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Cirilla of Cintra

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Very good….but same as with Yen…it doesn't fit the character. Especially as Ciri is supposed to be part elf. She looks too common, and a bit too masculine. This maybe what Ciri would have looked like if they had given her those hormones.
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I do not agree. It was stated several times in the books that Ciri was not particularly beautiful. Aside from Yennefer calling her ugly, it was mentioned in a few places in the narration and in the view of other people. This, and her deadly trainings at Kaer Morhen in the age when her body was developing, could easily make her looking a bit masculine. And don't forget that even though the witchers didn't give her any mutagens, they still fed her with some special fungi and other non mutagenic stuff, which could have impacted her greatly :-)

Tu sum up, I think that this depiction of Ciri is absolutely perfect! Could be even more so, if it was in color and if you gave her some of the lively colors she used to wear when riding with The Rats... :-)
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We have different interpretations :)
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Really good work, but I can't imagine this lady as Ciri. As for me, she must look youger and more aggresive (but maybe new Witcher is to be blamed).
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Depends which Ciri we're talking about. The one from the books or from the games, where she is much older. I wanted to create Ciri from the end of the books but I agree. She turned out older than she was suppose to :)
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Well, it is mentioned on the very end of the last book, that Geralt was really pissed when she saw some white hair on her head... Well, aside of the fact that she had grey hair in the first place, but it was meant she grew older from all the things she endured.

A jako że angielski jest trochę upośledzony pod tym względem, dla krajanów dodam: na końcu książek Geralt był wściekły, kiedy zobaczył "pasma siwych włosów na głowie Ciri". Więc pasuje, że wygląda starzej niż sugerowałby jej ksiązkowy wiek :-)
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Gorgeous work, would have preferred a more proven Ciri, but this is great nontheless.
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Oh wow, perfect!! :D
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Thank you. I'm glad you like it :D
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Love it! she is my favorite
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Thanks! She is my favorite too :)
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Dude... you are freaking amazing ! :33 I trying to do same amazing art.. but when i compare this, to my art.. i want to cry :DD.. Anyway.. Great work :)
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Thank you :) But please, don't be discouraged! Just be patient and practice :) 
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I have to, if i want be better and better ;) :DD
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Dorable version of her, really great job. She's cute and charming. You have caught the perfect spirit :clap:
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Thank you! I'm glad that you like it :)
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