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The forgotten Weasley

Done for :iconobscurus-presse:
Charlie Weasley, or the perfect man to me: He's redhead (:heart:) and loves animals ! I want to marry him ! =D

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Charlie Weasley ==> JKR (c)
Art ===> %e (c)
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I really like Charlie, sad thing, he isn't so much in the books, and even nowhere in the movies.... -.-

Loveley and very cool picture! :)
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
I love it too !

Thank you so much for your kind words ! :)
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You are a great drawer, those dragons and Charlie are awesome !
The best of the sibiling.. I totaly agree with you Charlie is the perfect man. And I would say more : He is a WEASLEY ! (Heart)
Can we share him ? ;)

Ginger Power ! =D
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
Awwww thank you so much ! You're too kind ! :heart:
Oh and yes, I think I can share him...a little bit ! ;)
Ginger is good for you ! =D
Gryffgirl's avatar
Who can resist a hot guy who loves dragons? :heart:
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
That's a good question ! =D
totaldramaactionchic's avatar
Yeah I agree that he's partially forgotten. I have a poster of all the characters and they left out Charlie!
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
And that's a pity! I really love him. For me, he's as fun as Bill or Fred and George ! I need to draw him more ! ;)
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He looks kind of like an older version of Ron, then again I'm pretty sure ALL the Wesley's look an awefully lot alike with the same ginger hair and freckles.
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
Actually I don't think all weasley's look like the same. Of course they're part of the same family and have freckles and red hairs but they have different kind of morphology, face's shape and colours of eyes. It could be interesting and chalenging to draw all of them just to try to really differenciate them =)
Audrey-Poisson's avatar
J'adore les petits dragons!
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
Merci ! C'est plus fort que moi, magiques ou non, faut toujours que je dessine des bestioles ! ;)
LilRedAngel452's avatar
Charlie Weasley- The most underappreciated Weasley. :(

I wish Rowling would have given him more time to appear in the books and say so much more. We don't really know much about Charlie except for the fact he likes the outdoors and dragons. :)
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
Yeah, I totally agree ! But the little things we know about him are really attractive ! ;)
LilRedAngel452's avatar
Hopefully when Pottermore comes out, Rowling put some additional information about Charlie.

I'm not holding my breathe but let's see. :D
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
I hope she will give some more informations about him ! And about Mcgonagall too ! =) I will love to see that ! ;)
LilRedAngel452's avatar
Something that I found to be a bit odd was that Charlie is the only Weasley that Rowling didn't give a wife and kids too.

It's not a big deal or anything but if Percy can get some faceless random lady (I miss Penelope :( ) to be his wife then why can't Charlie?

So that's why I want to know more about Charlie.
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
Maybe he prefers to have adventure as wife ! ;) Maybe he wants to travel all his life and don't want to marry someone ...don't know. But you're right. That's strange ...I really hope Jo will give us some more infos about him.
LilRedAngel452's avatar
True, true. :)

Or...and this is just a small thought... Rowling will make it so that Charlie will pull a Dumbledore more. (If you know what I'm saying XD )

Lol either way, I love Charlie. :D
Charlie's awesome! I mean, of course he's awesome, he's a Weasley, but too few people acknowledge Charlie's awesomeness...I wish it mentioned him more in the books!
The dragons are so CUTE!
Agatha-Macpie's avatar
I totally agree. He definetly deserves more love and attention !
And thank you so much for your sweet comment :heart:
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u're so riht charlie's ma fav
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