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Based on characters from the Dreamtales comics universe.
This is a fan fiction.

    “God, I’m dying!” Marilyn says for the hundredth time as she walks with her friend Suzy, both
trying to enjoy this summer afternoon in the old town where they live.
“Don’t tell me, I’m dreaming of a beach,” Suzy answers, sweating, exhausted by the burning rays
of the sun.
As always, Marilyn’s dark hair is down. She wears black sport shorts and a dark blue tank top both
skin tight. Suzy on her side preferred to make a ponytail with her fair hair. She wears a white short skirt with a beige T-shirt. As usual, both girl wear their pair of sneakers.
“Seriously, I feel light-years away from everything here.”
“It feels and looks like time stopped actually,” Suzy adds, showing the empty street with her arms.
“Yeah! Stopped tens of years ago I’m sure,” Marilyn laughs, “I truly want to go downtown, I'm
done with the countryside. There we could do something else that wandering among old witches.” she
says as she looks at an old woman doing yard work in her garden.
“Well, at least she’s doing something, I’m not gonna blame her for that.” Suzy reacts, trying to stay positive.

    A little further, the young Mandy plays with a ball in the front yard from her grandmother’s house.
She takes great care not to let her white polo shirt and gray shorts get dirty. Her red hair is done with her famous double side ponytail.
“Honey, would you like to put on your sneakers to play?” the grandmother asks from inside the
“No, I want to keep my sandals.”
As Marilyn and Suzy are walking, they bump into Mandy.
“Hey! Girls!” Mandy shouts from the other side of the fence.
“Look who's there!” The women answer from the pavement in perfect sync.
“It's nice of you to come see me”
“Actually, we were just wandering around.” Suzy corrects, already feeling an awkward conversation coming.
“You’re bored? Would you like to play with me?” the little girl asks, admiring the big bodies of the young women in front of her that she's very envious of.
“We're too old for this little one.” Marilyn says. “But at your age no doubt you still feel excited in this town.”
“Hey! Don't call me that, I'm not that little. I'll be as big as you very soon,” Mandy protests while the other two burst into laughter, “and I love this town, Grandma told me many stories about it.”
“No way you're gonna end up like us Mandy.” Marilyn says as she shows off her superb body.
“I wonder what are those stories,” Suzy adds.
“Old witch stories” Marilyn whispers to her friend. Both girl let go a muffled giggle.
“Grandma is not a witch!” Mandy reacts, offended.
Discreetly, inside the house, Grandma overhears the conversation and is very displeased by the
behavior of the two women. “Those girls are really a bad example for the younger generation”, she
thinks, “if only they really knew what a witch is”. The old lady enters her kitchen then waves her left hand above what looks like a simple kitchen worktop which magically opens up to reveal a hidden compartment full of phials, ''Maybe I should show them.” She turns the stove on, puts a pot over it and starts mixing some strange ingredients. ''My sweet little Mandy, you're a big girl, a really big girl and I'm so proud of you.” she thinks, continuing her preparation.
Outside, the conversation goes on.
“Don't worry, the day you're as big as us, we'll play with you,” Marilyn says ironically.
“Really?” Mandy sadly asks “Of course,” Suzy answers.
The entrance door of the house opens, Mandy's Grandma gets out, her gray hair in a bun, wearing
an old dress long enough to touch the floor. She holds a tray on which stand three filled glasses.
“Hello, how nice of you to have come to pay Mandy a visit!” Granny says with a kind smile and a
very reassuring face she never seems to leave.
“Oh, actually we were...”
“Yes, we thought it was a good idea.” Suzy interrupts Marilyn, a little disturbed.
Mandy looks at the two women, surprised by this sudden change of tone.
“You must be terribly thirsty?” Granny hands them glasses.
“Yes we are, thank you.” Suzy answers.
“Are we?” Marilyn asks
“Of course...” The blond girl makes a discomforted smile.
They both takes their glass and drink. Mandy's Grandma hands the little girl her refreshment.
“Thanks Granny.” Mandy drinks then stops after swallowing half of it. “It tastes funny.”
“It's fine Honey, this was just to quench your thirst, you don't have to drink all of it.”
Mandy gives back the glass. Suzy and Marilyn put theirs back on the tray before the old lady put it
down on the garden table in the middle of the front-yard.
“I think it’s pretty good, don’t you?”Suzy asks.
“The best I ever drank”, Marilyn sarcastically replies.
“Thank you very much, we’re going to leave now.” Suzy suggests
“You know, Mandy loves to look at the stars during the night? You could accompany her to see the
third quarter moon tonight.” Granny says as the two women are leaving.
“It would be so cool! Say yes! Say yes!” Mandy begs.
“Come on! Not tonight...”
“Okay, let’s do this.” Suzy says, interrupting Marilyn.
“What?” The dark haired girl whispers.
“It’s gonna be fine.” Suzy answers to reassure her friend. “We’ll be there at 10 tonight.”
As they leave, Marilyn whispers Suzy while Mandy jumps of joy, “Don’t tell me you’re afraid of
that old rags.”
“Have you seen her? The less time around her, the better.”
“That’s being afrai… afraid. Wait! I’ve got an idea”
Marilyn turns around, “There is a big empty field on the other side of the town, there is no better place to look at the stars, we could bring Mandy there tonight?”
“Excellent idea! You can do that young woman!” The elder answers.
“No! Not the old farm!” The little girl shouts.
“They’re no reason to be scared Mandy.” Marilyn smiles.
“I’m not scared.” Mandy says, refusing to admit that she is.
“Then it’s fine, see you tonight Mandy.”
Evelyn and Suzy leave.
“What do you have in mind?” Suzy asks.
“She is scared. Believe me, after ten minutes in the old farm in the middle of the night, she’ll ask to go back home to lock herself in her bedroom.”
“That’s brilliant!”
“I know.” Marilyn proudly answers.

