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Star! Commission for :iconasynca:

“I can’t kiss whoever I want,” I said cryptically. She lifted her head from my shoulder, and with the way I was looking at her, she understood.

Her lips parted, and she took a hushed breath. “No, you can,” she murmured. “If you want to…”

“Wanting to isn’t the issue,” I told her. “Or maybe it is the issue.” Her face was so close, and her lips were so pink from how much she’d been crying. “I shouldn’t, Bree.

She wet them with the tip of her tongue. “I know,” she said, her breath warming my lips. “I’m just saying you can if you want to.”

Fuck, I did want to. She was gorgeous and sweet and fun and she just had this lovely gentle heart and I wanted to kiss her. And when she looked up at me with those big blue eyes that were puffy from how much she’d been crying… god. She deserved so much more than the way her life was right now.

She could see the conflict on my face, and her eyebrows met. “Please, Min,” she whispered. “Please, even just once. Just once…”

That sealed it. 

From Chapter Twenty-one of Under My Skin, a story about a person’s struggle with her gender and her sexuality.

Pictured are Bree (left) and the main character Min (right)

NOTES: Picture of reference has been used here.

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Commission: Painting by Afterlaughs Commission : Want to Stargaze with Me? by Afterlaughs
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