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Commission: Painting

By Afterlaughs
:star: Commission for :iconasynca:

Are you serious?” Bree asked me as I took the laptop from under the passenger seat and came back to the table. “You’re going to paint it here?”

I shrugged, unzipping the bag. “If you can give me a good description of it, yes,” I told her, and then patted the bench beside me with a very distant, vague memory of making a similar motion to Gemma last night. I pushed that thought aside as I pulled my laptop out and opened it.

From Chapter Fourteen of Under My Skin, a novel about a person’s struggle with her gender and sexuality.

NOTES: Picture of reference has been used here.

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While it's a little thing. I really  love that you used a different image for the image on the laptop. ^^

Most people just use the sketch from the actual pic, or even just the final pic, lol.

And would that be like a 17 Inch tablet? That'd be pretty awesome, but still kinda heavy. So worth it though, haha.
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Well, Min's big enough to operate a big Cintiq, so ;)
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For a second I thought that was you drawing. haha. Great work. Almost too good..... 
Afterlaughs's avatar
LOL No, I'm not THAT tall! xD (even if I'm 5'7 -Min, the girl on the right is 6'1-) and.. oh, I wish I had a Cintiq :love:
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This is done really well! Love the way u portrayed them! They both look amazing :heart:o:heart: thank you for drawing these images! For some reason I was seeing this image in the desert area lol glad that was cleared up :p not gonna lie min is pretty hot dresses that way ;)
Afterlaughs's avatar
Thank you for commenting, instead! :D I'm really glad that you liked it! :)
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That's exactly how i imagined Bree's curls! Oh gosh, I love this! I'm making it my wallpaper.
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Glad I made it come true! :D
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