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A Munian - Save Point Buddy

By AfuChan
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"You want to save your game?"
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ExtraOver's avatar
Nice drawing, he reminds me of Marvin the Marsian. :D
Toonman509's avatar
he almost looks like if Marvin the Martian was a chronicler XD
rainbowjoyner456's avatar
we must protec the adorable book boy
Tigsie's avatar
Has anyone ever offered to 3D model this for you? It's so appealing! ;__;
CartoonBen's avatar
:) (Smile) Cute idea. He looks like a character from Final Fantasy, wearing a Met's helmet from the Mega Man franchise (with a quill attached to it).
007fluttershyizard's avatar
I don't know why, but I think Justin Roiland would be perfect as this character concept!
TheInkyWay's avatar
Can't unhear Orko's voice.
Jennyliino's avatar
This is pretty creative... HE COULD ALMOST BE A CHARACTER FROM A VIDEO GAME 😍😍😍😍
AfuChan's avatar
Thank you very much!
GingerbreadTARDIS99's avatar
He's so adorable! Love 
AfuChan's avatar
GingerbreadTARDIS99's avatar
You're very welcome!
MrEdison's avatar
Absolutely brilliant.
AfuChan's avatar
cesca-specs's avatar
Oh my gosh, so darling...!
AfuChan's avatar
Estonius's avatar
Awesome design and drawing!
tooiebird's avatar
this is an absolutely fantastic character design! I love it so much!! 
AfuChan's avatar
Thank you very much!
CharlesZevera's avatar
Will they be secret boss who will warp you to a previous save file and defeat you there?
TRUEvector's avatar
I scream now at the moment!
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