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Anime - female characters
Pokemon Trainer Serena (Party Version) by FankiFalu
Don't touch me, you perv!! by FankiFalu
rei hino: relaxing in style by SCARFACEPHOENIX
Lita kino: sexy electrifying dress by SCARFACEPHOENIX
Anime - male characters
Dat Mohawk by AyosDesignz
Preteen Shippo by AyosDesignz
Fabulous Youth by AyosDesignz
Bromance level NaruLee by AyosDesignz
Anime - couples groups
Jinx x BB by AyosDesignz
Autumn Birthday Kiss by Toony-Lunarry
Trade: City Park Patrol by Toony-Lunarry
Search and Protect Squad by Toony-Lunarry
Avatar - The Last Airbender and Korra
Inu the Waterbender by AyosDesignz
The flirty couple by AyosDesignz
Time Goes By by renatarossi
Aang and Zuko by Matereya
Nicktoons - animated TV shows aired on Nick
HelgaxArnoldxRhonda by AyosDesignz
speeddraw RonniexHelga by AyosDesignz
Dora and the Explorers by Vederick
Hey Arnold!- Oktoberfest Helga by AnnieMadeIt21
Other Cartoons
Raven vs Jinx who wore it better? by AyosDesignz
speeddraw Jinx by AyosDesignz
BB got the teeth by AyosDesignz
DT/DW OTPs - 2 by tejedora
Animated Movies - not TV shows
Hey! - Kipo by TheSlimyDude
Happy New Year #2 by DianAxColibrY
The Land Before Time - 3 by tejedora
Littlefoot, Ali and their son by MCsaurus
Live Action TV and movies
25 years later HitGirl by DmitryGrebenkov
Thomas the Tank Engine by TheDayIsSaved
KICK-ASS: Older Hit Girl by zumart
Books, comics, and video games
Ninjala Girl by TheSlimyDude
Fantastic Love by Toony-Lunarry
Experimental by renatarossi
Percabeth [PJatO Secret Santa] by ladysugarquill
QTiPie by AyosDesignz


Ever draw older versions of your favorite characters? Like to imagine what happens to them after the show ends? Maybe even years and years in the future? Then this is the club for you!

:star: How to Join
Easy. Just click on the Join Button, and you're automatically in!

:star: Co-Founder and Contributor
At this time, we are not accepting join requests for these positions. If the group grows beyond what I can handle, I'll certainly recruit some more volunteers :D

:star:  Affiliation
If your club is fan art related in any way, feel free to send us an affiliation request!

:star: Our #1 Rule
CHARACTERS MUST BE DRAWN OLDER THAN THEIR CANON AGES. If this is not readily apparent, it must be specified in the artist's comments.

:star:  Folders Guide - please read carefully to ensure you submit to the correct folder!
Please submit your artwork to the correct folder! SUBMISSIONS TO "FEATURED" WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Only admins can add works to the featured gallery.  

The following are a list of the folders you CAN submit to once you have joined the group, or if you are a member of one of our affiliate groups:
Anime - female characters: Pretty straightforward, I think. This includes biologically female characters from any TV show, movie, or manga made in Asia.
Anime - male characters: Same as above, but with dudes.
Anime - couples and groups: Maybe you like to draw your favorite pairings finally settled down and crankin' out babies. Or maybe you just drew the whole gang ten years in the future and exponentially more badass. Whatever your style, same rules apply. All sexual orientations allowed.  
Avatar - The Last Airbender and Korra: Avatar is a very popular fandom, but people never seem to know whether to submit Avatar fan art to "anime" or "nicktoons", so we just decided to give it its own folder.
Nicktoons: This folder is dedicated to older versions of the characters from Nickelodeon shows like Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, etc.
Other Cartoons: This is the place to submit aged-up fan art of animated tv shows that aired on any network EXCEPT Nickelodeon. (Ex: Kim Possible, from the Disney Channel).
Animated MOVIES (not TV shows): Love Disney movies, Dreamworks, or Pixar? If it started on the big screen, submit aged-up fan art for it here. (Ex: Older Hiccup and Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon)
Live Action TV and Movies: Again, pretty straightforward. If your fandom is live-action, art for it belongs here.
Books, comics, and video games: Maybe reading/playing games is more your style. Older versions of the chars from books, video games, and non-manga comics are destined to go here. (Ex: Harry Potter and Ginny at their wedding)
OCs: Reserved for your original characters and OCs belonging to your friends.

:star: Quality Guidelines
Your picture must show actual EFFORT if you want it to be accepted. Bases, traces, quick sketches on lined paper, and pics with dramatic anatomical issues will be turned down. Sorry!
We do not allow cosplay photos, but photomanips are (usually) OK.

:star: Mature Content
You must follow Deviantart policy in regards to "mature" versions of underaged characters. Kissing, sexy clothes, and whatnot is fine, but full-on mature content is not allowed. Believe me, we'd allow it if we could (as long as the characters were over 18 in your pic), but dA has a stick up its ass when it comes to these things.

OK, well, I guess that's it. If you have any questions, just leave a comment on the front page or send the group a note! :#1:
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