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Democracy in Action
Come cast your vote for Voldemort, the man who cannot die,
And join with all his followers to overlook his faults.
Invincible he is, they say, a fact that few deny,
For how can any man withstand such withering assaults?
His cruciatus strategy excels at causing pain.
The purity of bloodlines is his most important goal.
A chosen few have understood the key to his campaign:
Within his body dwells a mere one-seventh of a soul.
If Voldemort is not your type, accept another choice.
Vote Palpatine for emperor, and let his whims be laws.
The government will strengthen and the people will rejoice,
And this is how their freedom dies: with thunderous applause.
He's risen through the senate to a powerful position,
By much manipulation and deceit behind the scenes.
Beware to any person who supports his opposition:
You soon may find your planet has been blown to smithereens.
So vote and be aware that only one of them can lose.
Democracy's democracy, so take it on the chin.
And if you think there's a
:iconagahnim:Agahnim 5 1
Mature content
Jimbo Wales and Roger Davies :iconagahnim:Agahnim 1 0
Maiasaura nest colony by Agahnim Maiasaura nest colony :iconagahnim:Agahnim 3 0
Echigo Mole and his Socks
Echigo mole is a curious creature:
Anger arises wherever he walks.
Footprints of rage are his notable feature,
Left by the steps of his dozens of socks.
Where did they come from, and how were they made,
So many they are and so proudly displayed,
In grandiose glee of his footwear parade,
Whenever and where opportunity knocks?
Astounding it is, you will never believe
That the socks were created quite far in advance.
And as a magician hides tricks in his sleeve,
So a mole hides his socks in the legs of his pants.
The socks are of vintage like bottles of wine,
To store and mature for his clever design:
To pull out a sock made in two thousand nine,
And spotlight a little-known alley in France.
He lurks in his lair of a big wooden box.
Its liftable lid contains more than one hole,
From which may emerge hands and feet bearing socks,
To fight for the crown of the world's greatest troll.
His trousers are naught to be sorry about,
The socks kept inside them are strong beyond doubt:
For Echigo kn
:iconagahnim:Agahnim 0 0
A simple guide to dinosaur classification by Agahnim A simple guide to dinosaur classification :iconagahnim:Agahnim 44 6
Dinoshakespeare Macbeth
How shall we three evolve flight?
Trees down or ground up, day or night?
When the proper traits we hold,
When we're warm in climates cold.
That will be ere an era old.
Wings that could have barely flown,
Semilunate carpal bone,
Bony tail with plumed array,
Air-sac-riddled vertebrae,
Furcula within a chest,
Claws with thickness well compressed,
Hands that fold but never tightly,
Metatarsals fastened slightly,
Trenchant pedal ungual two,
In a feathered cauldron stew.
Double, double, toil and try,
Fire burn and cauldron fly.
By the frameshift of my thumbs,
Something winged this way comes.
Fair is fowl and fowl is fair,
Flutter through the fog, or climb with WAIR.
:iconagahnim:Agahnim 26 9
The Bobby Plank Medal (2013) by Agahnim The Bobby Plank Medal (2013) :iconagahnim:Agahnim 3 2 The World of Kuey and Creepy by Agahnim The World of Kuey and Creepy :iconagahnim:Agahnim 1 4
Uncle James and the 2,000 Pears
It is an old Christmas tradition in my family to give one's relatives gifts from Harry and David, a mail-order food company.  In accordance with this tradition, in December of 1992, my parents placed an order to send my father's brother James's family a box of about 20 of Harry and David's gourmet high-quality Royal Riviera pears.  A week later, we received a bill for $3,129.47.
Despite Harry and David's claims that their Royal Riviera pears were unlike any others in the world, this price seemed rather steep for a box of pears.  My mother called the Harry and David headquarters on the telephone to ask why our box of pears had cost more than three thousand dollars.  After checking her records, the company representative responded that Harry and David was currently shipping to my Uncle James's Atlanta home 113 boxes of their gourmet high-quality pears.
The company representative believed my mother that she had not in fact intended to have 2,000 pears sent to a suburba
:iconagahnim:Agahnim 1 1
Book cover concept art by Agahnim Book cover concept art :iconagahnim:Agahnim 24 23 Drilling through the geologic column by Agahnim Drilling through the geologic column :iconagahnim:Agahnim 12 4
The Maxberg Archaeopteryx
I waited in a tiny house without a light or door,
That each progressing day was slightly smaller than before,
Until I felt the sudden urge to break and struggle free.
I came into the world in only natal feathers dressed,
Among my likewise siblings in an interwoven nest,
Atop a shrub amid a land surrounded by the sea.
Each day my father came to us with smaller lives to eat,
As slowly I grew larger and my feathers more complete.
Along my longest finger formed a broad and glossy wing.
With wings to press me forward I could climb an upright wall,
And now the nest where I had dwelt was also strangely small,
And I could not ignore the larger island's beckoning.
My wings had grown sufficient to support my weight in air,
And prey could now be chased and won without my father's care.
Observing my lagoon-encircled kingdom from above,
Another hunger came to me beyond the quest for food,
To recreate on my behalf my natal nest and brood,
And prove to a companion my deserving of her love.
For every
:iconagahnim:Agahnim 226 21
Christian support for evolution by Agahnim Christian support for evolution :iconagahnim:Agahnim 20 19
Cretaceous Roulette, part 3
Stephanie sat down hard on the ground, the realization of what had happened washing over her like a wave.  It was several seconds before she was able to speak.  "Karl," she said finally, "do you remember all of the times I've said that traveling to the Cretaceous isn't like Jurassic Park?"
"Yes," said Karl.  "Did you change your mind?  Are you saying you think Ahiga and the others were eaten?"
"No, I still think what I've said before," said Stephanie.  "But I've also started to think that maybe… it could be like another movie."  She wondered if she needed to say any more.  Karl was already familiar with the story of Oliver Speagle, and what movie had inspired him to put his time-travel mechanism into a DeLorean.
"For years I've been saying people shouldn't get their science education from movies, but there's another side of the story that I'd forgotten.  I'd forgotten how often science fiction can turn
:iconagahnim:Agahnim 9 14
Cretaceous Roulette, part 2
It had been around three hours since Ahiga left.  Stephanie was sitting in the driver's seat of the van, listening to music on her MP3 player, and Karl was sitting in the seat adjacent to hers reading a book.  She could have listened to music just as easily outside the van, but she found the inside more comfortable.
Karl said something to her, but it was difficult to hear through the music.  "What's that?" she asked, taking off her earphones.
"I asked, does it make you nervous the way Ahiga disappears for hours like this?  We don't have any way to stay in contact with him.  If something happened to him, we wouldn't even know."
"It doesn't really," said Stephanie.  "Maybe for someone else it would.  The thing to remember about Ahiga is that tracking animals through the wilderness like this is part of his heritage.  Maybe even part of his blood."
"His blood?  What are you talking about?"
"I'm talkin
:iconagahnim:Agahnim 8 3
Cretaceous Roulette, part 1
It was true, the van was nowhere near as flashy as a DeLorean, and Stephanie was sure that someone was going to point it out.  New employees were always disappointed when they learned this, and there were two new employees today.
Stephanie was standing in the cavernous garage, listening to the approaching sound of two sets of footsteps in the corridor outside.  Clay and Cerie Jackson had been hired in a hurry, because for the past month her group had only contained four people, and it needed six before they could set out on their next expedition.  She had not yet met either of them, but there were certain things about them that she already knew, the most obvious being that they were somehow related because they had the same last name.  The footsteps paused for a moment, as Clay and Cerie rounded a corner and entered the garage.  Stephanie sized them up.
Clay and Cerie wore matching Hawaiian T-shirts, cargo shorts, brand-new white sneakers, and a pair of those hats which used to be worn
:iconagahnim:Agahnim 28 18


