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Ghost Spider #2 Variant Cover


Here's my variant cover for Spider Gwen: Ghost Spider #2!
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Excellent work!

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Since when is she Ghost Spider? Shouldn’t her head be a flaming skull?
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Nice group of characters!
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I really enjoy your art style.
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oof, I love the extreme skew of the building's perspective, it really matches the dynamism of the characters and elevates the overall motion of this pic!
GirlySonicLover's avatar
Who’s the kid in the building?

Also this is amazing it looks like something straight out of a comic book!
GirlySonicLover's avatar
That makes a lot of sense! This is really good. It should be like a poster people could buy!
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The perspective in this is amazing!! i love the way the building looks almost distorted on top?? Makes the picture looks super dynamic!
Everyone looks so cool too!

Also wait, did she sling herself across the room? That's amazing 
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I really want that shoes now
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I can't say as I blame you for jonesing for her shoes!😄
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Damn that looks good. 

Don't recognize the punk spider-man though, what universe is he from?
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Earth-138, an dystopian world where corporations are often free to do what they want.

There punk-rocker Hobie Brown developed spider-powers due to illegal chemical dumping and decided to fight the system as Spider-Punk.
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I think spiderpunk is either British or Australian
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