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Empress Mata's New Belly Groove

By AfraArt
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First let me explain, this is not Chichi or Malina, the character you're seeing isn't in the movie, the sequels, or even the TV series but is actually a scrapped character during the film's production. Long story short she was originally the love interest of Kuzco but was simply cut for time purposes. 

Anyway, she's back and she has taken revenge for not being included in the final cut of the flick!
Have to say, I love the idea of scrapped characters coming back to take vengeance. Might do more characters similar to Mata~

Mata from the concept art and rough animation of Emperor's New Grove belongs to Disney
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Well, this is a very unique idea!

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You're very welcome!

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Well, at least she’s not bound by the PG-13 rules of every animated Disney movie, now she can be as lewd and gluttonous and cannibalistic as she likes all day long!
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Oh definitely~
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We've reached new levels of obscure waifu
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What could of been a different movie if she were to be in it. For you to bring her back in a vore pic is absolute genius work. 
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Thanks, this could definitely be a great concept for a sequel~
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I admire your dedication to do a fanart of a deleted character. If you hadn't given this explanation I would have thought she was a random character. :clap: I love pressure against the belt and her belly...I'll try apply that in my next vore drawing hehehe :meow:
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Can't wait to see~ :D
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It's really cool that you tried out a different character like her! As usual your bellies are particularly strong and do a good job showing both meals inside. I like how she still references the movie she didn't make it into while unleashing a very nice belch~ 
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Yeah, best to give her attention finally~
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This is a whole new level of obscure character! 
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Yup, one who is technically isn't in the film
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This just means your power levels are rising :D
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You know what, it's a great idea what you did.

There are so many beautiful characters like her who should have been in the film but they are not there for unknown reasons or because they do not belong in the script. And it's unfair.

Fortunately there are fan art like yours that have highlighted them.

In short version, a beautiful revenge.
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You’re doing god’s work for making Vore Art of her

thank you for the new Cutie Waifu
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It's been forever since I saw this show (or movie? Don't remember), so I don't even know who she ate. Care to enlighten me as to who she ate?

Other than that, it's interesting to see vore of characters that didn't exist in the movie. Cool idea.
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I think you're talking about Kuzco's classmate Malina from the TV series
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