“I don’t know how my phone works.” Granny answers.
“Well... As they didn’t hear from you they came here directly but you weren’t there”
“But I didn’t leave the house today. Oh... I’m afraid I might have fallen asleep.”
“They came to my house and asked for me to give you the message that Mandy is with them at the police station.”
“That’s exactly where I was heading actually.” Granny says.
“That late? Do you want me to drive you there maybe?” John suggests.
“Oh, that would be very nice.”
“Okay, I’ll be right back. I’m going to tell my wife.”
“Thank you!”
With a fast walk, the man goes toward the house before brutally stopping only a few steps before the portal of his home. In his front yard, trying to escape by hiding in the growing darkness of the falling night, is a big blond woman completely bare. John’s face turns literary red of anger.
“Hey! What are you doing in my front-yard!” John furiously shouts.
The bare woman runs and jumps over the fence.
“Stay right there, don’t you think you’re gonna run away like that!”
As the woman flees by running incredibly fast, John’s wife, Tracy, gets out of the house as a result of her husband's shouts.
“What’s happening?” she asks.
“The exhibitionist from yesterday was in our garden, she just ran away! I’m going after her, call the police!”
“Oh my god! I call them right away!” Tracy answers.
“I’ve got my phone with me.” John says as he begins the pursuit.
Tracy rushes to her phone and tries to make contact with the authorities. Granny, who saw this scene unfold before her eyes without saying a word, goes to her neighbor's front door and see the woman with the phone up to her ear. At the moment she sees the old woman, she makes a sign to allow her to get in.
“They’re not picking up!” Tracy says, irritated.
After a short moment, she hangs up.
“I could go and warn them directly but I can let my daughter here alone. She’s sick and all that noise must have woken her” she says as she heads to the bedroom.
Granny’s kind face disappears and shows worry as she suddenly understands what’s happening.
“Oh wait!” Granny exclaims
“Yes?” Tracy stops just before opening the door.
“You know what, we can help each other.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, my little Mandy is at the police station at the moment and I have to go there to bring her back home. Could you do that for me so you can take the opportunity to warn the police and I’ll watch over little Lucy while you’re gone?” Granny suggests.
“Yes of course, that’s a good idea. I’ll tell Lucy that I won’t be long.”
“No!” Granny exclaims again as she sees Tracy grabbing the handle.
“Why?” she asks.
“I’ll explain everything to her if she wakes up. We should let her sleep.” The old woman explains with her kind face.
“You’re right, I’m leaving right now. I’ll try to be as fast as I can”
“Be careful, take the time you need.”
Tracy takes the car and leaves. Immediately, Granny goes to Lucy’s bedroom. She slowly opens the door and discovers a pajamas in tatter on the floor. The window is open and the moon is just high enough to shine all over the bedroom.
“I see!” Granny thinks, “I guess I shouldn’t have let the glasses outside yesterday.” She slightly laughs.

At the police station, Mandy, bored and with a desperate need to pee, is still waiting for her fate in the very dark and hot recreation room.
“I really have to go now.”
She sights and sights again, seated on the couch with her forearms over her lower abdomen, the legs tightly together. She could ask where the bathroom is but she prefers to stay low to avoid an interrogation.
“I should have asked when we arrived. And why is it so hot in here!” she thinks, overtaken by these events.
“I’ve been here for hours, I want to go home!”

Downstairs, Suzy is waiting in the hall with the two police officers and chief Olsen.
“Well, you must sign these documents allowing you to leave.” Olsen says, presenting documents to Suzy on the circular table.
“Thank you,” Suzy softly answers.
“What you did was reckless but we don’t have any reason to keep you here anymore.”
Suzy proceeds in signing the documents.
“Has Marilyn already left?” she asks
“I made her sign everything already, she’s in the bathroom.” Walker says, pointing the bathroom with his finger.
Suzy gives the sheets back to Olsen.
“You’re free to go.” the chief says then takes the stairs to the first floor leaving Suzy with the policemen.
“I trust you not to do things you don’t want to anymore, Okay?” Jordan warns.
“Okay… I’m gonna go to the bathroom too.”
Before getting in, a small blond woman completely out of breath gets in the police station. Suzy, truly wanting to stay out of trouble now, enters the bathroom without paying attention.

