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(゚∀゚) Wow... it's been three years since my last activity eh? How is everyone??

I just wanted to pop in and thank everyone for the views,, watch, favs and nice comments. They really mean a LOT to me - just a fav is so flattering. Thank you so much!  :huggle: :heart:!!
While I draw for fun, I am always wanting to improve~ Here is hoping I keep finding the motivation (^^);;
I am going to try and update with some illustrations and generally try to be a little more active on DA. Not TOO active, but more than before... hopefully!

So I have some drawings that I have only really uploaded to pixiv... I figure I might as well upload it here too! They are just sitting on my hard drive, collecting dust.

Umm not sure what else to write, but will most likely update this blog with info and tidbits etc later. Mannnn I forgot how to use DA...

Cheers everyone! ^^

Regarding Fan art usage:
I do not mind you using my drawings for personal use only. (Examples; Banners, Site gallery, Icons, downloading them on your HD) I only ask that you please do not claim that you drew the pictures yourself! Thank you!!! :
Online Comic - BE MINE :

On my da icon I mean.

Hope every one here is doing fine! It's been a long time and I don't know if I'll be any active like I was long before but I'll go at a snail's pace. (like I always do...)

If you added me to see Naruto fan art you might want to unwatch me since I have fallen off that fandom years ago. As well as Bleach. It was fun in the beginning though, wasn't it? I think One Piece is the only Jump series I'm keeping up with. Bakuman is rather entertaining as well, but not something I'm constantly watching each week for chapters. :3

Hetalia's sparked my interest since a while ago (but to be specific have been oogling Prussia x Hungary latley) so maybe I'll upload some pictures some time.

Original comic is on hiatus since April, because to be honest I haven't been able to get myself motivated on it since then. I don't think any one really misses it anyway...? lol I'm sorry to any one that is waiting on updates. m( ;_; )m  

And my local artist friends, have fun at AE this year! I wanna hear all about it! It seems nicer since it'll be at the new convention center, no?


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