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Handkerchief by agataborgia Handkerchief :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 1 0
Song made today.
They say the earth is round
And moves around the sun
And that no other planet
Contains human life
And that to have food
You need to plant seeds
And harvest the fruits
And then cook the meals
They say that the world
Is billions years old
And that the human race
Was quite recently born
And that everybody lives
As long as they have health
And then they each die
And are buried in graves
I might survive here
And perhaps one day
I will have my own garden
And my own little house
And perhaps I will get
A job with such a pay
To afford my own garden
And my own little house
They say all things in the world
Are never free and always cost
And that you need to first work
To afford all things in the world
And that if you are not desired
By the companies who hire
Then you simply won't afford
All the things in the world
:iconagataborgia:agataborgia 1 1
Background by agataborgia Background :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 0 0 Better by agataborgia Better :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 2 0 Praca w Polsce '2019 by agataborgia Praca w Polsce '2019 :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 0 0 19.03.19 by agataborgia 19.03.19 :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 0 0 Strach by agataborgia Strach :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 0 0 Which Spells Witch Spells by agataborgia Which Spells Witch Spells :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 1 0 Mlodzi by agataborgia Mlodzi :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 2 0 RPG Salem Hunt: More Weapons by agataborgia RPG Salem Hunt: More Weapons :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 1 1 Criminality Act by agataborgia Criminality Act :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 0 1 Zombie Plant by agataborgia Zombie Plant :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 0 2 Salem Hunt Logo by agataborgia Salem Hunt Logo :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 0 0
Masquerade of Ghosts
Poem and song, of original composition, of today March 14.
Part of All Art For Horror Effect album, in place 31.
I think my clouds are slimming
And in my head I'm still scheming
How to survive this cage
If it will go with age
Could it be all for long
This lone life not alone
Does my strength ever show
Would I without it be gone
And never live to the day
When my clouds slim away
I think I don't like to hear
That she lives all time long
Among such who near
Only to mock her each song
And that he lives all the time
Neared by such only
Who scorn each of his rhyme
And say he wants to be lonely
I don't think I ever knew
Possibilities for my own life
I don't think I understand
How they are all in hands
Of those who never loved
I don't think I ever knew
Possibilities for my own life
I don't think I understand
How they are all in hands
Of those who never loved
And no other words I know
That can be used to call
The loveless of thi
:iconagataborgia:agataborgia 0 1
RPG Salem: Enemy Cards by agataborgia RPG Salem: Enemy Cards :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 0 1 RPG Salem: First Weapons by agataborgia RPG Salem: First Weapons :iconagataborgia:agataborgia 0 1


FUSE Attack Drone by MeckanicalMind FUSE Attack Drone :iconmeckanicalmind:MeckanicalMind 911 20 The life of a forest by Roiuky The life of a forest :iconroiuky:Roiuky 379 31 Sthides Planet by RJDETONADOR97 Sthides Planet :iconrjdetonador97:RJDETONADOR97 6 6 Blueprints - Panzer Modell 5A Schneebaer by RJDETONADOR97 Blueprints - Panzer Modell 5A Schneebaer :iconrjdetonador97:RJDETONADOR97 7 0 Sitting Brunette (nude) by Chriminie
Mature content
Sitting Brunette (nude) :iconchriminie:Chriminie 6 0
Skyfall Poster C by sahinduezguen Skyfall Poster C :iconsahinduezguen:sahinduezguen 167 26 Lamestream media hysterics by Neetsfagging322297 Lamestream media hysterics :iconneetsfagging322297:Neetsfagging322297 107 16 Old Testament + Homosexuality by inspiredcreativity Old Testament + Homosexuality :iconinspiredcreativity:inspiredcreativity 142 322 Barcelona Slums by atomhawk Barcelona Slums :iconatomhawk:atomhawk 468 8 Flea Market by atomhawk Flea Market :iconatomhawk:atomhawk 260 8 Subway Repair by atomhawk Subway Repair :iconatomhawk:atomhawk 448 10 Slums by atomhawk Slums :iconatomhawk:atomhawk 949 9 Caramel by lulles Caramel :iconlulles:lulles 1,612 19 NYC by flominowa NYC :iconflominowa:flominowa 879 33 Tard the Grumpy Cat by ethe Tard the Grumpy Cat :iconethe:ethe 7,399 394
Stronger Than You ( Chara )
Here we are again
Just me and you comedian, right?
With your blasters
Your flashing eye
You should be prepared because soon...
Your last hour strikes