Upstairs, Olsen reaches the recreation room where Mandy’s waiting still with the huge urge to pee..
“Oh my god! It’s really hot in there,” the chief says as she enters, “Let me open the windows for you.” She proceeds in doing so. “Well, it’s really late so we’re going to let you go home. We're trying to reach your grandmother.”
“Great! Can’t you tell me where the bathroo…”
“Well, I should open the shutters now. We keep them close during the day to block the sunlight but there is no need now.” Olsen says as she presses a button on the wall which trigger the slow opening of the shutters.
“Thank you but can you tell me where the bathroom is?” Mandy desperately asks.
“Of course honey, you just have to go down....”
Suddenly, Misses Olsen hears Jordan calling her urgently as he runs up the stairs. She runs to the door, opens it and goes out without shutting it, keeping her grip on the handle.
As the shutters open, the moonlight shines in the recreation room and all over Mandy who brutally feels a strange sensation overwhelming her again.
“The exhibitionist is wandering the city again!” Jordan says.
“Do we know where exactly?” the chief asks.
“We have a woman here with all the details.”
“I’m coming!” Olsen says as she shuts the door and goes downstairs.

Mandy recognizes the feeling.
“That’s… that’s it… again!” she thinks.
The girl looks at the moon.
“The moon… oh my god it’s the moon… it’s happening again, I feel… Oh! I feel it!” she thinks, still sited, as her breathing quickens and her body starts to change. “Oh no, not here!” her entire body expends, her clothes tightens around her limbs. “Oh that feeling!” She strongly grabs the couch with her hands on each sides of her thighs. Her toes exceeds her sandals. Her legs elongates, making the tip of her toes touch the floor that they couldn’t reach before. The pressure on the buttons of her blouse gets higher while its bottom rises up  her belly as do the skirt around the growing girl waist, uncovering more and more of her upper thighs. “Oh…” she moans. The first stretching sounds resonate in the room. Her growing feet starts to have the best of her sandals which straps rips one by one. Her nipples erects as she already reach the beginning of her puberty. “Oh... yes!”. Two mounts slowly swells on her chest making a first button to pop out.”Who cares if someone sees me… I like it so much!” Her skirt glides up her waist getting over her belly button, revealing her too small panties.
The strong activity of the transformation between her leg due to the growth of the hair over her pubis gives Mandy a strong and hot feeling. She closes her eyes, raises her head then feels forced to spread her legs standing on the tiptoes and shake her pelvis back and forth “Oh! What’s happening to me?” she thinks as she didn’t felt this the last time. Something is happening between her legs as the growth makes her lose control over her body.
Her feet burst out of her sandals. The left side of her panties starts to rip. The back of her blouse that only goes down to the middle of her top now starts to rip into two from the bottom. The tear glides up as a button pops out as her breast takes wonderful proportion. The left side of the panties bursts, the right side glides down the maturing thigh, tightly hanging around it. Her bush now in open air gets denser over the growing girl’s pussy. Both sides of the skirt but the elastic waistband rips under the pressure of Mandy’s enlarging hips and growing butt.
Mandy feels her breast shaking, demanding freedom from that ridiculously small child blouse. A cracking sound resonates “Oh yes, just… one… final effort!” The boobies jiggles as they swell and grow to a D-cup which eventually bursts the top open. “Oh! I feel you my big… heavy friends,” she thinks, her eyes still close as she enjoys the sensation given by the transformation. Immediately after, the back of the blouse tears apart in turns, splitting the cloth into two, each part tightly hanging around Mandy’s shoulder.
The skirt now only covers her from over to under her belly button around the waistline, leaving her completely bare from the bottom of her belly to her feet.
Mandy’s growth ends. She gasps as she opens her eyes and looks down at the result of her transformation. She giggles at the look of her big and sexy body.
“Oh yes! It felt so good!” she whispers as she releases her grip on the couch to cup her huge breast and caress her hard nipples. She moans as she looks at her hairy pussy. She puts a hand between her legs and caress her bush.
“What!” she exclaims, removing her hand as she realizes it is really wet down there. “What happened to me?”
She looks at the rest of her panties hanging around her mid thighs to see that the crotch is wet.
“Oh my god!”
Mandy stands up with her long and sexy legs spread. A puddle of liquid rest on the floor right between her feet. The couch is also wet right where Mandy was sitting.
“I peed myself...” she whispers while blushing.
She understands now, being forced to spread her legs and shakes her pelvis back and forth right when she hit puberty.
“I guess I couldn't control myself while I was growing. It made me so... naughty” Mandy thinks.
She looks at the rest of her clothes. Her blouse split in two, hanging around her shoulders, leaving her breast and back bare. The skirt hanging around her waistline and torn at the sides by her wide hip which exceeds both sides of the cloth. Her panties hanging tightly around her big and curvy thigh, slightly higher than the knee, her long sexy legs and feet now bare.
“So close from ending naked.” she thinks. “Luckily I can show off the best part” she tells herself, thinking of her breast, hairy pussy and butt. “Oh! what a body!”
Suddenly, sounds of people going up the stairs reach the newly grown woman’s ears.
“Oops…” she thinks.
She can recognize the voice of Olsen but also the one from her neighbor Tracy talking to each other.
“Don’t worry, My colleagues Walker and Jordan will catch that woman,” Olsen says, “good thing Mandy’s grandma send you here to pick up her granddaughter, I was worried not to hear any news.”
“She is very old, I’m afraid she slept this afternoon.”
Mandy picks up the rest of her sandals.
“What is she doing here? I have to get out now I guess,” she thinks, looking everywhere for a way out until her sight stops at the window Olsen slightly opened.
“Jumping from the second floor. That’s worth a try”
The red-haired woman widely opens the window and jumps down without any harm, holding her sandals in the hand .
“That went really well, my new body feels really strong” she thinks before discreetly leaving the police station and heading to her house.

