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Gothic Notebook Template

By afiniwind
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Please read my Terms and Services: Resources before downloading my resources.

Gothic version of Notebook template.
Another template for visual novelty.
*Visual novelty can be find here.
*You have to unzip the file to use it.
*Include 3 basic titles(normal, bloody, flower journal) 4 textbox (2 ripped(normal & bloody) & 2 normal(normal & bloody) with 4 menu template. 4( 2 normal, 1 ripped, 1 bloody) save and load screen, waiting indicator, and quit screen.
*Tell me if there any issues.

*UPDATE: Fix buttons and change picture a bit. There now a .NVT file.
*UPDATE: Include 3 basic title page(normal & bloody) for novelty only.  .PNG files can be find Notebook Basic Titles. Change preview image a bit.
*UPDATE: PNG files are added in case of .NVT doesn't work. It only for that purpose only.

You can used this as long you credit me and sent me a link if you used it.

You cannot:
Claim it as your own.
Redistribute it.
Use it for anything commercial.
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Got it to work! It's wonderful. Does it come with a main menu?
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Great!. No, sorry. I haven't decide on designing title page yet. If I did I will make a basic style interface and you decide on the background.
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All right. I may have to throw something together. And, crap, man! I was totally gonna make a bloodstained template XD But you did it better than I could have. I think I m going to use it for my novel. It's a great fit.
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Alright. I just finish two basic title. I left a gap for people designing their own title. I'm going to upload right now and change the preview image later.
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Do I need to redownload the file?
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I'm planning to add it together. I can make it separate for awhile since Derivantart is still downloading it. Might be bug. Can titles still be allow as a template?  I'm making another button a continue button for notebook template, but the gothic template have the same buttons.
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Ok. Can you tell me once its done?
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