Deinonyiconography by eorhythm Deinonyiconography :iconeorhythm:eorhythm 10 1 Insert Jurassic Park Quote Here by TrollMans Insert Jurassic Park Quote Here :icontrollmans:TrollMans 215 16 Conker's Bad Fur Day Boss Compilation by CPTBee Conker's Bad Fur Day Boss Compilation :iconcptbee:CPTBee 177 22 Captain of the Guard by brushandtea Captain of the Guard :iconbrushandtea:brushandtea 14 1 Bio-electric Anemone: Barinade by SulaMoon Bio-electric Anemone: Barinade :iconsulamoon:SulaMoon 840 44 Wild Love by Lythroversor
Mature content
Wild Love :iconlythroversor:Lythroversor 85 22
Caudipteryx with Chicks by EWilloughby Caudipteryx with Chicks :iconewilloughby:EWilloughby 862 71 MyFantasiWorld ID 2014 Screen 2 by MyFantasiWorld MyFantasiWorld ID 2014 Screen 2 :iconmyfantasiworld:MyFantasiWorld 173 37 Angry Birds! by AntoninJury Angry Birds! :iconantoninjury:AntoninJury 397 29 Love doves by DuskyVel Love doves :iconduskyvel:DuskyVel 260 47 Yi qi Express by GaffaMondo Yi qi Express :icongaffamondo:GaffaMondo 53 8 Dakotaraptor by tuomaskoivurinne Dakotaraptor :icontuomaskoivurinne:tuomaskoivurinne 782 51 Dinovember - Dakotaraptor by Viergacht Dinovember - Dakotaraptor :iconviergacht:Viergacht 233 22 Dakotaraptor's Ornithomimus Dinner by EWilloughby Dakotaraptor's Ornithomimus Dinner :iconewilloughby:EWilloughby 767 105 Velociraptor pair by Promilie Velociraptor pair :iconpromilie:Promilie 200 10 The Cartoon Guide to Vertebrate Evolution by Albertonykus The Cartoon Guide to Vertebrate Evolution :iconalbertonykus:Albertonykus 407 202
At the end of this month, my long-awaited evolution book is going on sale. It's now available for pre-order at…

Several paleontologists and science educators have offered to write advance reviews of the book, using pre-publication copies. But the review I'm most looking forward to reading is the one from Marcus Ross, a creationist paleontologist who's planning to review it in the Journal of Creation. Almost all pro-evolution books are eventually reviewed in that journal, but Mr. Ross is one of the few professional creationists whom I think I can trust to review the book fairly. However, having it reviewed there also means that I'm inevitably going to be subject to a lot of attention from creationists in the near future.

Creation Ministries International, the organization that publishes the Journal of Creation, has a history of conducting extensive opposition about some of their opponents. The main thing they look for is evidence of what they call "atheistic bias", which is an effective way to dissuade their (mostly Christian) readership from listening to a person. Their readership has a lot of overlap with my book's intended audience, so I need to do everything I can to make sure they can't accomplish that in my own case. In preparation for having this research done about myself, it's necessary for me to think carefully about what submissions I should have in my gallery here, and make sure it doesn't include anything creationists could easily use to attack me in this area.

I regret having to do this, but I can't allow any of my online accounts to come in the way of the book's success. The amount of time and work I've put into this book is at least an order of magnitude greater than for any other thing I've ever created, and if the only way to ensure its success required me to delete my entire gallery here, I'd do it.


Jonathan Kane
United States
Current Residence: Mars
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Favourite cartoon character: Scrooge McDuck
Personal Quote: "You must learn from your pain. Those who do not will never become what they are truly meant to be." --Shigeru Miyamoto


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V-engefulN-emesis Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2015
A Link to the Past much?
The dark wizard writes and draws
ader-x Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012
Agahnim, it seems you faked your death and decided to escape and time-travel between Mesozoic Era and today, safe from that Hyrulean brat. In order to complete that process, avoid a certain future Epona, accept my Llama, and everything will be alright!

Oh and a warning, if your royal wizardness is scared of strong women then make sure to never ever visit my castle in the DA kingdom :D
DemitriVladMaximov Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
I am so glad I took a look at your gallery and I understand exactly how you felt going through school. Although I was never punched or harassed for my beliefs I always felt alone since there was an artificial conflict between God and evolution and because of my belief in God I was worried that my greatest love (the study of dinosaurs) was going to condemn me because I allowed myself to be swayed out of ignorance. I salute you for having the courage to rise to your feet and hold true to what you knew was true. I hope that we can be friends and that you will perhaps read my paper if you have time.
Agahnim Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012
Thanks. What do you mean by "read your paper", though? Is there a specific submission in your gallery you'd like me to look at?
DemitriVladMaximov Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Actually it's a journal of mine intitled "God and evolution". It's also in the group we are both part of about theistic evolution.
Agahnim Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012
So you're going with a "day = age" reading of Genesis 1? That's pretty similar to what I believed for most of the time that I was a Christian theistic evolutionist. I'm no longer certain that's the best way to resolve the conflict between paleontology and the Bible, but I also think that the details of how one goes about resolving it aren't extremely important.

Even though I think I have a pretty good understanding of Christian theology, now that I'm not a Christian anymore I don't care all that much about how consistent other people's theology is. The only thing that really matters to me nowadays is that people be willing to alter their interpretation of the Bible on the basis of physical evidence, and more specifically to find a way to interpret Genesis that's consistent with what we know about natural history. I can see you've done that, so as long as you're comfortable with this reading of Genesis from a theological perspective, it shouldn't be my place to critique that aspect of it.
FatCaiman Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was never watching you on here? Strange. But I've remedied that now. =P I'll read your story soon. :D
Agahnim Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011
Thanks for adding me back.

By the way, are you intending to register at some point at the Hell Creek forum? You told Ferahgo a while ago that you were interested in joining that forum, but as far as I can tell you haven’t yet. There’s currently a poll open about whether or not to create an RPG there, so if you’re intending to join and you have an opinion about that, you might want to join before the poll closes.
FatCaiman Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, I will. Thank you for the reminder. However, I probably won't have time to actually register and look around until after final exams, which for me end on the 15th. Sorry for the delay, I've also forgotten about it which explains why I didn't register earlier, when I had time...
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I appreciate the watch-back.
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