    The following night, after taking Mandy to the farm with them, the two women are lying down on
the grass staring at a sky unfortunately covered with clouds. Mandy is sited, hugging her legs folded against her chest. Behind them, a small abandoned cabin of wood stands just next to the broken portal they just went through. At the opposite, stands a huge, creepy forest. The rest of the area is delimited by a fence.
“You’re sure you don’t want to go home?” Marilyn asks, desperately waiting for her plan to
“It’s gonna get clear, I’m sure,” Mandy answers with a tremulous voice, terrified by the forest in
front of her but determined not to show any fear.
“Well, call us when it is then. It’s been 30 minutes, I’m done waiting.” Marilyn stands up. “Come
on Suzy, let’s go to the forest.”
“What? You’re not gonna let me here alone, do you?”
“You can come with us if you want Mandy.” Suzy asks, bothered with the idea of letting the girl
Mandy looks at the dark forest, “I would rather die than going there” she thinks then sadly says
“Okay, but don’t go to far or you won’t hear me if i call you.”
“Don’t worry,” Marilyn answers as she leaves with Suzy.

    Mandy stands up and runs in the small cabin made of wood just behind her. “I knew it, they just wanted to leave me the all time” she thinks. The girl tries to turn on the light but there is no electricity in that old building “Of course, in case that place isn’t creepy enough, I have to stay in the dark”. She looks through the window to the field to see Marilyn and Suzy disappear in the dark forest. “I hope they won’t be long, I don’t want to stay here for to long”. Mandy turns around and see something monstrous big, arms stretched towards her. The poor girl releases a loud scream and protect herself with her arms. After a short moment, realizing that nothing happens, she looks closely at her aggressor which turns out to be just an old scarecrow left here probably ages ago. “Come on Mandy, keep it together” she thinks, feeling stupid about it. Suddenly, the moon light starts to shine through the window to the field. “It’s getting clear!” She runs outside, “I have to call them back!” Without waiting, she heads toward the forest shouting Marilyn and Suzy’s names.
    Right in the middle of the field, halfway before reaching the trees, she stops, brought to a halt by a strange sensation. “I feel so strange! Why can’t I move anymore” she thinks, looking at the third quarter moon shining all over her body. “What’s happening? Oh!” She gasps as her body starts to change. Her legs stretches, her feet starts to exceed the limit of her shoes. Slowly, her top gets untucked from her shorts revealing her belly. “Oh! My body!” The button from her shorts pops out and her zipper opens wider and wider, revealing her panties. “I’m getting bigger!” Her sandals stretches to the limit until her growing feet bursts out of them. “That’s... so... cool!” Her now too small panties fails to cover her pubis. Mandy notices small air growing to the naked eye down there. “I’m becoming a woman!” All her child figures starts to fade out as a brutal puberty makes her enter womanhood with a vengeance. Her nipples erects as the growth reaches her chest “Is this what I think it is?”. Suddenly, two small boobs begin to grow on her chest, pushing against her tight top. “Oh yes!” She says as her boobies continue to grow. Her thighs ripens and get a wonderful womanly shape ripping the sides her small shorts while her growing butt exceeds it, getting almost completely uncovered. A full bush of pubic hair finishes to grow between her leg. “It feels so good!” Her belly and the most of her back are now bare, her top only covering her still growing breast until her underboobs appears. Her polo shirt suddenly lets out a small rip sound. The buttons at the top of it pop out “Wow!” The left side of her top slightly rips under the pressure of her breast “You two show yourself! I want to see you so much” She says as the growth gives her a pleasure she enjoys a lot. Her right boob rips the front of her cloth, revealing her sweaty erected nipple “Oh Yes!” Finally, her breast bursts the top open, gloriously releasing her boobies, shaking as the pressure releases, forcing the growing Mandy to release a long moan. Her entire body keeps getting bigger and sexier. The side of her shorts are now completely ripped open revealing the side of her powerful thighs and leaving only the waist to keep it on. Each side
of her panties could be seen from under her shorts, getting tighter and tighter until they rip open under the pressure of her growing butt and widening hips, first the right side, then the left, separating the front and back part of her panties. A few seconds after, the growth reaches its end, leaving Mandy bare foot with her top tightly hanging around her shoulder and ripped open at the front by her perfectly developed D-cup breast. Her shorts are open to the maximum, torn on the side by her big strong thighs, hanging tightly bellow her wide hips, around the middle of her butt and right under her hairy pubis.
“Oh god! That was amazing!” Mandy poses like a bimbo and cups her breast. “I’m so sexy. These
two are so big and... it's so hairy down there” she thinks as she sees her bush while slowly caressing her newly developed breast with the palm of her hands. “It felt so good!”
She looks at the rest of her outfit. “These clothes clearly had no chance against these figures, I wish I grew even more so none of them would be left” she thinks, enjoying the partial nudity that the growth caused.
Without taking more time to explore her newly grown body, she looks at the forest. “Marilyn, Suzy, I can’t wait for you to see this”. Immediately, she walks towards the forest, ready to get her revenge, her heart freed from any past fear.

