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Notebook template

By afiniwind
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Please read my Terms and Services: Resources before downloading my resources.

Another template for visual novelty. Gothic version can be find here.
*Visual novelty can be find here.
*You have to unzip the file to use it.
*In the folder have 2 (ripped & normal) textbox, waiting indicator, 3(2 ripped & 1 normal) save and load screen, and quit screen.
*1 Notebook Template with new button (word & without word)*Both are invisible check screen to make them visible* and new menu template.
*Tell me if there any issues.

*UPDATE: Fix buttons on the screen and change picture a bit and add waiting indicator on textbox.
*UPDATE: Include 1 basic normal title page for novelty only.  .PNG files can be find Notebook Basic Titles.
*UPDATE: PNG files are added in case of .NVT doesn't work. It only for that purpose only.

You can used this as long you credit me and sent me a link if you used it.

You cannot:
Claim it as your own.
Redistribute it.
Use it for anything commercial.
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This fits my novel perfectly im-

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Wow that's awesome ! Good job, I love these !
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You're welcome.
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I really love this one! You're an awesome temp maker! ^_^
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Thank you.  >///< I love this one too. I'm just trying to mix and match ideas. Sweating a little...   I'm already thinking to make another version of this.
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That would be awesome! I would suggest another color scheme - perhaps something dark for those who are interested in darker colors? Idk, but your work is awesome ^_^
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Thank you again. That what I was been thinking. =-= Are you a mind reader?  I was planning to make a gothic theme with butterfly, maybe flowers, or both. I was planning to change the page number with stamps instead of number for maybe different theme. I haven't decide yet. I might add some blood splat as an entire separate or as object for some people who want it.
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Lol! I promise, I'm no mind-reader! XD But I seem to be EXTREMELY good at guessing. Lol!

I like the butterfly idea, I'm going to redistribute some of the templates I have in my folders as well. Can't have you doing all the work! XD Jk
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