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This is an idea I came up with recently for what ought to be on the cover of *EWilloughby's, ~keesey's and my evolution book. The cover probably won't look exactly like this, because I imagine that the publisher will have their own expectations about what the cover should be like, but I think it'll be useful for me to have something to show them about what I have in mind.

The background image here is a public domain image of one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which is a chapter in the book of Isaiah if you know how to read Hebrew. The two foreground images represent William Beebe's 1915 Tetrapteryx prediction, which was fulfilled in 2003 by the discovery of Microraptor gui.

I guess maybe most of my watchers hadn't been aware before now what our book is probably going to be called. The title is a reference to exhibits in the Creation Museum like this one, which claim that "God's Word" and "Human Reason" are in contradiction, and part of the point of the book will be to show that they don't have to be. I always find it amusing when books are named after the concepts they're intended to disprove, such as Steven Pinker's book The Blank Slate, Arthur Jensen's book Bias in Mental Testing, and Kenneth Miller's book Only a Theory.

The part of this image that took the longest by far was creating the Tetrapteryx and Microraptor images in Adobe Illustrator. I was originally intending them to be part of the logo for the website to go along with the book, but I think it's probably better to use something a less detailed for that.
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What people don't understand is that evolution can be disproved by these simple steps. 

1. Take a shoe.

2. Throw it in the air.

3. Watch as the shoe falls on it's side.

This is a proof that evolution is just a religion because I said so.