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WIP : Epidexipteryx skull

By Afrovenator
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This recently described bizarre Jurassic maniraptoran from the Middle Jurassic China possesses a unique combination of characters. Although this reconstruction is limited to its skull (with unique and prominent dentition), its most obvious feature are its elongate ribbon-like feathers which were probably used for display.

It should be noted that this is a preliminary version which was finished in 2 hours. I will work on an update soon, but this will be uploaded on my website-in-progress ([link]). In all honesty: I couldn't wait to show it to everyone!

Scalebar equals 1 cm.
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It's very similar to Incisivosaurus. And Caudipteryx, also seems to be more primitive, doesn't it?
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Yeah, but that is because of its elongated teeth and the curved mandible. These are probably rather similarities though, because there is currently no evidence of a phylogenetic relationship between these genera.
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But they're all caudipterygids?
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I doubt it. Epidexipteryx is either more closely related to Scansoriopteryx/Epidendrosaurus or is the same as those genera, but we need more specimens to confirm this. This grouping is well supported by a number of synamorphies, but the most telling is the shape of the pelvis with mesopubic pubis and distinctly curved ischium. Caudipterygids are a more restricted group of animals more closely related to oviraptorids, but I agree, the similarity is uncanny. :)
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Which is why I said "Zomfg it's a Caudipterigid"...

But the long finger really sets it apart from the ovis. But...Gosh, it's a really weird animal.

(loves weird dinosaurs)