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+if i had a boat

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imagine: as he dies, kili promises tauriel that he'll build a boat and sail to the undying lands from aulë's halls so they can be together again. he keeps his promise (with fili along to keep him out of too much trouble). the valar set a series of trials and tribulations for them to overcome along their journey across the sea, half annoyed that these upstart punks are breaking all of the afterlife rules, and half amused by how gutsy and stubborn they are.

i still wish i'd thought of tauriel doing to sailing off to find kili herself, but it didn't occur to me until halfway through drawing this. :[ shame.
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😥😥😭😭😭😭My heart
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Heart Heart Heart awwww cuteee Hug Hug :happybounce: :happybounce: Clap Clap Clap 
KILI smile 
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the feels Beautiful!!!the feels 
the feels the feels the feels 
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Awwww. Very beautiful and sweet.
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If i'm not wrong, i read that when everyone dies their souls go to Valinor, but just the elves stay there forever (and can go there in live), the other races disapear and no-one knows where thy go. (Just what i read on the silmarilion years ago, i'm not sure if i remember well...)
So, if that's true, Kili and Tauriel will be together again when Tauriel go to Valinor with the other elves at the end of LotR... :'3
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Well, dwarves are taken to a separate hall after death, so they're not even in the same afterlife as elves anyway, and the Undying Lands and the Halls of Mandos are still separate places, so even if Tauriel's physical body died and her spirit went to the Halls they'd still be apart, unfortunately.
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Oh, how sad is that... It will be better if they can stay together afterife *coughcoughlikethorinandbilbocoughcough*
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Don't cry... Don't cry...

*crying like a little girl*

Beautiful! :)
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It would be very nice to read a fanfiction about the trials and tribulations of Tauriel and Kili to be reunited in Valinor. Your drawing anyway is so sweet Love 
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OMG!! Its so freaking adorable!! Love Waaaah! (why did kili have to die!! *sob dramatically*)
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Not to worry - I'll do an alternative version of this, with Tauriel doing the sailing (because I really love the idea!!)
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That is so sweet
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Aw~ You Valar can't stop the loooooove!
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I not the biggest Kili/Tauriel fan but even I have to admit that this is very sweet.
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absolutely perfect!!!! I adore everything about your idea and your drawing...
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this would make for a pretty cool comic
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awwww:iconomgsocuteplz: That adorable!!!
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