One step left now
It's almost time
Show you what my DETERMINATION
Has still left for you to get back to
You should prepare to just die
Like all your friends you'll have a really good time
But guys like you are always just fools
Come at me
Try to kill me with your fancy tools
"Let's go
Now the room gets chiller"
Let's go
Just another killer
Go ahead
Kill me again
I see you're able
But inside you know the end can't be evaded
I can tell you're really tired out of fighting
But I'll even come back after dying
Why not let me win?
You can't dodge forever!
Even if the pain is more fun together
You know I will just RESET and come back newer
And with every try I'm getting even faster than you are
I am made of
Lo-o-o-o-ooove, lo-o-o-o-oove, lo-o-o-o-ooove
Lo-o-o-o-ooove, lo-o-o-o-oove, lo-o
:iconhetalialove100:HetaliaLove100 341 48


Lovely and out of the ordinary work of art. The colour of rain and vehicles contrasted with the greyness of buildings and rest of the s...

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Agata Machczyńska Borgia
Artist | Professional | Varied
Did you know?
I have such a strong block on incoming correspondence from people, that my outcoming publications can not be deleted or changed.

SALEM (radio info)::
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HackCode Nick attached to my person: Video Games, Coconuts
Incoming mail 100% wiped out.
>>e-mail address:

This is Deviant Artist since: 19 August 2016

Artist, writer and musician. Also known as an entirely new voodoo loa Dealer Dealer Bob Dole and Mom of Cat, and also as Hunchback Notre Dame [and many names more], by daylight Agata Borgia shows herself more as a saint, by night she may spring at you with a voodoo bottle. Loved and hated because of her role as the Antichristess, she is currently conducting scientific research in magic, mostly in the field of destruction spells, techlore suprapowers, and cosmos communication.


^This link will take you where you can buy points for me^
** However, I do not know if this link works. I hope it works for you. **


*Also horses, spiders and coffee cups. I like all creatures. Sirens I like too. They sometimes have pages on DeviantArt.

Thank you for the points I have received. There are 20 of them last time I checked. However I can not use them currently since some time, because of criminal agression towards my social life on DA. It is not very about popularity, but about me contacting other people. I do not visit sites of others often nowadays for my safety.
The twenty points were given to me by corniger-aries. Thank you very much. How much did you exactly spend for this sum to reach me through the net blockades? I am quite unreachable. Date of receival is on 11 May. This update written on August 12, year 2018.

I have also hinted a long time ago I want to thank people for llamas with an animation I made:…

...however, I need Core Membership for that.
I don't see another reason for me to need Core Membership, so it is not that important to me, even though it is a pity I can not use the Llama-Thanks Animation in a purpose it was conceived for.

[31/08/17] It seems I have Core Membership because many options opened up for me on DeviantArt and also I don't get the "Core Only" sign. But my profile still states that I'm a person who "needs Core membership" and there is no confirmation that I am Core Member. Anyway, thank you to everyone who gave me it.
And to all hackers and criminals, I exorcise you of the surface of this earth now.

I am not rich. My art is not a trade coin. My friends are not a trade coin. I am actually very poor in the field of a trade coin.

I do not feel like a plastic bag. No, I never feel like a trash. No, I never wish not to see a beautiful thing. No, I do not have, to sum up these examples, any sorrows of psychopaths. I do not wish to see or hear psychopaths. Psychopathic comments are never welcome here. Criminals are never welcome here. And, no, you are not all that is left. I am not alone in DeviantArt as an artist and a moral human. However you do grab my sleeve and pull it from time to time with 2-year-old-mentally-disabled remarks. You have no right to be mentally AND morally disabled. And stop pretending you are artists. Your plagiarisms are of very little artistic value because you have destroyed the works of art you had stolen.
I know how to ignore you. I simply do. However, I do know criminals of all kinds need to know that they are forbidden to be themselves. Psychopaths are forbidden to be themselves everywhere on this planet. Especially on my page.

