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Oops! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
She's Sexy
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He's/she's not very active here anymore. But that doesn't mean he's active.
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Well done Mr Agawa
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ohh yiss
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love this one. very nice
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What a beautiful style!!
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Pretty face. Like the hat, too.
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Oh hell someone drop a house on her also and I'm saying this not angrily where is my drawing man this getting ridiculous
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Patience young padawan.
Joel-Cevallos's avatar
Hey I'm a Jedi Knight I'm just not a Master it's just that a few weeks ago I gave him idea for a character named Ora and he said he would draw it but I haven't seen it yet
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You are aware that he has a lot of commissions to do? Think of it this way, the longer it takes the better the final piece gets!
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Yeah I guess I shouldn't push besides he did listen to what I had to say I guess if I wait I little while longer something will happen oh by the way thanks for not starting a big fight with me over this
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why did you lie? or, great, you have an imaginaly friend of me.
Ive never reply to you. nice to meet you.
and I dont do your impolite request.
Joel-Cevallos's avatar
Are you the same person I was talking texting before oh wait yes you are the guy who said he might draw a character I suggested to him and gave him a crap ton of detail about also I wasn't trying to be impolite honestly I wasn't and I swear to you we where replying to one another you had a different icon though it was some kinda winking skull I believe
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did you pay for it
Joel-Cevallos's avatar
SuperSheela's avatar
Your stunned silence makes me lean towards a "No miss, I have not paid for his services". 

In which case, stfu and stop whining, he'll get to it when he gets to it, if he gets to it at all. 

You aren't entitled to anything, damn. Coming up on an artists submission is rude as balls, if you have a question, approach them privately about it. 

Didn't your parents teach you any manners?
Joel-Cevallos's avatar
I.........Will...............DEVOUR YOUR FLESH!!!!!🐅🐅🐉🐉
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