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You may wonder what happens to your favorite book, movie, or TV characters after they live happily ever after. After-Ever-After is a group dedicated to that! The phrase "After Ever After" is taken from "Happily Ever After". But we're not so strict about that, anyway. What you depict in your artworks may be accepted in this group, as long as they don't violate our terms. :) 

Our beautiful logo :iconafter-ever-after: is designed by Oakwolf6554. The ending scene from Disney's The Little Mermaid is just perfect for our theme. 

:star: :bulletred: :star: :bulletred: :star: :bulletred: :star: :bulletred: :star: About the Admins :star: :bulletred: :star: :bulletred: :star: :bulletred: :star: :bulletred: :star:

The admins of this group is the lovely and talented :iconchelleface90: chelleface90 and myself, :iconvalloria: valloria. We are ardent fans of Disney and some other franchises too, so we love to draw fan arts! :D 

This group is mostly run by me, though. If you have any question, you can note me or the group, or post in the home page. I'd gladly answer your questions. :D

:star: :bulletblue: :star: :bulletblue: :star: :bulletblue: :star: :bulletblue: :star: Group Rules :star: :bulletblue: :star: :bulletblue: :star: :bulletblue: :star: :bulletblue: :star: 

How to be a Member

We love getting new members! To be a member, just click on the "Join" button on the home page. You will be automatically accepted. :hug: 

Playing Rules

We don't have many rules. Just be nice generally and you'll be fine. 
:bulletorange: Keep it CLEAN! If it isn't found in a Disney movie...it isn't found here! PG and below. Some children may see this group, and we don't want them to see adult content.
:bulletorange: Please treat others politely. We all have different backgrounds and opinions, so respect each other and play fair. :nod:
:bulletorange: No bullying or rude behavior. We don't tolerate that. It hurts others and makes us uncomfortable. "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." ;)
:bulletorange: Adding artworks to favorites and posting nice comments are always appreciated! :happybounce:

:star: :bulletpink: :star: :bulletpink: :star: :bulletpink: :star: :bulletpink: :star: Submission Rules :star: :bulletpink: :star: :bulletpink: :star: :bulletpink: :star: :bulletpink: :star:


:bulletpink: The folders with the Disney movie titles are for artworks containing Disney characters following the movie canon. For example, artworks containing Ariel herself, Ariel and Eric, or Ariel, Eric, and Melody go to "The Little Mermaid" folder. So, Disney Canon Characters in original forms with canon stories go here. Artworks of Snow White and her prince and their child can go here as well, even though the child is an OC. If you cannot find a folder for a Disney movie, submit it to "All-Disney" folder.

:bulletblue: The folders with the non-Disney movie titles are for artworks containing non-Disney characters following the movie canon. We do have several non-Disney specific folders, such as "How to Train Your Dragon", "Rise of the Guardian", "Anastasia", "The Swan Princess", and "Thumbelina". We generalize some franchises though, such as "Marvel", "Tolkien", and "Star Wars". If you cannot find a folder for a non-Disney movie, submit it to "Non-Disney" folder.

:bulletpink: The "All Disney" folder contains artworks of Disney characters from various movies. Artworks from a movie that doesn't have its own folder yet can go to this folder too. For example, artworks containing Rapunzel and Merida together go into this folder. Artworks of non-canon pairings like Hans and Elsa go into this folder as well. So, Disney Canon Characters with either canon or non-canon stories go here.

:bulletblue: The "Non-Disney" folder contains artworks of non-Disney characters that don't have their own specific folders, such as "The Croods", "Kung-Fu Panda", or "Rio". So, Non-Disney Canon Characters with either canon or non-canon stories go here.

:bulletpink: The "Disney & Non-Disney" folder contains artworks of Disney and non-Disney characters. For example, artworks of Jack Frost and Elsa go into this folder. So, crossover of Disney and Non-Disney Canon Characters with non-canon stories go here.

:bulletblue: The "My Disney creations" folder contains artworks of your Disney OCs, genderbents, or form-swap. For example, artworks of Lightning McQueen as a human go into this folder. Artworks of a canon Disney character and your OC go into this folder as well.

:bulletpink: The "My Non-Disney creations" folder contains artworks of your non-Disney OCs, genderbents, or form-swap. For example, artworks of Anastasia and Dimitri's child alone go into this folder.

:bulletblue: The "Literature" folder contains your poems, stories, fanfictions, and other literature works.

:bulletpink: The "Misc." folder is for artworks using bases or doll-makers.

:bulletblue: The "Featured" folder contains artworks of the admins' favorites. You cannot submit your artwork here.

What We Accept

:bulletgreen: We highly appreciate originality. We never label your art as being "too ugly" or "not good enough" for this group. 
:bulletgreen: We accept literature, cosplay, handicrafts, photography, and any form of art.
:bulletgreen: All art submitted to this group must be on PG rating or less. 
:bulletgreen: Male-Female romance only, please. 
:bulletgreen: Please submit your deviations only. If you submit others', we have to wait from the artist to approve it. If you think an artwork is good for the group, let me know and I'll add it.

What We Don't Accept

:bulletred: Any artwork that violates copyright. No screenshots or promotional pictures of any franchise may be submitted.
:bulletred: Explicit nudity, porn, or depicting sexual activity, exaggeratedly sexualized artwork (such as oversized breasts), or any mature content.
:bulletred: Excessive violence, gore, blood.
:bulletred: "Hate" campaign and other offensive artworks.
:bulletred: Horror/frightening artworks.

I will often give you description why a deviation is declined so don't worry. I never decline a deviation for being "not good enough", though. :)

About Crossovers

We accept crossovers! :D Please observe where to submit, though. (Remember, "canon" means "not fan-based".) ;)
:bulletyellow: Crossovers of Disney canon characters from different movies go into "All Disney" folder. These include Disney Princess artworks, crossover of Anna (Frozen) and Flynn Rider (Tangled), etc.
:bulletyellow: Crossovers of Disney canon characters and your OC go into "My Disney Creations" folder. 
:bulletyellow: Crossovers of non-Disney canon characters from different movies go into "Non-Disney" folder. These include crossover of Margo, Edith, Agnes from Despicable Me and the Powerpuff Girls. ;)
:bulletyellow: Crossovers of non-Disney canon characters and your OC go into "My Non-Disney Creations" folder. 
:bulletyellow: Crossovers of Disney and Non-Disney canon characters go into "Disney and Non-Disney" folder. These include crossover of Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardian) and Elsa (Frozen), Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon) and Merida (Brave).

About Literature

Literature or any written artwork goes to "Literature" folder. The terms are the same as those for other artworks. Check the "What We Accept" section.

About Cosplays

Cosplays are treated as any drawn artworks. For example, your cosplay as Belle go into "Beauty and the Beast" folder. 

About Bases and Doll Makers

We accept bases and doll makers, as long as they are credited to the makers. Please don't submit them too often, though. :) DeviantArt policy even tell us to put them into scraps, not gallery! XD
:bulletpurple: Artworks using bases created by other Deviant Artists can go to the folders with the movie titles, "All Disney", "Non-Disney", or others except Misc. folder. 
:bulletpurple: Artworks using doll makers go to Misc. folder. No buts, guys!

About Movie Screenshots, Promotional Pictures, and Other Copyrighted Images

We don't accept any screenshots, promotional pictures, and other copyrighted images, or any "artwork" containing them. It is a violation of DeviantArts policy as well. This includes:
:bulletorange: Memes and inspirational quotes
:bulletorange: Putting two images together in one picture
:bulletorange: Crossover or story telling using screenshots cut-outs

See this article below for details. 
Please do not submit screenshots to this groupUntil now, I still sometimes accept screenshots into the Misc. folder, but now I won't accept them anymore. Screenshots are copyrighted images of the movie's production company. They are not your work and you are not authorized to upload them into DeviantArt, much less submitting them to groups.
So we are no longer accepting:
:bulletblue: Movie screenshots - plain scenes of the movie that you printscreen or take a picture of, or download it from another site.
:bulletblue: Original DVD covers
:bulletblue: Official promotional pictures, edited or plain
:bulletblue: Combination of those pictures above
If you are submitting such images to the gro

If you still submit such "artworks", you will be blocked and no longer permitted to be a member. 

However, we permit submission that uses copyrighted image on one condition: You draw the picture yourself, and you use the copyrighted image for small background or comparison. In that case, you are submitting your own artwork and that's legal.

:star: :bulletgreen: :star: :bulletgreen: :star: :bulletgreen: :star: :bulletgreen: :star: Activities :star: :bulletgreen: :star: :bulletgreen: :star: :bulletgreen: :star: :bulletgreen: :star: 


We have regular contests in this group! The contest themes are chosen by me, but you can always have your say in the articles that are related to contests. Be sure to join when there are one running. :D

What you can do in contests:
:bulletblue: Participate, of course! All participants have equal chances of winning. :D
:bulletpink: Donate prizes. You can donate points or volunteer to create artworks for the winner. In this way, your skills as an artists are noticed, and you can get more friends. :happybounce:
:bulletblue: Vote! When the contest is closed, I need your help to vote for the winner. Only members' votes are counted.
:bulletpink: Suggest ideas for the next contests. I'd love to hear all your creative ideas. :D


We have monthly features for artists of the group. The one who gets featured is determined by the admin, but you can increase your chance of getting featured by:
:bulletpurple: Creating a series of artworks, such as "Disney Historically Accurate Outfits", "Disney Princesses as Fairies", etc. The more creative your series is, the higher chance of getting featured!
:bulletpurple: Winning a contest. Getting featured is one of the prizes listed for winning a contest.

Monthly Announcements

Announcements are issued every month. They are often used for:
:bulletgreen: Welcoming new members and featuring their artworks.
:bulletred: Informing members of new rules or folders in the group.
:bulletgreen: Promoting this group's contest or any affiliate group's contest.
:bulletred: Generally a shoutbox for everything going on around here! :)

Still have questions? You're welcome to ask in the comments below. :D


© 2015 - 2023 After-Ever-After
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