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:star::star::star: WINNER :star::star:

What happened to Ariel's sisters? by Willemijn1991 by :iconwillemijn1991:
Willemijn1991 earned 25 points from the voters, including the admins. Well done! This is a wonderful piece describing Ariel's sisters' lives!

:star::star::star: HONORABLE MENTIONS :star::star::star:

:thumb583949566: by :iconsora-aka-yamisora: -- 16 points
:thumb572739249: by :iconkattugglan: -- 11 points
The Rose Garden by Spaceroses by :iconspaceroses: -- 7 points

[UPDATE] The contest is closed. Thank you for participating! :hug:

[UPDATE] I have added a list of sidekicks. Hope it helps.
[UPDATE] New deadline: February 29, 2016. (Just because I love leap years) :D

Ready for Contest 4? This time, the theme will focus on the sidekicks instead of the popular protagonists. :D

Here are the specific rules:

:bulletpink: All media are accepted. Traditional, digital, cosplay, literature, etc.
:bulletorange: The entry must be new as of September 7, 2015.
:bulletyellow: All characters from all production companies are accepted. Disney (including Marvel and Star Wars), Dreamworks, Warner Bros, manga/anime, etc. Book characters are allowed.
:bulletpink: Please choose a child-friendly (max. PG) production. Characters from an adult/porn production will not be accepted. No violence, please.
:bulletorange: You may have any number of characters in your artwork. Crossovers are allowed.
:bulletyellow: Please mention from which movies your characters are, as I may not recognize them.
:bulletpink: You may do maximum 3 entries.
:bulletorange: Admins (valloria and chelleface90) may join the contest but cannot win a prize. If they win, the prize will go to the contestant with the second (or third) most votes instead.

About the characters:

:bulletpink: Sidekicks only.
Examples of sidekicks are Timon, Pumbaa, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Flounder, Sebastian. No protagonists, love interests, or villains are allowed. Elsa (Frozen) counts as a protagonist. However, villain sidekicks such as LeFou are allowed.
:bulletyellow: Parents or unnamed characters are allowed.
:bulletpink: Since this contest is titled "Sidekicks live happily ever after", please depict them in happy situations.
It doesn't have to be love story though. Olaf being happy in summer is a happy situation without a love story.
:bulletyellow: No genderbending please.
:bulletpink: OCs are allowed, but you must draw the canon sidekick and the OC must have a relation with the sidekick.
For example, you may have the Genie's brother (your own OC) but the Genie must be there in the artwork.

List of Disney Sidekicks (not comprehensive)
:bulletblue: The seven dwarfs (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
:bulletblue: Figaro, Cleo, Geppetto, the Blue Fairy (Pinocchio)
:bulletblue: Timothy Q. Mouse (Dumbo)
:bulletblue: Thumper, Flower, Friend Owl (Bambi)
:bulletblue: Jaq, Gus, Bruno, Lucifer, Anastasia, Drizella (Cinderella)
:bulletblue: Mad Hatter, Chesire Cat, White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland)
:bulletblue: The Lost Boys, John and Michael Darling (Peter Pan) (Tinker Bell doesn't count because she has her own movie)
:bulletblue: Jock, Trusty, Peg, Jim Dear, Darling, Si and Am (Lady and the Tramp)
:bulletblue: Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Diablo (Sleeping Beauty)
:bulletblue: Roger, Anita (101 Dalmatians)
:bulletblue: Sir Ector, Sir Kay (The Sword in the Stone)
:bulletblue: Baloo, Bagheera, the vultures, Mowgli's wolf brothers (The Jungle Book)
:bulletblue: Frou-Frou, Roquefort, Napoleon, Lafayette, Madame Bonfamille, George Hautecourt, Abigail and Amelia Gabble, the alley cats (The Aristocats)
:bulletblue: Little John, Friar Tuck, Alan-a-Dale, Lady Kluck, the rabbit kids, Sir Hiss (Robin Hood)
:bulletblue: Orville, Brutus, Nero (The Rescuers)
:bulletblue: Big Mama, Dinky, Boomer, Widow Tweed (The Fox and the Hound)
:bulletblue: Gurgi, Fflewddur Fflam, the 3 witches, Dallben (The Black Cauldron)
:bulletblue: Dr. Dawson, Mrs. Judson, Queen Mousetoria, Toby, Felicia (The Great Mouse Detective)
:bulletblue: Tito, Francis, Georgette, Jenny (Oliver & Company)
:bulletblue: Flounder, Sebastian, Scuttle, Flotsam, Jetsam, Max, Grimsby, Carlota, Ariel's sisters (The Little Mermaid)
:bulletblue: Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Maurice, Philippe, LeFou, the Bimbettes, Feather Duster (Beauty and the Beast)
:bulletblue: The Genie, Sultan, Abu, Iago (Aladdin)
:bulletblue: Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, Rafiki, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed (The Lion King)
:bulletblue: Nakoma, Flit, Meeko, Percy, Thomas, Kocoum, Ben, Lon, Wiggins (Pocahontas)
:bulletblue: Victor, Hugo, Laverne, Djali, Clopin (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
:bulletblue: Phil, Pegasus, Pain, Panic, Hermes, Ares (Hercules)
:bulletblue: Mushu, Cri-Kee, Khan, Ling, Yao, Chien-Po, Chi-Fu (Mulan)
:bulletblue: Terk, Tantor, Professor Archimedes Porter (Tarzan)
:bulletblue: Kronk, Chicha, Chacha, Tipo (The Emperor's New Groove)
:bulletblue: Vinny, Dr. Sweet, Audrey, Helga Sinclair, Moliere, Mrs. Packard (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
:bulletblue: Nani, David, Cobra, Gantu, Mrs. Hasegawa (Lilo & Stitch)
:bulletblue: Doppler, Captain Amelia, B.E.N, Morph (Treasure Planet)
:bulletblue: Rutt, Tuke, Tanana (Brother Bear)
:bulletblue: Abby, Fish, Runt (Chicken Little)
:bulletblue: Lucille, Bud, the Robinson family (except Franny and Wilbur) (Meet the Robinsons)
:bulletblue: Mittens, Rhino, Penny (Bolt)
:bulletblue: Charlotte, Ray, Louis, Lawrence, Mama Odie (The Princess and the Frog)
:bulletblue: Pascal, Maximus, thugs, Stabbington brothers (Tangled)
:bulletblue: Felix, Calhoun, Tafytta, Sour Bill, the racers, the townspeople (Wreck-It-Ralph)
:bulletblue: Olaf, Sven, Oaken, Marshmallow, Duke of Wesselton (Frozen)
:bulletblue: Honey Lemon, GoGo Tomago, Wasabi, Fred, Aunt Cass (Big Hero 6)

