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Hello, long time no see. I was away from social media for 5 months. If any of you are interested what exactly was going on in my life, here is a conveniently ordered list.

1. During the summer of 2018 I was working on a college project and at the beginning of November I was going to turn in the finished work. I worked on it really hard and I was proud of it,  at last I had a lot of time to work on the project and I really tried to understand, what I was exactly doing, instead of copying the schemes. But after all of this hard work the project was rejected. Due to one stupid thing. It kinda broke me. Eventually I managed to pass the class, but after that I decided to take a yearly break from my school. But I will eventually return and finish my degree.

2. After that I started to look for an art job in my city. I didn't want to work in other type of work, because I didn't need money, but I really want to work and gain some experience in art industry. Luckily, I got a job, I am 2d artist in a game dev studio. I make concepts, ui and logos to the games and I have a blast. But I work under the NDA - non-disclosure agreement, so I can't share any of my work. So that is one of the reasons why I was gone from my social media sites.

3. Before Christmas my dear grandpa passed away. He was really cool and strong person, I remember how he took care of me, when I was little. I painted this picture in his honor.

4. After Christmas I was preparing for a very hard college exam [History of Polish architecture]. Even though I was on the break from my school, I had to pass this exam to continue my education. To be honest I started to study, when I was preparing my unlucky project, so I was preparing for this for almost a half of the year. I passed it, but I was exhausted after that.

5. During that time my dear dog, Wena got sick. She died. I added her to this painting as a memento.

6. After the hard time I went on the trip to Tenerife with my brother. My first time flying the plane. And it was really great. I returned to home a week ago.

Now I wish to return to painting and posting my works on the internet more often, but I can't promise anything. The lot happened and a lot can happen in the future, but I still enjoy digital art and developing my art skills. So, see you around! I think.

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Tęskniłam za tobą :) Przykro mi, że tak dużo ci się przydarzyło, mój kocierz niestety tez umarł tamtego roku.
Praca piękna. Jesteś jeszcze lepsza, po tak długiej przerwie. Uściski od KELLL! <3
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Juujuuu jak ja Cie dawno nie widziałam ;__; <3

Aaaa praca jest niesamowita! Clap tęskniłam bardzo za twoimi pracami <3 
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I really like the field of view and upper camera look. Great outline of the path!
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Great perspective! My only critique is that judging by the ruined mullions, that is clearly a window and not a doorway; why are there stairs from what was once a closed window?
AgataCzerw's avatar
Heh, good question :D I didn't think about it, but maybe I can save myself by telling that the ruins are older than stairs? Maybe, and since there is a new way in, so somebody lay down some stairs in that area?
Thank you for the critique, you have a good eye for catching illogicality details :D
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Oh my... I just wanted to say what a beautiful piece of art it was, but the details about your losses and struggles enhance it greatly, and I have to say, what a beautiful human being you are! I am sorry for your pain and thank you for sharing it with us in such a touching way! This world needs spirit like yours! I wish you the best! Take care
AgataCzerw's avatar
Thank you very much, I didn't really expect someone to care to read the whole thing tl;dr
I think creating art can give some events more meaning and help with the loss, my father [as a son of grandpa] was moved after seeing the painting, so I am glad that I did it
You also take care, and thank you for commenting and leaving such a kind words
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We care about you and your experience here on this earth, however hard it might be a sometimes! Congratulations on coping with grief in such a good and powerful way!
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Omg! This is absolutely amazing! The lighting and perspective are so well done!😍

and I’m so sorry about Wena, as a dog lover I know how it feels to lose a best friend like that...😢
AgataCzerw's avatar
Yeah, it can be really hard to say goodbye to your pet. She was a really gentle and manageable doggieand gladly she had a happy long [13years] life
Thank you for your kind words :) I am very happy that you enjoy this painting
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That is wonderful!!! *-*
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Thank you :D I also enjoy your painting "Silence.", very dynamic piece :)
LuckilyLuckiness's avatar
Owww you are very kind <3 Thank you :3
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Great job on this. Well done 😍
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Welcome back, and sorry for your loss
AgataCzerw's avatar
Thank you for reading and your words :)
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