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1: Capt. Occam vs The Prattmaster

Inspired by some of the online debates I’ve had with creationists. The Prattmaster is based on one particular creationist who posted huge lists of PRATTs, in hope that nobody could refute them all at once. (PRATT = Point Refuted A Thousand Times)

If these characters are popular enough, I might start an entire series about them.

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Did you know, in British-English (as opposed to American-English), "pratt" means "complete and utter BLITHERING idiot"! (it originally was a euphemism for the "female organ", but that usage is now obsolete).
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Can you do one about anti-vaxxers please?
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The name "Captain Occam" is a reference to Occam's Razor. Does that answer what you were asking?
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evolutionist they are funny they want to prove all the life with lies ahahaha [link]
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I love it!, but the ending doesn't seem very effective as the rest. You could have put more of their fight by arguing :aww: that's the coolest thing.
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Actually, Ironically, Evolution is a result of the Laws of Thermodynamics. If you think about it, the energy being put into Genetic information to stop it from changing over time isn't enough to keep it from falling into differentiation, if that were true, then everyone would be exactly alike. So it's impossible for it not to happen, unless some freak with a lot of money, time, and no life was going around to every thing on Earth and checking on it's genetic code and getting rid of mutations. If they use the "God did it" excuse, they've just admitted God has has no life which "Can't Possibly be true!".

Here's an argument I use against Creationism:
Another problem I find hilarious is the fact that they say that two humans gave rise to the entire human race, yet, evolution doesn't exist, but we have all these alelle variations, that couldn't have arisen from just two people without Evolution Happening!!! *Gasp*

Sorry if I ranted too much.
Good job on the comics, hope to enjoy even more I see on the club.
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Awesome comics.
One of the things I always use against creationism and the like is that I don't believe life needs a god to make miracles, one of them being evolution. Just like the famous Rennaissance (forgive me if I spelled that wrong) sculptors could carve beauty into a piece of rock, evolution could "carve" feathers from scales and so on to the point of almost perfection. Do we need a god to do this? No. :3
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BTW, I plan on becoming a paleontologist, so creationism particularly ticks me off. =/
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creationists r so funny...they make life less boring
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I've read the whole series and it's great :lol: That's got me thinking, for sure...
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*rolls eyes* hmm-hum. I'll believe that when I see it.
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Do you not believe me about creationists using this tactic? One of my favorite examples is about halfway down this page: [link] (It’s the post from “Durang0”.)

The Prattmaster is based on a different person from the same forum, who posted as “Cal”. It seems like I can’t link to the PRATT lists he used, though, since DA keeps turning part of the URL into an emoticon.
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Oh, it's not that. I believe you there. Did that myself once... which you should clearly remember... *kicks rock* I just ment the whole, evolution-answers-every-question thing.
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I don’t think most supporters of evolution would claim that it answers every question. It answers some questions about the history of life, but any scientific theory is just based on coming up with an explanation for a certain body of evidence. It’s the same way as with the theory of gravity, or atomic theory—nobody would claim that either of those theories can answer every question, would they?

I’m afraid I don’t specifically remember debating with you, but I’ve been involved in so many debates about this that I can’t remember all the ones I’ve been part of in the past. Have we debated about this before?
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:nod: Got a point there.

*looks back* Well... I searched through all the replies in the debate I was referring to, but I didn't see your name... Though it does appear half the conversation with everyone is missing... So it's probable. Either that, or Aspidel had mentioned your name enough for me to remember. *shrugs* but I can't find it to be sure...
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xomigosh....:+favlove: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Very, very awesome!
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:lmao: This is good hahahahah...............
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