Contest 3 - Transformation [WINNERS]

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1st Place

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If Pongo and Perdita were Human by sketchwithtiff by :iconsketchwithtiff:

Lovely artwork by sketchwithtiff depicting Pongo and Perdita (101 Dalmatians) as humans! Perdita's blue collar is well-represented in her outfit, and Pongo's red collar in his vest. Somehow they resemble their human pets, Roger and Anita.

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2nd Place

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by :iconchelleface90:

Purely magnificent artwork by chelleface90 featuring Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as a fairy! The coloring is beautiful. Esmeralda's fairy dress is true to her gypsy outfit. The cute ladybird is a plus!

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3rd Place

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:thumb549948995: by :iconraidesart:

Stunning illustration by RaidesArt of Cinderella (Cinderella) as a butterfly. In the live-action movie, Cinderella is closely connected to butterflies, so I say it's a good choice. Great technique as well!

:iconraidesart: will receive the 2nd prize because :iconchelleface90: is our admin. :D

Congratulations to you all! Great job, everyone! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Honorable Mentions

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Scrump, the human by Borabee Meg as Hades by VampKissLJ


[UPDATE] Hooray! We have 10 entries already. That means we can have 1st and 2nd winners! Thank you for participating, guys! :D
If you guys plan to enter but need extra time, tell me. I can add 3 days extension if 5 people ask for it. :)

3rd contest time! I'm so excited! :la:

The theme of this contest will be "Transformation". You will draw/portray canon Disney/Non-Disney characters in another forms, different from their original forms that we see in the movies.

Here are the specific rules:

:bulletpink: All media are accepted. Traditional, digital, cosplay, literature, etc.
:bulletorange: The entry must be new as of May 25, 2015.
:bulletyellow: All characters from all production companies are accepted. Disney (including Marvel and Star Wars), Dreamworks, Warner Bros, manga/anime, etc. Book characters are allowed.
:bulletpink: Please choose a child-friendly (max. PG) production. Characters from an adult/porn production will not be accepted. No violence, please.
:bulletorange: You may have any number of characters in your artwork. Crossovers are allowed.
:bulletyellow: Please mention from which movies your characters are, as I may not recognize them.
:bulletpink: You may do maximum 3 entries.
:bulletorange: Admins (valloria and chelleface90) may join the contest but cannot win a prize. If they win, the prize will go to the contestant with the second (or third) most votes instead.

About the characters:

:bulletpink: You may do any character in a different form other than his/her original form. For example, you can do Belle as a mermaid, Naveen as a centaur, Jar Jar Binks as a human (lol), etc.
:bulletyellow: You cannot do a character in a form that we already see in the movie. For example, Ariel has 2 forms: mermaid and human. You cannot do her in mermaid form or human form. However, you may do her as a fairy, robot, dwarf, etc.
:bulletpink: My Little Pony is allowed. (Since many people seem to draw them often. XD)
:bulletyellow: No genderbending please.
:bulletpink: You may do live-action characters, but you have to transform them. Simply doing them with the idea of transforming live-action to cartoons does not count. For example, you may do Elizabeth Swann as a mermaid, fairy, dog, cat, etc. but not as a human (because in the movie she is already a human).
:bulletyellow: For literature, you may write a story, poem, or narration about the character's look. (This is only a suggestion, though.)


July 30, 2015
You have 2 months to work on your entry. ;)


Please submit your entry to the Contest folder.
Every participant will receive llama badge from valloria (if I haven't given you one yet)


Judging will be decided by members' votes. Admins (valloria and chelleface90) can only vote on 1 entry each, but each of their votes will be counted as 5 votes.


(Donations are welcome)

1st Winner

:star: 50 points :points: from valloria and 100 points :points: from chelleface90
:star: A full-body 1-character request from valloria. Here's how I draw a full-body character.
:star: 3 chibi pictures from chelleface90
:star: A feature in the group
:star: Artwork will be included in the "Featured" folder
:star: 7 favorites on your artworks from valloria

2nd Winner

(if there are more than 10 contestants)
:star: 30 points :points: from valloria and 50 points :points: from chelleface90
:star: A body-waist 1-character request from valloria. Here's how I draw a body-waist character.
:star: 2 chibi pictures from chelleface90
:star: Artwork will be included in the "Featured" folder
:star: 5 favorites on your artworks from valloria

3rd Winner

(if there are more than 15 contestants)
:star: 10 points :points: from valloria and 25 points :points: from chelleface90
:star: A bust 1-character request from valloria. Here's how I draw a bust character.
:star: 1 chibi picture from chelleface90
:star: Artwork will be included in the "Featured" folder
:star: 3 favorites on your artworks from valloria

If you have any question, you can ask in the comments or message me. :D

Have fun! :D


1) by :iconchelleface90:
2) Something a little different by NaChapailliniGaeilge by :iconnachapaillinigaeilge:
3) Love Goes On and On by valloria by :iconvalloria:
4) Aurora (Fairy) by SkittishPanda by :iconskittishpanda:
5) Meg as Hades by VampKissLJ by :iconvampkisslj:
6) Ariel as Ursula by VampKissLJ by :iconvampkisslj:
7) If Pongo and Perdita were Human by sketchwithtiff by :iconsketchwithtiff:
8) :thumb549697535: by :iconsora-aka-yamisora:
9) Do You Want To Build A Bubble by My-Anne by :iconmy-anne:
10) Scrump, the human by Borabee by :iconborabee:
11) :thumb549948995: by :iconraidesart:
12) Disney Anthro Girls contest by Dinalfos5 by :icondinalfos5:
13) :thumb550053001: by :iconnatashas-artworks:
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Congrats to the winners!