This is not good to attack an angel of morality and culture on DeviantArt. It is a mistake in the eyes of the world.
Everybody knows who they are in their soul. If you don't like my flowers, than you are a psychopath.

llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll All texts, all art, all of everything that is not DeviantArt motive [programmal lingo] on page is of my authorship, thus copyrighted by me, unless stated otherwise. I am of unknown IQ and would like to know yours. I do not want big eyes of innocent stupidity blinking here at my page. You have no right to live and be stupid. Stupidity is a crime. All profits of all my art have already been lastwilled by me to A somebody. I know of the too-clear mafia of art thieves & destroyers on DeviantArt. And yes, you are despised not only by me. I know when to ignore you. I do that when I choose to. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Against practice of: denial of human rights through net and computer tools policy
In this current period of the political state, it is the right moment to make society actions for our material needs. The denial of work tools and denial of pay for work products which supply all the net's contents is a point one antihumantiarian genocidal activity and therefore must be treated seriously. It is the right move now to explain and educate that the decision making towards the internet politics and the social media politics is only and always only in the hands of the users and never in the hands of a monopoly, and to explain and educate that the theft and toll of work tools is a genocide grave crime.

The content of the internet products is and always only has been a set of products created by the users of the internet. All internet society is a group of producers of internet contents.

The society of the internet is against denial of pay for their products.
The society of the internet is against denial of tools for their professions.
The society of the internet is against forced social liberty system by the monopolies.
The society of the internet is against forced pay for access to the internet contents.

The society of the internet is the producers of the internet content and is against the monopoly policy of outcast by access denial and outcast by pay denial.

The internet society is the provider of all entertainment, all culture events, all work tools, all knowledge inside the internet contents.
The internet society is the maker and upkeeper of the internet civilization and the liberty law.

The internet society is against the business corporation policy role of the maker and upkeeper of the internet liberty system.

The internet society is against presence of non-producers in the internet.
The internet society is against outcast acts against producers in the internet.

PODPIS Machczyska Borgia by agataborgia


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RJDETONADOR97 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for faving my pictures! :D
I'm glad to see you like them.

I welcome you to my gallery, Agata! I hope you enjoy the good artworks you will find on my gallery and the good artworks I'll submit later. Thanks and have fun!
agataborgia Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019  Professional General Artist
I am painting a picture of how I was raped by gangs of tweens and teenagers, who molested me sexually for long months and who insulted me a lot, and forced me to beat them or treat them cruelly, which they found to be a representation of sadomasochistic rape of them on me. I based the picture on a short gif that they showed me which presented a japanese lavishly dressed princess falling onto a white ground next to a white wall. The picture is not ready yet, and this is its first stage of picasso preparations. I tried to immitate the outfit of the princess from memory as realistically as I could.  Ost by agataborgia  
agataborgia Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019  Professional General Artist
This is a second stage done of a colour scheme. This is the latest photograph of my face by the way, done right before the start of work tonight. Made in "Jealousy" filter on web cam.
Ost2 by agataborgia  
agataborgia Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019  Professional General Artist
I finished at midnight and the picture is published here in its third final stage:  After rapes. by agataborgia
mamabali Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thx 4 the llama and 1 back. Also Thx for watching :) (Smile) 
I wish you a nice Week :) (Smile) 
agataborgia Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2019  Professional General Artist
Very big thank you, I am happy I met you and your art on the internet. +favlove  
mamabali Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much :) (Smile) 
kanyiko Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very best wishes for your Birthday, and a very Happy 2019 to you!! :hug:
agataborgia Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2019  Professional General Artist
thank you Hug Heart Crazy :hooray: Hug  
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