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Faolan, N8t, Just

By AfuChan
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I'd love to see your work as the foundation for video games. Your stuff is great for action RPGs and fighting games (and really, everything)

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Creativity is a hell of a drug. You´re amazing..
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Your character designs rock *-*
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Excellent invocation of spaghetti western and weaponry.
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These are some excellent character designs. That revolver arm is freaking brilliant!
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did you make this for work? or is it your own thing.
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Yes, my own. I designed these characters for fun.
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well you could have fooled me if you wanted to. real profesional quality.
and very cool too :).
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Your work is always so cool to look at
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Damn dude, I really enjoy the revolver cowboy. 
Seems like he'd be the type of dude to ride a buffalo instead of a horse. 
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They on a mission!
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sweet design work.
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Very very awesome to see them all together!
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that rocker warrior guy still looks so great. One of my favorite character designs out there.
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Thank you very much!
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Man, I love those designs.
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I always love seeing characters to scale with on another. I feel like it can reveal some things about the characters that weren't apparent before. This is pretty close to how I imagined their proportions already, but I'm sort of surprised to see both Faolan and N8t being just a little shorter than I thought. About how tall are they all supposed to be?
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Yeah, I slightly exaggerated their proportions here so I made N8t shorter than he was originally.  Faolan is hunching a bit so if he stood up straight, he will appear much taller.
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