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Borderlands Mr. Stick and Tiny Tina.

This is a commission for :iconkukapetal: whom wanted Flesh Stick (terrible name :lol:) and Tiny Tina who seemed to be more or less lost in the desert. This is how she described on how the scene was meant to be shown (hopefully she do not mind that I have shown what she wanted :blush: ).:

" But basically, they're on the run out in the desert, fleeing from a weapons testing facility (they were going to be the test subjects ), they've stopped for the night. He's sitting there, leaning against a rock, holding her in his arms while she sleeps, looking off into the distance and making a silent vow that he will get her home safely."


"As for the rest of the scene, I was thinking a side view, facing the left side of the page (so you'll see his left side, unlike in the pic of the two characters snuggling that I sent you last message). She's sleeping, and her expression should look neutral (she doesn't like him, so she shouldn't look content, but she doesn't really look unhappy either...just exhausted) and he's awake and looking off into the distance. It's a desert scene and the two of them are leaning against a rock. It's also nighttime, and a clear night, so there'll probably be some stars in the sky. This game takes place on another planet, so I don't know if there is a moon or any other type of celestial body in the sky. I'll have to find out.

Not sure what medium would work best with this, hand drawn, etc. I'll leave it up to you to decide what works best. Hopefully, something that captures the bright colors and slightly cartoony look of the characters. "

She let me make a choice on how I wanted to make this art, so I decided to work on Photoshop (Wow! Really, Ani? :O ) since I have been working on it over the last three weeks at school plus the chars was more or less cartoony in the game (Perfect!) and I do not mind doing such a work on digital medium ;)
I took about three weeks on this one, due to some other work that I needed to focus on (Ahem..School :P)

Borderlands franchise seems pretty interesting to me..perhaps I will try these games in the future :XD:

The Borderlands 2 characters belongs to @ Gearbox Software and 2K Games

The art is made by :iconzabani:
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(A bit of spoilers) Maybe Flesh Stick was actually a nice guy before his whole ratting out her parents thing. Who knows maybe him and Tiny Tina could've been friends if she didn't kill him.
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I... have no idea what to think.

Its cute, and drawn well, just... weird to imagine.
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Thanks:) It was a commission that I made for someone a while back.
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the song I Remember You seems very fitting to this.
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Which band/artist plays it? I am terrible with names of songs without having any references towards artists/bands. XD 
I don't kno whwat you're talking about...  I LOVE the name Flesh Stick!  XD
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I have a very dirty mind... 

and you can guess what dirty mind + the words flesh stick equals...
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Haha, I don't think you need a dirty mind to make the connection.  His name really is just a blatant dick reference :P
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:lol: I find the name err... funny :XD: Although there are many names out in the Borderlands franchise that made me think: "OMG LOL" :XD: in the same time I go :facepalm: and :blush:
I just keep in mind that psychos are likely cannibals so it doesn't mean what it sounds like it means.  XD
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Haha, I think it means exactly what it sounds like it means.  Psycho Bandits are so hilariously immature :P
True...  There was that one part in the game where I found a lovely sextion (lol) where they had an assortment of what looked to be ghetto train cars and perversion.  Moxxi, ripped up teddy bears, paddles...  XD
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Hmmm true, I totally forgot about them being cannibals :XD: 
Maybe his mama was incredibly cruel to him so he ate her....  Then again if my mama named me "Flesh Stick" I would suspect she was going to fatten me up and eat me too... >_>
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I hope you don't mind, but I was talking to someone from who likes the fic this picture is from, and I showed her this pic. She liked it so much she wanted to put it on her tumblr. I said it was probably okay as long as she credited you as the artist, but I also wanted to check with you to make sure you were okay with it.

She thinks you're an awesome artist, btw :)
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As long as I will get the link to the tumbr thingy of hers :p to see if she credit me lol:p
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Ask and you shall receive ;)

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Old link got deleted. Here's the new one:

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Hmmm the same one, but it's working after all :P :XD:
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This looks really good, and you did a great job with the digital colour in this one. :happycry: you're getting really good at this. <3
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very nice
i like the colour and how it looks sorta sketchy but not really messy
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