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People often ask me, "Hey Alex, you delicious looking bastard, how do you manage to write all these stories at once and stay sane?"

And then I look them right in their bloodshot eyes while they're snarling and drooling like a wild animal, and I merely tell them the only thing that needs be said.

"I like to write, like a lot. The only problem with that is that I have so many stories to write, and so little time each day I can do them in. Still, I'll do what I can, as this is what I do. I don't do so for praise or personal glory, and certainly not for wealth. I do so because I enjoy writing, and not even my hands and fingers getting sore from typing on my keyboard to the point where my computer is begging me to take a break will keep me from doing what I like to do."


My name is Alexander Gordon, an author who loves to write for the joy of it. I started my wonderful and, as expected, tiring journey through the world of writing by doing fanfiction first about an anime that I wanted to explore more in the world of. Yes, you could only imagine the amount of accolades I received doing that to begin with, and after continuing that for years with a smile on my face and a growing sense of joy for the craft I jumped over into publishing my own novels. And I've been doing this nearly everyday since then, something that has become a real passion of mine that can't be beat by anything. To this day I am still writing and plan on doing so for a very long time, I have many stories I wish to tell after all.

Favourite Movies
The Avengers, This Is The End, Akira, and many more
Favourite TV Shows
The Big Bang Theory, IT Crowd, South Park, and countless anime
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Nightcore/Nightstep remixes, Techno, K-Pop, J-Pop, Alternative Rock
Tools of the Trade
Computer, Microsoft Word, a keyboard, and my imagination
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Hello everyone! It's been a while, I know. I wanted to take this time moment to clarify some things and also post a much needed update along with more Eden content, so let's get right into it. First off, I've received plenty of messages, emails, posts, and general questions about what's going on so here's the itemized response to those. Number 1: For any who didn't see the earlier announcement, I have decided to continue only selling my books on Amazon for the foreseeable future. The reason for that is simple: censorship. As it turns out, Amazon is pretty cool with the artwork included with the books thus far (just can't have anything R+ rated on the cover, of course), but other online ebook retailers aren't so cool with it. Many of the pictures, some which appeared pretty tame to begin with, were flagged as "inappropriate", and the books were blocked unless they were removed. Not wishing to have any of my content censored, I've declined to do so and will continue selling
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A new animation for Chronicles of Eden is up in the gallery, both regular and NSFW versions, as well as a sign that time drawing near for something big. I plan on posting a certain announcement in the near future. Hopefully, unlike poor Mika here, I won't keep you hanging for too long ;)
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And to make it easier, it was practically made for me. As you may have known, I was toying with the notion of removing all my books from Amazon’s KindleUnlimited service and placing the books on multiple online platforms to offer them to more readers. While they would still be able to be purchased on Amazon’s storefront, they wouldn’t be in the KDP Select program anymore. This is a choice many authors need to make at some point or another: either expand to more platforms or focus with a single one. Some have better luck with one option while others have more success with the other, it’s just something that needs to be tested to find out what works best. A recent poll I hosted showed many people wanted the books to remain in KDP Select rather than go multiplatform. This is understandable, many people use KDP and it certainly attracts a large audience all by itself. It was clear more people wanted it to remain in the program than see it go. This was something I could understand and
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Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Gordon! :heart:

I hope you are well and staying happy. Keep writing amazing stories. :-)

nice ocs bro

Hey, So like a long time ago, I asked about RV: Brightest Darkness continuation. So, yeah, What about it? I understand your main work is priority, but I would like to know if there's any intention of continuing.

Hope you are doing well, and that your books keep getting better


To answer that question, I do want to continue it someday. I've just had other priorities as I'm sure you can guess. Not just with my books but also real life stuff too. As to when RV BD will continue again, I can't say right now. I'm not sure if I will have the time to go back and revise the existing chapters to make them easier to read, but I do hope to be able to find the extra time to return to the story.

thanks for the favorite! Mimikyu is very grateful! :) (Smile)
If you want you can continue seeing my future drawings!

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Thank you very much for the fav on my Borderlands bodypaint! :)
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