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6: The Origin of Flight by Agahnim 6: The Origin of Flight by Agahnim
The grand finale of my mini-series about Kent Hovind’s theme park. Four pages of inking, around 60 hours of work, and the central idea about the origin of flight is something that I’ve been saving for the right place since summer of 2001. It felt kind of weird to be finally drawing things that have been in my head for more than five years.

A couple of notes about the more obscure jokes here:

1: Although most paleontologists think that birds’ ability to fly evolved through an intermediate gliding stage in tree-dwelling dinosaurs, the main competitor to this hypothesis has traditionally been that it evolved in insect-eating dinosaurs as a way to help them capture flying prey.

2: The term “drive-by creationist” refers to a creationist who starts a new thread at a debate forum consisting of one or more anti-evolution PRATTs, and then ignores all the subsequent refutations to his or her post. For example:…

3: “Evolution is a big mafia in worldwide” is the most famous PRATT ever posted at CF. The full text of it is as follows:

Evolution is a big mafia in worldwide. Am I right??
It is not a science, but mafia, ruling by Devil.
I think that there is big mafia in the world which protects
evolution. Dont you see this??

I may take a break from these comics for a few months after this one. This episode of my comic is the only art I’ve been working on since November, and now I’d like to be able to spend some time with other topics.

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What does PRATT stand for?
Agahnim Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
It stands for Point Refuted A Thousand Times.
Traheripteryx Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The end was perfect! XD
SagwagianHowl Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe, I don't believe in evolution, but this is quite a crack up! XD
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SagwagianHowl Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:confused: I'm going to dive no deeper.
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SagwagianHowl Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Still will never see how evolution makes any sense compared to my faith. Feels like you expect someone to jump off a cliff and then sprout wings and fly... No evidence will ever make me believe in a false belief, no offense.
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SagwagianHowl Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I am saying I know plenty, and will never seek your ways of thinking. I am perfectly happy in seeking God. I will argue no further.
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Lieju Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
"Evolution is a big mafia in worldwide. Am I right??
It is not a science, but mafia, ruling by Devil.
I think that there is big mafia in the world which protects
evolution. Dont you see this??"

That somehow resembles poetry. Not good poetry, but poetry.
Anna0909 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
Haha, very entertaining :D
Tarturus Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Overall, this was quite an enjoyable little comic strip series.
I especially liked the Deinonychus character. ^^
TheMorlock Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Student General Artist
:D :D :D :D :D
elsarose Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I absolutely love this. Not only is the story incredible and funny - the art is wonderful too. I'm so glad I came across this. Thank you.
Tomozaurus Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2010  Student General Artist
Albertonykus Featured By Owner May 31, 2010
The Wright brothers learned to fly by catching butterflies! Hahahahahahaha!
Dilong-paradoxus Featured By Owner May 5, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
I love it! Especially the "Drive by PRATT" line...
Weregryph Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2007
Ah, none can give such toothy grins as deinonychi.
Sekele Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2007
loves this
Sekele Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2007
and I think I captured the point about the Archeopteryx story
its main purpous was to boost the moral, but instead it was taken literaly
drumstixrlz Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2007
Absolutely loved the punch liners.
NitronNinjaApple Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2007
Love your comics aggie!

You have a knack for hilarious facial expressions. Zedekiah's face when he tells the prattmaster to floor it is just so damn funny.

When you feel for comics again, you oughtta do a series about ken ham and his museum, with Occam's new enemy (and Pratt's new ally) - Strawman!

"We're martyrs!"
richardhalf Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2007
Very good, even do I only read this one ^^
Brafisra Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2007

I have no idea what to say, but this is stellar!
Tsurosu Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2007
Not bad at all. I enjoyed reading this one.
EWilloughby Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2007  Professional General Artist
Brilliant. :D

I really like the joke about the comparison between the ground-up and tree-down theories (the butterfly collection part struck me as particularly amusing). Very funny and cleverly executed. I hope it's something that a lot of people manage to catch, though it's probably a good thing that you explained it in the description anyway.

I like the Deinonychus's little Archaeopteryx story too. It's amusing to imagine dinosaurs having myths for "moral instruction," especially silly ones like that (kind of in the same vein as some of H. sapien's "myths"...).

I like the "I can't watch" ... "I can." part too. You seem to have captured the Deinonychus's personality rather well.

Also, Zedekiah's expression in the "Don't let them escape, Prattmaster!" panel cracks me up.

And the art is good as ever, simple but accurate with excellent shading and perspective.

Anyway, I think this is well worth the five years' worth of idea-incubation. Definitely your best comic yet. :heart:
Sinande Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2007
"I can't watch"
"I can"

*laughs her head off*

Owww, this is superb! And that romantic legend of Archeopteryx almost made me cry. Have you thought of making a movie out of it? =P
I think I'm falling in love with your comics :D
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