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Mad Detective

By AfuChan
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My tribute to Johnnie To's Mad Detective.
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© 2016 - 2021 AfuChan
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This composition is so bleeding cool!
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Freaking Beautiful
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I love it so much!
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It's an amazing piece of art and also a pretty good movie I've discovered through it (seen it this morning), so double thanks to you. :)
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Man, I love this, the different shadows of people coming from this character are awesome.

It reminds me a lot to the work of Satoshi Kon, like it could be one of his movies.

This is a Hong Kong movie that came out a few years ago right? I seem to remember the trailer but never watched it. I think it had Leon Lai in it, but not sure.

Are you a fan of Hong Kong cinema?
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Yeah, the movie has been out for almost 10 years. Leon Lai isn't in it though. You probably confusing it to "A Hero Never Dies" which is much older film made in 1998.

I do love a lot of Hong Kong movies especially from director's like Wong Kar Wai and Johnnie To.  However, it's been a while since the last time I've watched a real good Hong Kong movie.
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I am a huge fan of Wong Kar Wai, I did my bachelor's thesis on him, I am also a big fan of Tsui Hark, I can see you have a picture of the legendary Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia as Dongfang Bubai in Swordsman II: The East is Red. Respect man, that is an amazing movie.

Unfortunately I am not that familiar with the works of Johnnie To, something I am deeply ashamed of and should remedy.

I also haven't seen a good HK movie in a long time. Maybe it's because they don't make them anymore, at least not like they used too. Since their film industry was absorbed by the mainland, it is simply not the same. But there are some jewels here and there still. 

Hey, listen AfuChan, are you open for commissions and new projects? You see I am a writer and I am looking for artists to collaborate with me in comic projects.

Currently I have a finished script for a 48 page one shot. It is very much inspired by Hong Kong cinema (like most of my work is), specially Tsui Hark, and I am looking for an artist for this.

Since I really like your style and we seem to have a few of the same influences, I wonder if you would be interested.

If you are, we can talk about money, ownership of the project and all that.

Would really like to have you on board. And if not for the whole project, if you could help me out with some character designs for a pitch package or perhaps some pin ups or something like that, all paid of course, it would be great. 

If you are interested please give me a shout at

I hope to read from you soon.

Thanks, all the best and keep up the good work.

David Ramirez
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this is so great!!
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You are one of the best artists i ever seen.
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Thank very much. Means a lot.
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Great movie, great tribute. You rule man!
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Thank you. Glad to know other people love the movie as much as I do.
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im in love with pretty much anything you do man
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This picture is so dynamic!
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This is so amazing!!!!
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Wow! Love the film too!
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