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Stripedot Template

By afiniwind
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A template for visual novelty.
*Visual novelty can be find here It's awesome program.
*You have to unzip the file to use it.
*In the folder have textbox, menu, save,load, and quit screen.
*Tell me if there any issues getting the folder.

*UPDATE: Dialogue is now global layer. Previous version, you may need to global layer the dialogue for easy use in the scene layer.
*UPDATE: PNG files are added in case of .NVT doesn't work. It only for that purpose only.

You can used this as long you credit me and sent me a link if you used it.

You cannot:
Claim it as your own.
Redistribute it.
Use it for anything commercial.
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This is a really nice template :3
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Wow, your templates are very lovely! 
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I didn't realize you could have multiple save files. :wow:
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I know :happybounce: . I think you can have about 100 at most, someone correct me if I'm wrong, from the save slot (0-100). If you going to add more save file just copy the items, make a new screen, change the caption, timestamp, thumbnail, button, and the thumb picture. For some reason maybe in my end if I duplicate the screen it mess with both of them.  I just realize I forgot to global layer the dialogue.  Sweating a little... I'll add a note.
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This is correct. I've worked with Novelty for some years now, so you're pretty spot on. ^_~
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Thanks, Vixeria for clarity. I'm still a bit new to Novelty myself  as well and I had look around for any information about the program and try some thing  that either gave me some progress, nowhere, and a lot of crashes. >.<

edit: spelling
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Yeah, in the beginning, it's nothing but trial and error. >.< You might wanna check out some of the links I posted on Visual-Novelty under the "Tutorials" folder: I have outgoing links that might have something to help you along. I know that when I first started playing with this program, I wish these links had been around back then. XD
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Alright. I'll check them out. Thank you.
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Well I'm still getting to know all this stuff, but I guess I'll figure it out eventually. :)
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Ok, best of luck to you! I just update the template now for the new version is now globalize.
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