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Anchiornis by Agahnim, literature

The Monkey and the Typewriter by Agahnim, literature

Democracy in Action by Agahnim, literature

Jimbo Wales and Roger Davies by Agahnim, literature

Echigo Mole and his Socks by Agahnim, literature

Dinoshakespeare Macbeth by Agahnim, literature

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The Monkey and the Typewriter by Agahnim, literature

Democracy in Action by Agahnim, literature

Uncle James and the 2,000 Pears by Agahnim, literature

The Maxberg Archaeopteryx by Agahnim, literature


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The Maxberg Archaeopteryx by Agahnim, literature

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Current Residence: Mars
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Favourite cartoon character: Scrooge McDuck
Personal Quote: "You must learn from your pain. Those who do not will never become what they are truly meant to be." --Shigeru Miyamoto

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M. C. Escher
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The Incredibles
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George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, William Beebe
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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
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Pencils, ink, free time, and a computer that's not being hacked.
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Art, writing, paleontology, psychometrics

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A Link to the Past much?
The dark wizard writes and draws
Agahnim, it seems you faked your death and decided to escape and time-travel between Mesozoic Era and today, safe from that Hyrulean brat. In order to complete that process, avoid a certain future Epona, accept my Llama, and everything will be alright!

Oh and a warning, if your royal wizardness is scared of strong women then make sure to never ever visit my castle in the DA kingdom :D
I am so glad I took a look at your gallery and I understand exactly how you felt going through school. Although I was never punched or harassed for my beliefs I always felt alone since there was an artificial conflict between God and evolution and because of my belief in God I was worried that my greatest love (the study of dinosaurs) was going to condemn me because I allowed myself to be swayed out of ignorance. I salute you for having the courage to rise to your feet and hold true to what you knew was true. I hope that we can be friends and that you will perhaps read my paper if you have time.
Thanks. What do you mean by "read your paper", though? Is there a specific submission in your gallery you'd like me to look at?
Actually it's a journal of mine intitled "God and evolution". It's also in the group we are both part of about theistic evolution.
So you're going with a "day = age" reading of Genesis 1? That's pretty similar to what I believed for most of the time that I was a Christian theistic evolutionist. I'm no longer certain that's the best way to resolve the conflict between paleontology and the Bible, but I also think that the details of how one goes about resolving it aren't extremely important.

Even though I think I have a pretty good understanding of Christian theology, now that I'm not a Christian anymore I don't care all that much about how consistent other people's theology is. The only thing that really matters to me nowadays is that people be willing to alter their interpretation of the Bible on the basis of physical evidence, and more specifically to find a way to interpret Genesis that's consistent with what we know about natural history. I can see you've done that, so as long as you're comfortable with this reading of Genesis from a theological perspective, it shouldn't be my place to critique that aspect of it.