A little earlier, Suzy enters the bathroom searching for her girlfriend. Four cabins stands on the left while on the other side, two wash-hands can be found on both sides of a window on the wall.
“Marilyn!” Suzy calls out.
In the last cabin on the left, she hears a little crying voice. She slowly gets closer to discover her girlfriend who looks like a 8 year old again wearing a white t-shirt which looks like a dress on her, a woman sized pair of jeans, panties and sneakers resting on the floor.
“Oh my god!” Suzy shouts before putting a hand on her mouth, afraid that someone might have heard her.
“I grew back to a little girl…” Marilyn says, crying.
“Oh no… not this again…” Suzy says, clearly refusing to live that situation one more time, “What did you do?” she asks.
“I didn’t do anything, I promise!”
“Come on! Why did this happen… now? There must be a reason.” Suzy asks out of patience.
“Why are you telling me off? It’s not my fault…” Marilyn cries louder.
“I’m not telling you off. It’s just… do you realize what I’ve been through all day! Understand that I’m fed up to see this happen all over again! We have to understand what’s happening now!”
“I don’t know, I went to the bathroom and I started to feel strange so I ran to the cabin and there I grew young again.”
Suzy looks everywhere around the bathroom searching for something special that might have triggered the transformation.
“I can’t believe I’m investigating a bathroom…” she thinks.
The woman examines the room piece by piece without finding anything.
“Come on Marilyn you’ve go to help me with this.”
“I don't want people to see me through the window”
Suzy sights and turn off the light leaving only the moonlight to shine over the place.
“Is that better, now no one can see you from the outside and we can’t see a thing inside either.!” Suzy says, exasperated.
“There is still a bit of light” Marilyn says as she shyly leaves her cabin.
“Excuse me but I can’t turn off the moon! And If it’s too dark, you’re going to be scared I know it.”
Suzy thinks for a second and remembers that there was no window in her interrogation room.
“The moon… no it can’t be…” she whispers, “Marilyn, was there any window where they interrogated you?”
“That’s it! The light of the moon! That’s what triggers your... transformation!”
“What? But I’ve been exposed to the moonlight many times before and this never happened to me!” Marilyn says.
“I know but it’s a good start to get to the bottom of this. Remember last night, you changed right when you exposed yourself to the moonlight!” Suzy says as she looks through the window. That is when she sees police officer Jordan and Walker running out of the police station urgently, taking the police car and driving away very fast.
“What the hell is happening?” she wonders.
“I want to go home Suzy!”
The woman looks at Marilyn and sights.
“You’re right, let’s leave through the window. Can I carry you?”
“Yes…” Marilyn answers.
Suzy slightly opens the window then takes the little girl in her arm.
“Let’s go.”
As they’re both on the point of leaving, they both see right before their eyes, through the barely opened window, an almost bare woman wearing completely torn clothes, walking like someone who doesn’t want to be seen.
“Who is this? She reminds me of someone,” little Marilyn whispers with a tremulous voice.
“These clothes, they look like the one Mandy ware when I saw her this afternoon.” Suzy softly answers.
“That’s it, it’s Mandy!” Marilyn says as the woman leaves their sight line.
“Don’t be ridiculous, you barely saw that woman and Mandy is not even eleven years old yet.”
“You don’t understand, it’s her fault, she stole my… you know my…”
“Your physical maturity? Don’t be ridiculous, that doesn’t make any sense!” Suzy answers but deep down she knows that anything is possible now. “If Marilyn grows younger, maybe Mandy can grow older. But why is all this happening in the first place?” she thinks.
“She is a thief!” Marilyn cries again.
“We’ll talk about that at home, I’m done with all this madness. Let’s go.” Suzy says.
They both goes through the window and proceeds to go home.