    Meanwhile, Marilyn and Suzy walk through the forest, striding over roots and desperately trying to avoid any thorny plants. Poor Suzy stings her legs for the tenth time and starts to regret the field with Mandy.
“Don’t you think we should have stayed back there?” The blond-haired girl asks.
“You’re serious?”
“I mean… We’re not wearing the best clothes to go for a walk around here.”
“The other side of the forest is better, we’ll be there in no time.”
Something catches Marilyn’s attention in the distance, like a bright light coming from a small area
in the middle of the forest.
“Suzy, look!” Marilyn says, pointing toward the light. “Follow me!”
“Hey! Wait!” Suzy shouts.
The dark-haired girl runs to her destination and discovers a circular zone without any trees and only covered with grass making it possible to see the sky perfectly. She exposes herself under the light of the moon. “Well, it seems it cleared after all.” she laughs.
Behind her, Suzy arrives and leans back on a tree, under the foliage.
“Indeed. As I said, we should have stayed”
“Surprisingly, I didn’t hear Mandy calli…” Marilyn stops as a sudden feeling overwhelms her entire
“No way we could have heard anything from here, she is to far away and must have gone back
home after we left” Suzy answers.
“It’s funny, I feel so strange…” Marilyn says, looking at herself.
Suddenly, her body starts to shrink. “Oh my god! Suzy!” Her clothes gets loose.
Suzy goes off the tree, her eyes wide open because of the phenomenon that occurs before her.
“My body! I’m shrinking!” Marilyn's shorts starts to glide down as her wide hips narrows revealing
her panties. “Help me Suzy!”
Suzy stares, speechless as she sees her friend growing younger in front of her. Marilyn starts to feel the weight of her breast getting lighter and lighter.
“Oh no!” she says, afraid. The shrinking girl lifts her top over her big boobs and sees them getting smaller, her bra getting loose around them. “My boobs!” Her nipples appears over the cup as her bra is now too big. “No…” she says as her chest that a training bra could barely fit continues to shrink. Her short falls down her ankles, gliding down her legs which get deprived of all the sexy figures she had a few seconds before. “Oh…” she desperately says before her panties fall in turn. Her body continues to shrink until the last remaining of her ones gorgeous breast end as a flat childish chest with a bra swinging before it. Her sexy legs become the little shapeless toothpicks of a little girl. She lets go of her large top which now looks like a dress on her 7 year old body.
“What happened to me Suzy?” The little girl asks with the tremulous voice of a kid who is about to
“I… I don’t know…” Suzy answers, choked.
“I want to grow back now!” Marilyn shouts like a capricious child.
“I’m sorry, I don’t understand. We should go see a doctor I guess!” Suzy suggests.
“No way, I don’t want to be seen like this!”
“You have to!”
“No way!” Marilyn shouts.
“What do you want to do, stay here?”
“Let’s go home Suzy!”
“A hospital would be more appropriate, don’t you think?”
“No! Our place!” Marilyn says, stomping her feet on the ground.
