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Creating Water In Daz Studio

Ever sat there and wondered just how in the world to create water in Daz Studio? Tried various things only to be left disappointed in the results? Yeah, I have been there before myself.

Here is a simple tutorial on how to create water in Daz Studio. ^_^ Hope you enjoy!

Example of these settings in work!

Dreams Of The Future By :iconyatesmon:
A great use of this tutorial for a twist on the idea.

Want to know how to make your skin glow like hers is in these preview images? Check out my tutorial on Sugar Skin!

Fav+ if you use please!
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:clap: Useful tutorial, I'm using plane and cube on DAZ and never though to use the plane to create water! Thank you for sharing.:hug:

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Very cool! Going to try this out. :)
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Thanks for this - used here:
  Jungle Pool by ravenscar45
thanks you of lots for yours tutorials,i've just begun to use DAZ3D studio,and i'm try to have a wonderful render like your great work!
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Useful, cheers!
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Do these settings work for newer versions of DAZ studio? I'm using ver. 4.7 and can't get the bump displacement to appear all that well, and was wondering if the settings have to be higher. Plz reply when you can. Thx.
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great! any idea how to create water droplets on a model in daz?
"Wet Gen" for genesis
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cool thank you
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If I were found this tuto just a few hours ago, it would have saved me a massive headache. Thank you.
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I've been looking for a tutorial like this for days!  Thank you!!
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that's where a few water textures are if anyone is interested. ^^ Great tutorial, and it is helpful a lot. :D 4.6Pro has a few differences, so it's all about just finding the right preferences at that point. ^^
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where can i download daz i have install manager but i dont know how?
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Thank you very much. Very usefull.
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This is the best tutorial ever. 
Been looking how to make water, thanks for this! :)
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Love this tutorial, thank you so much ^^
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Sweet! This is good to know. ;)
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This is great! Thanks!
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Thanks much appreciated!
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Can you show what bump you use for this render? I try create a bump map using PS with size 2048 x 2048, but the render turns out to be pixelated. You said you use the water bump from DAZ. Can you indicate which product?
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Didn't work, only creates a black plane, with a grey-scale lit circle in the middle if you view it from the top. Help please? '~'
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