Mandy arrives at her street but stops as the police car drives in it.
“Damn! They really have something against that street.”
She patiently wait for them to go further before proceeding.
“Well, I guess it’s time to show that body to grandma, I’ve no choice now.”

She reaches her front door. Surprisingly, she doesn’t feel very comfortable with the idea of being almost naked in front of her granny now. She slowly opens the door and gets in.
“Grandma?” she calls out.
The sexy woman closes the door and puts down her destroyed sandals on the floor. No sign of granny until she sees a note on the table of the living room that she proceeds to read.

“Honey, I guess you’re alone. I’m in the neighbor’s home while they’re gone, I have to talk to you, join me when you’re here.
PS: Don’t worry about your size, I’m sure you’re beautiful.”

“What? How does she knows...” Mandy says out loud.
She hesitates for a few minutes, pacing nervously throughout the living room, afraid of being led into a trap. After a moment, with care, she decides to go check the following house. She goes there and looks through a window before entering. No signs of grandma again nor the neighbor but she nevertheless gets in. Suddenly, Mandy hears the door shutting behind her.
“I’m here honey! I’m happy to see you’re alone” Granny says with a kind voice, standing just next to the door.
“Granny!” Mandy jumps of surprise.
“I was afraid to see you come back with the neighbor I send to fetch you. But I was sure your escape would be a success, you’re not my granddaughter for nothing.”
She sees that Mandy tries to cover her big breast with her right forearm and the hair between her legs with the left hand.
“You’re really beautiful, I’m really happy of the result.” The old woman says.
Mandy feels awkward.
“You can cover yourself if it help you feel more comfortable but if I were you, I’ll enjoy showing off.” Granny says with a kind smile.
Slowly, Mandy lowers her arms and assumes her nudity in front of her grandma, still feeling weird about it.
“What’s happening to me?” she asks.
“Well, I wanted to help you with Marilyn by giving you enough confidence to face her. But things didn’t go as I planned I’m afraid” she explains, keeping her kind face.
“Well, It worked pretty fine on me.” Mandy blushes.
“Of course, It worked perfectly! My little boost was inside the glasses I gave you yesterday.”
“Boost! What do you mean?” Mandy asks.
“I’ll explain later when we’re back home. As you remember, you didn’t finish your drink and by mistake, I forgot the tray in the front yard. Unfortunately, it seems someone was very thirsty that day” Granny says as she goes into Lucy’s bedroom, inviting her granddaughter to follow her.
Mandy gets into the room and sees the clothes in tatter on the floor.
“The blond woman is… Little Lucy!” The redhead shouts.
“Yes, I’m afraid that’s why she’s running away.” Granny awkwardly says. “We really have to find her and explain what is happening to her.”
“Did she... transformed like me?” Mandy asks, trying to hide the desire in her voice.
“Yes, certainly. But let’s go back home now before her parents catch us.
“By the way, what are we going to tell them?”
“I’ll figure it out, don’t worry. For now, I’m going to bring Lucy’s torn clothes back home.”
“Are you the one repairing them?” Mandy asks.
“Yes, I didn’t wanted you to lose any clothes because of the transformation. By the way, You’ll have to give me the one you wear when we’re back at home.”
“Oh! Very well… but…”
“What’s the matter?” Granny asks.
“While I was growing… you know... I had to go to the bathroom before and… I didn’t knew where it was...” Mandy blushes again.
“Oh! I understand. Don’t worry about that… the growth must have... overwhelmed you.” she answered
“Oh my god! I forgot, I left without wiping!” Mandy exclaims.
“That’s perfect honey!” Granny gladly answers Mandy who doesn’t follow what’s her grandma’s point.
“I’m gonna let a note on the neighbor’s house telling that Lucy woke up and as you came back home alone, we decided to let her sleep in our house tonight and if they ask us why you left the police station alone, we’ll say that you peed yourself because you didn’t knew where the bathroom was and you were afraid to say it”
“Well… maybe…” Mandy answers.
“So we have the entire night to find Lucy,” Granny says.
“They’ll never believe us!”
“They’ll believe an old woman’s words, trust me. Go home now, I’ll join you right away.”
Mandy looks at her grandmother for a second before leaving the house, hoping that she knows what she’s doing.
After making a few steps toward the gate of the neighbor’s front yard, she stops and lets go a long sigh.
“How am I going to find Lucy without being seen. It’s nearly impossible with that body,” she mumbles.
