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Luwu (陸吾) is a human face tiger with nine tails living in Kunlun Mountains.
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man-among-men's avatar
I don't' think that braid thing anatomically counts as a tail, but I don't really care either. This is so ridiculous I love it.
toedeledoki's avatar
Woaa, he from the 山海經? I randomly stumbled here and I feel like I hit the jackpot, what an awesome design. Really dig that last tail coming from his head hair and beautiful greens of his garments paired with the reds of his skin. And I gotta say you have a super cool illustration style :)
CartoonBen's avatar
:o (Eek) Wow, he looks intimidating.
SOLtager09's avatar
I wish my ideas were that cool 
pookiesaurus4's avatar
Is Luwu a real monster, or is he something you made up?
N1NJAKEES's avatar
Wow! Epic Design! :D
hairyscottishbeast's avatar
The colours and tones are spot on 
Great character :)
Randommode's avatar
They're great! XD 
CapricornDiem456's avatar
Luwu would make a perfect Chinese Guardian or Warrior for SMITE: Battleground Of The Gods.
badronin's avatar
Man, this is really cool. It would make a great tattoo 
This-Chick-Does-Art's avatar
You know darn well I counted all those tails, lol! I really enjoy these character designs of yours. Your characters are so striking but you always manage to convey a feeling of whimsy at the same time.
Ozukikun's avatar
WOH! O.O! You're the boss!
Bakhareva's avatar
tail on his head is a coolest idea ever!
RobKing21's avatar
I love how at first glance, he appears to have a tiger's head, but you've colored and designed it so well that his human head appears so. Very cool.
charlieillustration's avatar
amazing! love this guy!
BabisTogrou's avatar
Awesome design! He looks bad-ass! :D
Sasquatch180's avatar
So six tails acting as a sort of lower cape / skirt, two for a belt and one for a ponytail?

That alone is pretty creative, and it just flows so well with the rest of his design as well, giving him an imposing visage as deserving of a tiger turned even deadlier.
Blazbaros's avatar
Tigerstache is best stache!
AfuChan's avatar
ShadeDrawz's avatar
I love how his face looks like a Japanese mask.
coolclaytony's avatar
It's no coincidence either. The Oni Masks are, of course, inspired by Oni demons who notably have tiger-like characteristics.
Mahepii's avatar
Looks amaaazingg :heart:
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