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Immortal Iron Fists Movie Poster

By AfuChan
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I was tried to give it some 1970s HK movie poster vibe.

Immortal Iron Fist
 trade paperback available on January 2018!!!
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Might be interesting to see a Marvel Movie that was based in Asia about an Asian!
Holycrap1992's avatar
I would absolutely watch this awesome-looking movie and/or series!
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That mask is amazing! 
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This is awesome.
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I'm in love with your renditions of Iron Fist(s)! You're so good AfuChan!
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Not only your art is awesome, your characters are so original, you are very creative and exelent artist!
Bobbytriesatlife's avatar
You know what? If I'm able, I just might have to make more pixel art of this soon.
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I love this so much!!!
The-Vile-Cortex's avatar
Oooh... I recognize the guys surrounding them! Are they just cameos, or did you make those characters for this comic?
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ugh! Your character designs. Your composition. It's a pleasure to look at your work!
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1970's vibe? FUK YEAH!!!!
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Tried and succeeded! Awesome!
skyraidernimrod2's avatar
SICK!!! This is what drew me to Iron Fist way back in the 70's-80's, especially when John Byrne took it over! I'm not so hip on the 2016 version but still a way cool character. The old Gil Kane covers on the original series alway drew me too!
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