“Mandy!” A woman voice calls softly at the redhead from the backyard.
She turns her head in its direction then slowly walks to it. Her eyes opens wide when, before her, a completely bare blond woman reveals herself by getting out of the dense hedge around the garden in which she was probably hiding.
“Oh my god! Is that you Lucy!” The redhead asks.
“It happened to you too…” Lucy shyly says as she sees that her friend has also become an adult.
“You’ve.. changed so much!” Mandy says, trying to hide the effect that Lucy’s amazing body has on her.
Lucy looks at her from top to bottom
“You too, I wasn’t sure it was you, I didn’t recognize your voice,” Lucy adds, “I don’t understand, I grew so fast it torn my pajamas apart and now none of my clothes can fit me.” Lucy explains as she tries to hide her body with her arms.
Mandy could not believe her eyes. Normally, Lucy is smaller than her.  She is younger of course but at her age, Mandy remembers being already bigger. Lucy is clearly a very puny girl but now, not only is she taller than Mandy but also her breast, butt and all her figures are bigger. A dense bush of hair has also grown between her legs. No doubt her clothes exploded as she went from a very little girl to that amazing woman. She is so sexy and beautiful, Mandy can’t help but getting closer to her, like possessed by a new desire.
Suddenly, the elder gets out off the house and sees the two young women together.
“By god! There you are Lucy!” Grandma says, carrying Lucy’s torn clothes in her arm.
Mandy turns toward her granny and puts down the hand she raised to touch her blond friend. Lucy, surprised, try to hide behind Mandy by grabbing her by the shoulders, making her huge breast squeeze against Mandy’s back which force the redhead to release a soft moan.
“I’m happy we won’t have to look everywhere for you.” Granny says to Lucy. ”I guess you want to understand what’s happening to you but I’d like to do the explanation in our house if you don’t mind sweetheart.” Granny explains.
“Don’t worry, Granny is aware of everything, you can come with us.” Mandy says, trying to hide that she’s aroused.
“Okay…” Lucy removes her breast from Mandy’s back. The redhead takes a deep breath to calm her excitation down.
“I found some torn clothes under your bed Lucy, I guess they are the one you wear yesterday night.” Granny asks kindly.
Lucy nods in agreement, embarrassed.
“Very well. Mandy can you shut the door for me.” The elder asks as her hands are full.
Mandy obeys then everyone heads back home. They all get in silently until the front door is closed.
“I hope your plan is gonna work granny,” Mandy says.
“It’ll work fine don’t worry,” granny answers then proceeds in closing all the shutters.
Mandy looks at her friend Lucy who seems completely lost in her minds. The poor blond woman stands next to the front door, looking at the floor, sometimes catching a glimpse of her own breast, wondering what those two are for. Her right foot is laid over the left one with the right leg bent. She holds with her left hand the elbow of her dangling right arm.
“Granny… Maybe we should... talk about what is happening to us?” Mandy asks.
“Of course Honey, what do you want to know?” the elder asks.
“Well… Why are we growing so fast?”
“As I said, I just wanted to help you with your confidence,” the old woman explains, “When I saw how that Marilyn spoke to you I was really disappointed so I wanted to give her a lesson by giving you some additional years.”
“You mean, these are exactly the body we’re supposed to have when we’re older?”
“But how did you do that?” The redhead asks.
“With an old knowledge that disappeared a long time ago. Maybe I’ll teach you some tricks in a few year if you want.”
“So, that’s what the drinks were, some kind of potions… like witchcraft?” Mandy awkwardly asks.
“Exactly sweetheart! And it seems our little Lucy finished your drink that I left on the table,” Granny smiles “I’m really happy it worked that well!”
“Does the moonlight trigger the growth?” the granddaughter asks.
“Yes! I’m proud you understood that yourself! You change under the moonlight then the sunlight cancels the spell.”
Lucy and Mandy looks at each other for a second before Mandy asks her grandmother again.
“I’m wondering, what was in Marilyn and Suzy’s glasses?”
“Marilyn is so cocky, I think I did something to make her more reasonable.” Granny says with a smile, “But you’ve seen that already, don’t you?”
“No, should I?” Mandy asks.
“The night you went out with them.”
“Well… that night they dumped me because the sky was covered. When it got cleared, They had already left. I was alone when I grew,” Mandy explains.
“Oh… a pity…”
“And Suzy?” Mandy adds.
