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Textures are neat way to add extra punch on your artworks. They're fun to create yourself or you can use endless resources various artists here in dA are providing. If you're using textures made by other artists, always remember to read and follow their stock rules and credit your source!

This feature consists of two different parts: At first I am introducing tutorials teaching how to create textures yourself; both traditional and digital methods. In the second part of this journal I am featuring tutorials advising how to use textures in your artworks. The tutorials are mainly using Photoshop to create and edit pictures but there are similar tools in most of the photoediting programs.

Creating Your Own Textures

Traditional Textures

a) Textures in Ink and Watercolor by hibbary b) How to Dye Paper by hibbary c) TUTORIAL : PAPER TEXTURE by elgrimlock

a) If you want to learn how to create your own textures in traditional way, this tutorial gives you all the advices you need. Just follow the instructions, scan the results of your experiments and voilà - you have pile of cool textures to use to spice up your artworks. (I know I have featured this tutorial also earlier in my Watercolor Tutorial Feature but I totally love this tutorial and think everyone should see it. Many times.)

b) Really thorough tutorial how to dye you own paper. It explains everything from tools to creating process and shows examples of finished papers. Also includes a cure for wrinkling paper syndrome from which we traditional artists often suffer!  

c) Intesting tutorial showing how to combine traditional textures in one digital texture. In addition to showing how to create complete resource of your traditional textures, this tutorial also explains how to use textures in your artworks. I also suggest everyone to read the last sencente of this tutorial very carefully.

Couple of cool traditionally created texture packs:
Dream World Textures by TrollGirl Autumn watercolor texture pack by jane-beata

Digital Textures

d) Texture 222 - Step by Step by Sirius-sdz e) Make-your-own texture tutorial by therougecat f) Texture Creation Tutorial by TehAngelsCry g) Work In Progress: That's how I make textures! by mercurycode

d) Sirius-sdz creates the most awesome textures, I highly recommend you to check his gallery! In this step-by-step tutorial he is revealing some secrets how he is creating his breathtaking artworks. The tutorial is easy to follow and makes creating textures look like an easy job... but after I have tried myself I can just say that it isn't as easy as it looks. However, definitely worth of trying!

e) A cute tutorial showing how to make textures with brushes – no photos needed with this technique! It also advises how to add texture on your artwork.

f) An elegant tutorial teaching how to make a vivid and colorful texture from a single photo by using filters and brushes. The text includes many useful tips!

g) A step-by-step progress of ten different digitally created textures from a source photo to finished texture. Beautiful and fascinating – like the whole gallery of mercurycode.

Using Textures in Artworks

h) Texture Tutorial by pendlestock i) Tutorial: Applying Texture by Shinerai j) Using my textures in Photoshop: a basic tutorial by hibbary
k) Old-Paper-Look Tutorial by princendymion l) Texturizing Tutorial by princendymion

h) This brilliant tutorial shows illustratively how to choose a texture for your artwork and which settings to use when adding the texture. The pictures showing difference between multiply, screen and overlay are really useful for newbie texturizer (like myself).

i) An easy and clear step-by-step guide how to apply textures on images from placing and sizing the texture to adjusting colors. I love the little row of pictures showing what kind of effects changing texture color does for the whole image!  

j) This versatile tutorial is showing how to change and adjust colors of your textures, use different layer modes, enhance the textures and finally use them in your artworks. Cool tips how placing the texture layer creates different effects and impressions.

k) Download to see this tutorial. At the beginning of this tutorial are entertaining and informative steps how to make an old looking paper and the last step introduces how to use that paper you created.

l) A hilarious but totally informative tutorial teaching how to add textures on your artwork – not just one texture over the whole work but texturizing different parts of the work with different textures.

Happy texturizing!

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TehAngelsCry's avatar
Thanks so much for featuring my tutorial <3 Some really great stuff here :D
Agaave's avatar
You're very welcome, your tutorial is really informative and useful! :heart:
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Awesome feature here. I could totally use some extra oomph in my pictures, and these show tons of ways to achieve that.
Of course, it'd probably help if I actually colored anything anymore, since most of this stuff works best on colored artwork! :XD:
But still, thanks for compiling this! I think I shall fave it. Makes it easier to keep track of all these things. :D
Agaave's avatar
I think "oomph" could be used especially in non-colored artworks! Or maybe in flat colored works where you could skip shading part and just splash cool texture on everything. :dummy:
I still haven't tried texturizing my own works much but now after I have done this research I am sure I will use this possibility much more. Especially with my sketches - I don't like to post them because they look unfinished but with little tweaking and with a texture punch they could be worth to publish. ;P
But at first I have to finish couple of traditional works I from my to-do-list.
Ember-Eyes's avatar
You do have a point there. :XD: Although since people often ask if they can color my line arts, textures would kind of get in the way there. But for sketches and stuff like that, definitely. :thumbsup:

