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Barbados Pirates Chapter 2
"…………………WHAT!?" shouted a stupefied Nate.
"Yeah, they started construction a few days ago. Made a big announcement when they first showed up about how their looking for criminals who have gone into hiding. The good news is that they don't suspect any townspeople; they think the pirates are hiding on the jungle islands. They already started searching them but there setting up a base here due to the amount of jungle they plan to cover. " explained Slick.
"How the hell did they find out about this place?" asked Nate "I thought it was a well kept secret even among pirates."
"Beets me, but I doubt anybody here is willing to talk to the marines about it. Do your selves a favor and head back to Jana to let everyone there know what's going on." said Slick as he snuck away from sight.
"Come on Nate we better get going" said Charlie as they began heading back to the ferry.
"You guys go on ahead, I'll catch up later." said Nate with a devious look in his eye.
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Barbados Pirates Chapter 1
     "Another one bites the dust" says the young Nate with smirk as the former rival gang leader passed out on the pavement. He wipes the blood off his favorite hands as his peers swarmed him to congratulate him on his latest victory for the gang.  From his outward appearance you would guess he was a young gang leader, wearing a basic red shirt, blues jeans and black shoes he looked more like average black teenager with curly hair. Albeit a well built one but still mostly ordinary, if it weren't for the thin rope bandages wrapped around his hands he wouldn't really stand out a lot. His personality is another story, the reason he is the boss of his gang is because he is can tenacious, ferocious and very competitive. He was alos proud, proud enough to face any gang leader armed or not with his bare hands and the gang worshipped him because it.  
      As victory was complete Nate then shouted "Who is the king of t
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Barbados Pirates Prologue
"CRACK", with that sound and all of the blood on his face the rather large young man realized that that last knee to his face broke his nose. His opponent, who despite being smaller was clearly the better fighter, showed no signs of stopping his assault by delivering an elbow strike to his jaw. While most spectators might be appalled and/or tried to stop such a public street fight that is not the case here, as the spectators consisted entirely of both the fighters peers who honestly wanted to see who was better. The beaten and bleeding young man awaited what would be the knockout blow, which from the looks of it was going to be a kick to his face it was then he realized a simple fact, he really shouldn't have called Nate a "Son of a Bitch".  
Welcome to the Wikia Archipelago, a small chain of seven tropical jungle islands in the South Blue. It is also the one of the most peaceful and least trouble place in the South Blue and possibly the world. While this tropical and success
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Carmen Fandango
Carmen Fandango
Position: archeologist/informant.
Age: 23. DOB:  June 7th                                                                 
Height: 5’7 Weight: can’t say because I lost a bet
Family: Adoptive father Diego.                                                    
Fighting style: Grim style card throwing. Weapons: special thin metal playing cards.
Likes: gambling, puzzles, riddles, an
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Michael Winston
Michael Winston
Position: Musician
Age: 19, DOB: October 31,
Height: 5’8 Weight: 162
Family: Father Desmond. Mother Vivian
Fighting Style: heavy metal wire style Weapon: steel wires, a special glove and a guitar Devil fruit: none
Likes: booze, partying, playing and listening to music and messing with people
Dislikes: being ignored and having his music insulted
Nickname: Brutal Shredder Bounties: 86,000,000
Personality: Loud and rude Michael loves to be the center of attention. He loves music and if he isn’t playing or writing it he is either drunk or asleep. He is also kind of an entertainer and loves to put on a good show. He will only go all out if there is an audience to watch him demonstrate his skills and play his music. He loves a good party always has a habit of inviting himself for the booze; somehow he never gets a hangover.  He also takes great pride in his music and anyone who insults it usually eats fist.
Appearance: Caucasian with brown hair styled as a
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Nicolette De Fleur
Nicolette De Fleur
Position: Chef
Age: 20 DOB:  November 9 Height: 5’6 Weight: Bribed with a cake not to tell
Family: Father George, Mother Marie and little sister Adele
Fighting Style: Ballet dancing used with devil fruit Weapon: none   Devil fruit: hair hair fruit
Likes: dancing, cooking and making her friends happy
Dislikes: being dirty and people who treat others poorly for no good reason
Nickname: The Blond Belle Bounty: 69,000,000
Personality: A very kind person who always has a smile on her face. She is very proper and polite and speaks very well due to her early upbringing. While she always has some sort of smile on her face her hair tends to show her real feelings. For example if she is depressed her hair may be long and droopy and if angry it may move like an angry octopus.
Appearance: She is a well endowed blond woman, her hair style often changes on its own to match her mood due to her powers. Nicolette wears a sailor fuku outfit with a blue bl
:iconafrojedi1:AfroJedi1 0 11
Rudolph Voinovich
Rudolph Voinovich