“I did something very special for her. That girl really needs to make her mark. She seems very nice of course but she needs to impose herself in her relationship, so I… well I…” granny hesitates, “good god, my memory is not what it was,” she laughs, “I completely forgot what I did but I don’t remember it working exactly the same as Marilyn and you... Whatever!”
“Is this going to happen every night?” Lucy shyly asks after staying silent for a moment.
“As long as I don’t give you the potion to make it stop, yes it will but we’ll talk about that tomorrow. Right now I’m going to take care of your clothes and then I’m going to bed.”
The elder proceeds in taking the clothes to her own bedroom and shuts the door behind.
After a short awkward silence, Mandy speaks to her blond friend.
“Do you want to see my bedroom?”
Lucy nods. Mandy guides her, lets her get in first before entering and shutting the door. Lucy sees the wardrobe with a mirror on the wall on her left, the window on the front wall along which stands the bed at the corner of the right wall.
“Well, that looks quite small but as a child I felt it was huge.” Mandy looks at herself. “Oops, I’m still wearing my torn clothes, I should have given them to grandma. It’s not too late I guess”
Mandy tries to take her skirt off by sliding it down her wide hips.
“It’s so tight…” she says, struggling to take the cloth off, making her breast jiggle.
Lucy looks at Mandy and starts to feel funny seeing her friend’s wonderful figures moving like this. The redhead forces more and more, her upper body’s muscles swelling as they contract until the last remaining of her blouse rips off her shoulders.
“Oh…” Mandy says.
Lucy feels her body tingling everywhere and getting hot. She looks at herself with a misunderstanding look as all this is new to her and see that she’s starting to sweat.
Mandy squeezes her legs and slightly crouches making the muscles of her legs contract and swell. Her panties, tightly hanging around her right thigh, immediately rip off in a loud snap. The waist of the skirt starts to give way.
Lucy’s sensation intensifies, the tingling increases between her legs and her nipples.
Eventually, a loud ripping sound resonates in the bedroom. “Oh!” Mandy moans before she lets go of her skirt which falls in tatter at her feet, leaving her adult body completely naked for the first time. She raises and looks at her friend.
Before their eyes and in an absolute silence, Lucy’s nipples, with lots of sweat leaking around them, start to get hard. Then, after a few seconds and after Lucy broke the silence with her very first little moan of pleasure, the teats erect gloriously.
“What is happening to me?” Lucy softly asks.
She looks at Mandy and sees her friend's nipples erecting too, exactly as it just happened to her own.
“I don’t know… don’t you like it?” Mandy softly asks as she gets closer to her friend, giving her a look full of desire. Lucy stay silent, overwhelmed by her newly developed womanhood.
“Can I touch them?” Mandy sensually asks. The blond woman looks down at her boobs right before looking back at her sexy friend. Slowly, Mandy raises her left hand and puts the tip of her fingers over Lucy’s right boob. At the contact of the skin, the two women gasp and breathe loudly. She proceeds with caressing the nipple with the thumb, then cups the perfectly developed boob with the palm of her hand.
In a move full of hesitation, Lucy also raises her left hands, gets it closer to Mandy’s right boob and over which, after an eye contact, she finally puts the hand.
Mandy grabs Lucy’s butt with her right hand and press her pubic hair against Lucy’s one.
Only moans of pleasure are now getting out of their mouth. None of them knows what they’re doing or how all this truly works but the caresses over their sensitive body fill them with pleasure.
The night goes on and the women end up lying down on the bed, breast against breast, looking at each other in the eyes until they share their first passionate kiss. Now, all these two need is someone to help them discover all the mysteries of their new body.


This stories contains age progression growth from girl to woman causing clothes destructions and nudity as well as an age regression from woman to girl.


Suzy, who didn't get any sleep for the entire night, wakes up her now 8 year old girlfriend Marilyn in the middle of the afternoon. After reminding her of what happened the previous night, Suzy decides to prepare her breakfast. As she does so, two policemen knocks at their door. Marilyn, hidden in the bedroom and scared to be seen, decides to escape the house through the window by opening the shutters, exposing her body to the sunlight.

This is a fan-fiction based on characters from the dreamtales comics universe…
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