“Very well… Let’s go. And don't yell at me, it's not my fault okay!”.
Suzy, who stayed under a tree the all time, goes back in the dark forest. Behind her, Marilyn grabs her adult clothes that looks like a big pile of bed sheets in her arms and tries to follow her friend but her adult size sneakers make it impossible for her to walk. The little girl sees Suzy getting further and further away into the deep dark forest.
“Suzy! Wait!” The girl shouts, terrified to be alone in the forest.
“What now?” Suzy turns back.
“You’re going to fast, I can’t follow you with those shoes.”
Suzy sighs. “Okay...” She gets back to Marilyn and starts carrying her through the forest.
“You’re also starting to behave like a child you know.” Suzy points out to her friend.
“It’s not my fault if I can’t move as fast as you now.” Marilyn says, offended. “For a moment I
thought you’d left me here alone.” she adds with tears appearing in her eyes.
“You’re not gonna cry, are you?” Suzy asks with an awkward face.
“Why is this happening to me?” The little girl bursts into tears.
“Come on Marilyn, I’m sure we’ll find something to help you.” Suzy tries to comfort her little friend, “Don’t cry okay?”
“Okay, I promise”, she answers while drying her tears with her sleeve.
Suzy tries to hurry as much as she can. Marilyn on the other hand seems really afraid by the forest.
After a moment, The little girl points at something in the dark.
“Look Suzy, there is someone in the forest.” the little girl whispers, the face full of terror.
Suzy looks closely and see the figure of what seems to be a big naked woman standing in the forest.
Suzy quickly puts her hand on Marilyn's mouth and hides behind a tree.
“Shhh! Quiet!” She whispers before trying to catch a fleeting glimpse of the woman. “Who is that?
Why hasn’t she got any cloth on?” she thinks, “It’s so dark I can’t recognize her. What the fuck is going on tonight?”.
“Let’s try to go through without being detected.” Suzy whispers. Marilyn nods in agreement and the
two girls resumes their path silently.
At last, after an endless escape, they finally go past the naked woman and get out of the forest only to discover that the sky got completely covered with clouds again.
“Damn, It’s barely brighter than the forest. Are you alright?” Suzy asks
“I want to go home.” Marilyn answers.
“I agree, let’s not waist any time.”
Suzy rushes home, trying her best not to be seen by anyone even if the village is completely empty
at night. She reaches her house, enters without waiting and closes the door behind.
“Home sweet home,” Suzy whispers, out of breath. She looks at Marilyn and notices the poor little
girl fell asleep. “Poor Marilyn...” she thinks. The woman takes her to the bedroom, puts her down on the bed then goes search in the top of the wardrobe. “I’m sure I still have it somewhere... There it is!”
She puts out an old pajamas she ware when she was 13. She takes Marilyn's top and bra off and put the pajamas on her. “It’s too big for you but it’s gonna work fine for tonight.” After the woman finishes buttoning the top up, she covers her friend with a blanket, sits at the corner of the bed and looks sympathetically at the sleeping child. “What am I gonna do?”.

