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By Age2003

An official Flash competition based on scripting has been long overdue on deviantART but fear not Flashers because we've got one! Although this doesn't involve the most complex of actionscript coding known to man it is a vitally important one.


Your task this time around is to design and create the Official Flash Preloader for deviantART.com that will be hosted on the website and could potentially be used by many thousands of Flash creators on and off deviantART.


Obviously for the preloader to be displayed for a decent amount of time there has to be something to load however this won't be possible with the small file size of the .swf file. Instead, after creating a working preloader create an animation/simulation of your preloader working such as a simple tween to emulate how your preloader would look if it were loading for say 5 seconds (24fps).

Click here to see and here to download an example I have created.
Remember the preloader you create must actually work otherwise it won't be considered as an entry.  


:bulletgreen: Your submission uploaded to deviantART must be uploaded as an .SWF file and an entirely new creation made by you.
:bulletgreen: Your entry should indicate that this is a deviantART Preloader.
:bulletgreen: You must submit your entry to the Flash Preloader Competition Category when you submit the deviation. Do this by choosing Community Projects > Contests > 2007 > Flash Preloader Competition.
:bulletgreen: No nudity.
:bulletgreen: The deadline for the submissions is the 8th of April 11:55pm GMT.
:bulletgreen: The winners will be announced within the second week of April.


The entries will be judged by as many Core Staff and Gallery Directors as possible and will be judged on originality, functionality, design and overall coolness. B-)


:bulletred: 1st Prize Official preloader and a one year subscription.
:bulletred: 2nd Prize A one year and a print up to $25 (including shipping)
:bulletred: 3rd Prize A one year's subscription or a print up to $25 (including shipping).

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Have fun, be creative and good luck. :)


missing flash?
© 2007 - 2021 Age2003
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alpak's avatar
and the winner is...?
who are the winners?
Age2003's avatar
You'll find out tomorrow. :)
alpak's avatar
fabianfucci's avatar
Were the winners of the competition already announced?
Age2003's avatar
Not yet, tomorrow :)
Karbik's avatar
Wait...what should the specs be? (FPS, BG, Size...etc)
Age2003's avatar
That's generally up to you but no bigger resolution than the standard I would have thought. :)
Karbik's avatar
Another one: When you say official preloader, then do you mean...
1) A preloader that will be placed infront of every Flash on DA
2) Or a preloader that will be FFA to download. A .fla resource.
Age2003's avatar
An .FLA resource displayed on it's own page for users to download and incorperate themselves. :)
Tolo-Dex's avatar
I have a question :)

Say if someone already has a subscription, dose it add to it ? and if some 1 wants to have it applied on another account would that be a problem?

y know what I mean?
Age2003's avatar
It would normally be added. But shouldn't be a problem no. :)

Might just be an idea to submit the entry under your new account and remove the entry from your old account.
Tolo-Dex's avatar
Cool :)

I'll exchange the entry when the time is right (like on April 7) no ?
Age2003's avatar
Whenever's good for you :)
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Hmm. What first prize means? I mean the aprt with official prelaoder :D
Age2003's avatar
Means the winning entry will be selected as deviantART's official preloader. It'll have it's own page on the site so people can download it and use it. :D
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Ouh one more thing. Can i make liiiiiiittle sign on who made it or is it prohibited?
Age2003's avatar
Probably not, the winner will be credited on the hosting page anyway. :)
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Ok. Simply this was not in the rules :D
wonderwhy-ER's avatar
Ouh... It seems that i should make some little tweaks... I can make so that background color may be changed trough flash vars thing... Don't know if it is needed tough :D May be you can make some comments on my submision :D
swerno092's avatar
Erm what are the action scripts for a preloader? Ack i cant seem to get mine right.
Age2003's avatar
Feel free to look for some tutorials online.

You might find one in here; [link]
javoec's avatar
nice idea...
can we submit more than one entry to the contest?
javoec's avatar
greeeat! thanks for the response!
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