Position: Shipwright and Helmsman
Age: 25, DOB: February 17
Height: 6’5 Weight: 300,
Family: Parents unknown. Brother Vladimir
Fighting Style: Combat sambo Weapon: Steel armbands Devil fruit: none
Likes: models, building and loyalty.
Dislikes: treachery and those who insult or disturb his work.
Nickname: Iron Grizzly. Bounties: 85,000,000; 137,000,000
Personality: Rudolph is the always straight faced and serious character. He always acts in a soldierly manner; he firmly believes that all commands are absolute and must be obeyed unquestionably. He posses great attention to detail and has excellent precision. Rudolph can work diligently and skillfully even in the most stressful situations.
Appearance: He is a large and muscular red haired man. He usually wears a black headband which shadow hides his eyes and usually has green fingerless fighting gloves. He always wears a black and green military uniform with a dark brown combat boots.
History: Never knowing his par
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Orthos Faust
Orthos Faust
Position: Doctor
Age: 23, DOB: September 4
Height: 6’0 Weight: 179
Family: None
Fighting Style: a bastardized style with his devil fruit Weapon: None Devil fruit: hone hone no mi (bone bone fruit)
Likes: reading, experimenting and dissection.
Dislikes: anything he considers boring and dogs.
Nickname: The Necromancer. Bounties: 79,000,000; 111,000,000
Personality: Loves to learn and study life, especially through dissection. Faust is a brilliant doctor whose skill and knowledge is great. Unfortunately due to his disturbing childhood of medical study he become insane and developed an immoral thirst for knowledge. He can develop numerous antidotes for poisons and diseases as well as perform even the most complex and dangerous surgeries. However he doesn’t do this to help people as much it is for the challenge. He is only interested in unlocking the mysteries of life. He will always take interest in whatever new appears before him and usually has a creepy grin on his
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Lyn Zhang Bou
Lyn Zhang Bou
Position: Second mate/sniper.
Age: 21. DOB: April 12.
Height: 5’7 Weight: (scorch marks)… “Dammit Lyn!!!”
Family: parents deceased. Uncle Lee, Aunt Jade, little brother Qin.
Fighting style: explosives fighting combined with some basic northern shaolin. Weapons: bombs, dynamite and a customized fireworks cannon.
Dream: to become a legend and experience the ultimate rush.
Likes: smoking, fireworks, sunny days, and parties.
Dislikes: waiting, doing nothing and anything she considers boring.
Nickname: Vermillion Falcon. Bounties: 28,000,000; 115,000,000; 175,000,000
Personality: A hot headed, short tempered woman who hates to do nothing. She loves excitement whether it is from blowing something up, a good one night stand or going to wild a party. She is very competitive, easily bored and very ill-tempered. She is used to living a very chaotic life with her uncle and aunt and has grown so accustomed to it that she gets agitated if her environment is too qui
:iconafrojedi1:AfroJedi1 0 8
Akira Yamamitsu
Akira Yamamitsu
Position: First Mate, and navigator
Age: 21, DOB: December 10, Height: 5’9 Weight: 198
Family: Parents deceased. Grandparents are Satoshi and Kasumi.
Fighting Style: Hokushin-ryu, Weapon: Naginata (he gets a trident later) Devil fruit: none
Dream: to find Gungnir and become the greatest warrior in the world.
Likes: Fishing, sailing, training and alcohol
Dislikes: People who disrupt his training, people who mock his skills with a spear and people who underestimate the dangers of the sea.
Nickname: Sapphire Marlin, Bounties: 35,000,000; 145,000,000; 200,000,000.
Personality: Composed while loving adventure and challenges. He is usually a calm and collected person but is also the type to seek a challenge whether fighting strong opponents or sailing rough seas. He has his own sense of honor. Due to the constant brash and reckless things his grandfather put him through he has learned to constantly keep his composure even in the most hectic of situations. He loves and re
:iconafrojedi1:AfroJedi1 0 9
Nathaniel Barbados
Nathaniel (Nate) Barbados
Age: 22.
D.O.B: August 5th.
Height: 6.1 Weight: 215
Family: Mother-Felicia  
Fighting Style: Zui quan (Drunken Fist) Weapons: none
Devil Fruit: None
Dream: To find Aka Inu, Kill him and find One Piece.  
Likes: Food, Booze, Hot Girls and Exiting Fights.
Dislikes: world government (especially the admirals), people who think they are better than he is, people who mock him and people who pointlessly kill others.
Nickname: The Black Lion Bounties: 8,000,000; 50,000,000; 175,000,000; 290,000,000
Personality: Loud, Proud and always ready to fight. He loves fighting strong opponents and big challenges. He doesn’t like fighting people who are clearly weaker than because he feels it’s boring, unless they did something to really piss him off. He is usually a cocky bastard, but most of the time he doesn’t let his loud confidence get the best of him. He usually does whatever he wants unless someone gives him a really good reason why he s
:iconafrojedi1:AfroJedi1 0 7


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  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Playing: Borderline 2
  • Eating: pancakes
  • Drinking: hot cocoa
I wish you a Merry Christmas
I wish you a Merry Christmas
and a happy New year

Good tidings I wish you and your kin
i wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

So yeah, I'm not dead and neither are the Barbados pirates I still want to write it up next year.

Till the Happy Holidays fellow deviants!


Justin Sarjeant
United States


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