    Meanwhile, the big Mandy wanders the forest in search of the two girls who dropped her. “Where
did they go? I’ve been searching for them for an hour now.” She looks all around in hope of finding
someone but the forest stay desperately empty.. “Well, maybe not an hour but it feels endless. I'm
starting to think they went back home... Too bad girls, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to look at that body.” she thinks as she looks at her big breast. “Dawn, my nipples are bigger and harder than before, I feel better and better since I grew.” Mandy smiles, eager to discovering more of her womanhood. She looks around one more time. “It’s strange...” She examines every part of the forest. “I could swear someone is looking at me… But... Whatever!”. Mandy leaves the forest and crosses the center of the village. The street are completely empty, not a single sound can be heard. “No need to hide, everyone is asleep at that time. That's almost a shame...” Mandy thinks, her figures still exposed.
She reaches the fence before her grandma's front-yard but realizes the gate is closed. “It seems
Granny forgot to leave it unlocked. No worry, I’m so big now, that little fence can’t stop me anymore.”
She jumps over the fence like an athlete running a hurdle race causing the crotch of her shorts to split into two. “Oops!” She looks down, spreads her legs and puts her hands on her inner thighs to discovers that her growth also torn the crotch of her panties revealing her wet labia. “Wow, what is that?” A new sensation caused by the caress of the fresh air makes Mandy flush. She looks back up and see the garden table where lies the tray with three empty glasses that Granny probably forgot there. Without waiting, the young woman proceeds but is stopped again by the entrance door. “It’s locked? How am I going to get it now?” She goes around the house to the window of her bedroom which her Granny left open. “Yes! that’s my way in.” Her Grandma always let the window open to cool the room down.
“How is Granny gonna react when she sees me tomorrow? I didn’t even think about that.” She wonders
after entering her bedroom. Before her, stands her wardrobe with a mirror. “What an amazing body! It’s even better than I thought.” She lies down on her bed. “Who cares what grandma is going to think, I love it so much!”. She closes her eyes and caress her breast again, her legs slightly spread to let the fresh air coming from the window caress her body, her face overflowing with pleasure.

    “Good morning honey.” Mandy opens her eyes as she’s woken up by her Grandmother who is
entering her bedroom.
“Grandma! Wait! I…” Mandy looks at herself. She is still a child, wearing her pajamas and is
comfortably lied down on her bed. “Oh...” she sights.
“You wanted to say something honey?”
“No, nothing...” the little girl answers. “It was a dream after all” she thinks.
“I'm sorry to wake you Mandy but it’s 12 o’clock already. I’m surprised the sunlight didn’t wake
you up, you forgot to close the shutters yesterday.” Mandy notices the window is shut. The bright rays of the sun lights up her bedroom.
The old lady brings her granddaughter a breakfast tray. She sits on the side of the bed for Mandy to eat. “How was your evening with Marilyn and Suzy?” she kindly asks.
Mandy looks at her grandmother, surprised. “Yesterday?”
“Was it real then?” Mandy thinks then answers, “It was good.”
“I'm happy about that” the old woman says.
“To bad nothing of it is left” the little girl tells herself.
“I was afraid that something might have happened.”
“Why?” Mandy asks.
“Yesterday, a little less than an hour after you left with your friends, some people said that they had seen a nude woman wandering in the village”
“Really?” Mandy asks. “If it was real, then why am I wearing my pajamas and where are my old
clothes? I don’t remember changing last night?” she wonders as she examines her entire room in search of what she ware the day before.
“Everyone is shocked you know, this is not the kind of things that happen around here.”
“Did they recognize her?” The red-haired asks, worried.
“Not really. Someone said It was a blond woman running toward the forest.”
Poor Mandy looks completely lost about all this. “It can’t be me then. I was heading home when I
crossed the village.” she remembers.
“I learned this at around 10 o'clock this morning. The police knocked at our door to ask if we saw
anything so I told them I didn't. I'm happy you did not too.” The grandmother says, reassured.
“Yes, that's unbelievable...” Mandy answers with an awkward face.
“Well, enough talk about this, I let you eat, call me If you need anything Honey!” Granny leaves.
Mandy stands up and rushes to her wardrobe. Inside of it, she finds her shorts, polo shirt as well as the sandals she ware the day before, all perfectly intact. “What the hell happened last night?” she thinks.


This stories contains an age progression growth from girl to woman causing clothes destructions and nudity as well as an age regression from woman to girl.


Marilyn and Suzy wander in an old town during summer. On their way, they meet the young Mandy as she plays in her grandmother's front-yard. Marilyn makes fun of the poor little girl who deep down admires the two women.
The grandmother who overhears the conversation decides two help her granddaughter get her revenge by using the secret knowledge of witchcraft.

This is a fan-fiction based on characters from the dreamtales comics universe…
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