List of Pixar sidekicks (not comprehensive)
:bulletgreen: Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Slinky, Hamm, Rex, Barbie, Ken, Bullseye, Big Baby, Dolly, Peas in a Pod, Mr. Pricklepants, Trixie (Toy Story 1, 2, 3)
:bulletgreen: Dot, the Queen, Manny, Gypsy, Rosie, Dim, Francis, Slim, Heimlich, Molt (A Bug's Life)
:bulletgreen: Boo, Randall, Yeti, Squishy, Art, Don, Terry and Terri, Sherry Squibbles (Monsters, Inc. & University)
:bulletgreen: Gill, Bubbles, Jacques, Deb, Peach, Bloat, Gurgle, Nigel, Mr. Ray (Finding Nemo)
:bulletgreen: Mirage, Frozone, Edna Mode, Kari (The Incredibles)
:bulletgreen: Luigi, Ramone, Flo, Sheriff, Guido, Sarge, Fillmore, Lizzie, Mack, Finn McMissile, Grem, Acer (Cars 1 & 2)
:bulletgreen: Emile, Django, Horst, Lalo, Mustafa, Gusteau (Ratatouille)
:bulletgreen: Captain McCrea, John, Mary, PR-T, M-O (Wall-E)
:bulletgreen: Russell, Kevin, Dug, Alpha, Beta, Gamma (Up)
:bulletgreen: King Fergus, Angus, Hamish, Hubert, Harris, Lord and Young Macintosh, Lord and Young MacGuffin, Lord and Wee Dingwall, the witch, Maudie (Brave)
:bulletgreen: Fear, Anger, Disgust, Bing Bong, Dad, Mom (Inside Out)


February 29, 2016
Extension is only likely if 5 contestants ask for it. However, the 5 contestants must turn up for the contest or else they cannot ask for extensions again in future contests.


Please submit your entry to the Contest folder.
Every participant will receive llama badge from valloria (if I haven't given you one yet)


Judging will be decided by members' votes. This time, each member can vote for 3 entries from their most favorite to their least favorite. 1st vote gives 3 points, 2nd vote gives 2 points, and 3rd vote gives 1 point.

Admins (valloria and chelleface90) can vote for 3 entries too, but their votes will add 4 points each. So an admin's 1st vote gives 7 points, 2nd vote gives 6 points, and 3rd vote gives 5 points.


(Donations are welcome)

1st Winner

:star: 50 points :points: from valloria
:star: A full-body 1-character request from valloria. Here's how I draw a full-body character.
:star: A colored drawing request from My-Anne
:star: A feature in the group
:star: Artwork will be included in the "Featured" folder
:star: 7 favorites on your artworks from valloria

2nd Winner

(if there are more than 10 contestants)
:star: 30 points :points: from valloria
:star: A body-waist 1-character request from valloria. Here's how I draw a body-waist character.
:star: Artwork will be included in the "Featured" folder
:star: 5 favorites on your artworks from valloria

3rd Winner

(if there are more than 15 contestants)
:star: 10 points :points: from valloria
:star: A bust 1-character request from valloria. Here's how I draw a bust character.
:star: Artwork will be included in the "Featured" folder
:star: 3 favorites on your artworks from valloria

If you have any question, you can ask in the comments or message me. :D

Have fun! :D


1. Agents of I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E.S. by valloria
2. Big Hero 6 beach- San Fransokyo Sidekicks by Dinalfos5
3. :thumb583949566:
4. What happened to Ariel's sisters? by Willemijn1991
5. :thumb572739249:
6. ele-finnick zootopia by Richmen
7. Galadriel by I-AmThatIsJamala
8. The Rose Garden by Spaceroses
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Thanks so much everyone for voting :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: