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About This Group.

After Delmogeny is a fan continuity set within the Agent Aika Universe. Originating from a single fanfiction that explored the life story of Rie Petoriyacowa, a secondary antagonist from the original OVA, the continuity has since expanded to include other stories written by other authors. The stories range from dark and somber, to lighthearted and in the spirit of the original OVA, along with everything in between.

Want to get involved? Want to write a story or draw a piece of fan art? Contact us with your idea, and we can work your idea into the continuity.

If you haven't followed us from the beginning and are a little lost, here's a bit of an overview of this continuity and how its formatted.

As mentioned earlier, this is a fan continuity of the Agent Aika series. Set after events of the last episode of the OVA, (Trial 7) The stories all look at what happened next for a wide cast of characters, both old and new. They have different  authors and different perspectives, but they all fit together with the same timeline and into the same, larger narrative.

The main story arcs currently are as follows:

Rie's Story: This is the "flagship" story, as one could say. A young runaway fleeing a broken home, Rie Petoriyacowa first joined the Delmogeny to escape from the streets, and rose through the ranks to become one of its most elite members. But after the disastrous defeat against Shivie Aika and the loss of the island base, she realized she has no future with the sinking organization, and once she recovered from her injuries from that final fight she became one of the many Delmos who drifted away. Assuming a new identity and trying to psychologically cope with her past traumas, Rie struggles to re-integrate into the outside world, but is the outside world going to re-accept one such as her?

Gaines, Inc: At one point, Rie meets a man who is attempting to revive the Delmogeny. She may write him off as crazy, but what's his side of the story? Christian Gaines, a young man with a hard-knock childhood and an admiration for Hargen's plans, works his way through the struggles of singlehandedly reviving the Delmo Corps, bringing them from the ashes to become greater than ever. He begins to build up a corporation run by delmos, and becomes a successful (albeit on one side controversial) leader with those on either side of the law. The question is, will his plan succeed?

Chapter 1

Path to Fairy: The Delmos aren't the only all-female paramilitary organization in this world. As the events with Rie and Gaines Inc are unfolding, a certain Levy Sieste is finding herself drawn away from regular life into the criminal underworld. Feeling snubbed and betrayed by society, she turns to a life of crime and finds herself in jail. To a casual observer this may seem like the end, but destiny has other plans. From these beginnigns, Levy Sieste shall emerge near the top of a new organization, waiting to make itself known to the unsuspecting world.

First/Prison arc
Second/Florska arc
Third/Fairy arc

The Girl Who Was a Number: With the henchwoman industry thriving, other organizations emerge. Enter E-5200, a mass-produced clone from a company called Genesystems. Unlike most of the others, E-5200, now nicknamed "Digit" escapes Genesystems' compound and aims to live a normal life. This is easier said than done though, when enemies are ever-near. Meeting several allies including her new friend Nicole along the way, Digit strives to expose Genesytems as evil to the public and gain the freedom to live as a normal person.

Escape arc
Fairy arc
Genesystems arc

Others: There are also minor pieces as well. A Black Delmo lieutenant's role in a daring raid to bust free a high ranked comrade. A bumbling blonde Blue Delmo who unfortunately survived the fiasco she was in part for responsible for, and had to pay as a result. A botched attempt to kill Aika. They're all here!

Have fun!

When creating a series, it's always important to decide in what year important events happen. This is to evade the existence of any plot holes. This especially counts for a series such as After Delmogeny, in which different stories take place around the same time. I made this timeline mainly because I was getting too stressed with constantly trying to figure out what happens when and what year the characters are born in. Also, it's important to have it available without having to search through all the other stories first. Looking here will be much easier.

Things that are italicized are verified parts of the official Agent Aika canon. If event is italicized but the date is not, that means that the event is part of the OVA canon, but the date is our own speculation and canon within the After Delmogeny setting. The rest is canon within the After Delmogeny continuity.


Pre-Great Submergence
  -~11 bgs (Before Great Submergence):
Rudolf Hargen "Born" in a test tube.

  -~6 bgs : Aika Sumeragi is born.
  -~4 bgs: Gust Turbulence is born 
0 ags (After Great Submergence) - 19 ags
  -0 ags: The Great Submergence. Earth's Surface drastically altered.
  -~2 ags:
Rion Aida is born.
  -4 ags:
Rie Petoriyacowa is born
  -7 ags: Christian Gaines is born
  -8 ags: Ayami Petoriyacowa is born
  -9 ags: Levy Sieste is born
  -9 ags: 'Digit' is created
  -9 ags: Sylvie Moretty is born
  -14 ags: Christel Val is born

20 ags - 22 ags
  -20 ags: Trial 1-5 take place
  -20 ags: Hargen dies

  -20 ags: the Golden Delmos are created
  -20 ags: Gaines comes to know about the Delmogeny            
  -21 ags: Operation Silver Wild Grapevine/White Silver
  -22 ags: Trial 7 takes place. Defeat of the four Golden Delmos by Shivie Aika.
  -22 ags: Rie leaves the Delmogeny after recovering from her injuries from the Shivie Aika fight.
  -22 ags: Beginning of After Delmogeny Rie's Story series
  -22 ags: Beginning of Damaged: Tonia's Story series.
23 ags - onward
  -25 ags: Gaines inc. is founded
  -26 ags: Delmo Remnant is defeated for good
  -26 ags: Rie gets arrested.
  -27 ags: Rie is released from prison
  -27 ags: Beginning of Gaines inc. series
  -28 ags: A Delmo named Rie is released
  -28 ags: Beginning of Path to Fairy series
  -29 ags: Beginning of The Girl who was a number series
  -29 ags: Ending of Path to Fairy series
  -30 ags: Bianca commits suicide
  -30 ags: Epilogue of Rie's Story

I didn't include everything. I don't know the birthdays of some of the less important characters, like Chance or Sylvie. Also, I chose not to include the birthdays of Ivy and Mizuki, as they aren't very important. At last, not all events are stated yet, to not spoil any upcoming plots.

If you find any errors in either this post or the stories, please tell us, so we can correct those.
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