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Avengers on Parade (RIP Maurice Sendak)

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Two things on my mind today-

RIP Maurice Sendak.

Yay Avengers.

Okay- I put together some wallpapers using the original- I tried to make them as big as possible and cover the major aspect ratios. You can download them here. Enjoy!

Also- I don’t have any plans to print it. The Avengers don’t belong to me, I feel like I got lucky, and I would rather share the nostalgia, you know?

On the far right side of the page is a download button. It contains very high resolution images in a few different aspect ratios to be used for desktops. If you would like to have one printed from those files, you have my blessing. I use fedEX Kinkos, and have always gotten very acceptable results.

Tom Hiddleston and Joe Hill both saw fit to tweet this. I just can't...

All the feels. You guys are all just so great!
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I'm a children's librarian and a huge comic nerd, and finding this just made my Saturday. You are extremely talented. I'll be checking out the rest of your art!

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i know thius is 2019 but
1.why didnt you use maurice sendak's characters
2.speaking of avengers rip stan lee
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this is so cUte ^^
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Where's Thor's Beard?
what-a-load-of-hooey's avatar
he doesnt really have one in the avengers
what-a-load-of-hooey's avatar
well, he has one but its not as beard-y as it is in the other movies
Horry-HodgePodge's avatar
But at least some face fuzz.
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"Childhood is cannibals and psychotics vomiting in your mouth."

-Maurice Sendak
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He would be proud
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Amazing crossover of Marvel and Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Thing's Are".
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Why is the HUlk not wearing any pants?
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Where the wild heroes are!
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OML I LOVE THIS!!! It looks a ton like where the wild things are, nostalgia X3
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oml it's so perfect, it looks like he drew it
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This is brilliant!
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