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Like da colours.

 Sometimes I do this, ta see it all expressed in a picture, good.

 Don' like how ya called 'em psycho - regular people do it too.
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I like it, no scratch that, LOVE it.
Some comments:

:bulletgreen:The metal of the knife looks real.
:bulletgreen:The blood is spurting out from the wound the person madein his wrist.
:bulletgreen:The eyeball is a strange color, which always adds abit of mystery.
:bulletgreen:The shading looks great.
:bulletgreen:The contrast between the skin and black background.
:bulletgreen:The tattoo looks nice, good job on it.

-NEGATIVE- (stuff that I think looks a little strange)
:bulletred:The knife is going into a bone
:bulletred:Some of the blood on the hand doesn't look right.

Remember this is constructive criticism, meant to help not to offend.
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I AM A PSYCHO! hey! this looks like a thing i might do when older. JUST KIDDING!
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Mmm, I really love this!!!
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Wow, I really like this, its amazing!
The color contrasts are very good, the red on the black background and the ink on the arm fits very well! =]=]=]
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Great... Sorry is' s emo?
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Wow. This is amazing.
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I feel offended Psychos aren't necessarily emo
I for one aren't, I'm demented another breed of psycho.
Good picture though, you could go sicker though.
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Yummy! I love it!

It reminds me of a part in a movie I watched last night. Movie is Madhouse, you should really see it, it's good.

All Your Fears Are Lies
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my gosh this is aaawwwweeesssoome!!!!! cant believe sumone who did THIS wud like my work!!!!
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hahaha awww thank u so much for the fav and u know i m not the guy from texas chainsaw massacre hehe and ur work deserved that :)
p.s looks like this will go on like comments on lone tree hehehe
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yeah it willl :D muahahaahahaha.....but now honestly im scared of u....................ur scary.............or r u just pretendin to b this scary guy doin work like that???
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haha aww nah i m not scary its just an art :) i love freaky kinda stuff u know so dont worry i aint psycho in person lol
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soooo u sure this is not ur DARK SIDE cumin out?? n that ur not a serial killer/psycho/stalker or nethin else in between???
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hahahahah sarialllll lol
uzey's avatar
hmmmm ur beatin round the u r a serial killer/psycho/stalker and nethin else in between......
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uff Allah lol i m not gonna reply anymore katti lol
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Awsome picture!!! insane.. LOVE IT!!!!
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Thank you so much :)
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