You should do a big sketch dump! I like looking at those. Just a thought! :meow:
Agaave's avatar
That's true, I just selfishly thought how to oopmh linearts and not the fact that they wouldn't be so useful for other people to color after texturizing... :doh:

Sketch dump idea is brewing... :D
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Nah, no worries! :hug: I'm thinking it'd definitely be useful putting textures on particular line arts that I might not really want to be used for coloring, like if it's my own characters or something. It'd be a nice deterrent, while at the same time, making it look prettier. :D

Yay! :eager:
mercurycode's avatar
Didn't have a chance to thank you yet for this really amazing and helpful texture making journal! I feel honored to be featured here :)
Agaave's avatar
You're very welcome, I am glad you like! You create such amazing textures so of course it was a must to include your walkthrough in this feature! :happybounce:
mercurycode's avatar
I linked it on my profile, if you don't mind :D Created a custom box with useful guides about copyright, choosing stock, crediting... and now also making stock :D
Agaave's avatar
Of course I don't mind, thank you! :boogie:
I am really happy if people find this feature useful. Oh and I should check the rest of the stuff from your box; looks very interesting and handy information!
mercurycode's avatar
Yep, just some things I found incredibly useful. I've noticed there are still so many people who just don't know about copyright stuff and crediting and these sort of things. Will keep it open for future additions :)
Agaave's avatar
I might have to adopt your idea and make similar-ish permanent feature on my page - if you don't mind, of course. ^^
And of course I wouldn't copy your box, just the idea.
mercurycode's avatar
Oh, I don't mind at all! Go for it, I think such a box is such a useful thing to refer to. If you happen to find any more useful journals or tutorials, be sure to tell me :D
Agaave's avatar
Great, thank you! I will let you know when I get my special box set up. :w00t:
EspressoShots's avatar
Thank you so much for sharing, there is so much great advice in these tutorials! :hug:
Agaave's avatar
My pleasure, it was fun to put this together! :iconspinplz:
C-Hillman's avatar
Thanks! ^_^

How are you doing lately? Well I hope!
Agaave's avatar
You're welcome! :dummy:

I am doing ok, thank you for asking! :heart:
Although I wish I would have more time to do art but I guess that's mostly just matter of organizing my schedules better... ;P

How are you doing?
C-Hillman's avatar
Glad to hear you are doing well! ^_^

Organize your schedule you say? I haven't actually tried it but this sounds like an interesting way to do so. habitrpg.com/

Same as usual. Tired and sore, etc... But, that's just life. At least I'm not in the hospital again! That gets old very fast... =P
Agaave's avatar
Aww, I am sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. Happy that you don't have to be hospital tho! :huggle:
I hope it will get better and you manage to avoid hospital trips!

Thanks for the link, that looks really interesting and I am sucker for games.
Maybe I should try that, but I might get hooked - and then I spend half my time with that app. :XD:
C-Hillman's avatar
Lately the hospital trips are more likely to be for my mom. She hurt her back very badly and they think she may have ruptured a disk or possibly a vertebrae. However, they need to do a MRI to tell for certain but with her shoulder replacement they need to first be sure it isn't a material the magnetic field from the MRI would attract.

So you say you are a sucker for games? Ever thought of making one yourself?

RPG Maker VX Ace may be pricey, but they occasionally have some really good sales, especially through Steam. I got mine for just under $18 USD(Sorry, no idea what that equals in your local currency.
Agaave's avatar
Ouch, back pains are nasty, you cannot do basically nothing when your back is hurting.
I hope they find out what's wrong with your mom's back and get a proper treatment for that and hopefully she gets well soon!

I have so many interests that I don't know where I would find time to make games... It would be interesting tho.
So far I just enjoy playing what other people have created. ;)
C-Hillman's avatar
She literally had a broken back. Some vertebrae were fractured.

"Bibliotheca Arcanum" is the game I am working on right now. A lot of info on it can be found in my blog if you are interested.
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