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Modern UI Productivity Wallpapers

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Hi folks, I've had this myself for a while and I though some of you might like it. Just make sure to set the personalization slideshow settings as show above.

Also, dual monitor support and Ps files included if you want to modify anything! :D (Big Grin) 


Ps. Yes, this really helps. Time flies on a PC.
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could you do an 9 hour variation with more colors as the workday is in many cases 9 hours  (8 + 1 for lunch) ?
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I like the visual reminder, and I've moved the timestamp to be visible in my transparent taskbar (1280 x 1024 screen  res), now to find an easier way to reset for the next time I boot up the computer. Much thanks.
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thanks, this is great
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Thanks for the wallpapers. :)
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Smart Idea. Love the colors. Thank you.
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my monitor resolution is 1900x1200 :(
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You also have the Ps files. Knock yourself out! Bro Fist 
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Just use Stretch, Fit, etc.. The timestamp will be the only thing affected by reshaping.
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:+fav:ed awesome job.
first I didn't get it, after I check the files I understand the whole concept. good thinking ;)
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Simple and handy! Thanks for sharing.
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haha thats actually funny and useful 
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Haha, this skin sounds fun!
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Haha this is actually really handy! Might have to download this for myself later XD
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haha, neat idea!!

it'd be cool if the colors would also indicate the urgency, like you know, bright green for still having plenty of time (4 hours) and then all the way through to vibrant red for when there's no time left anymore (0 minutes).

just a thought. :XD:

or it already works that way and you just meant it to be the other way around? like the cooler colors for when you have just fired up the PC and then turning into the warmer colors the longer you have the machine running? haha, there should be a black one then for when you totally overdid it, like after 16 hours or so. :mwahaha:
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I made this for myself about 3 months ago and I didn't really care about the colours I just wanted a neat 30 min interval time tracker that would run on the left screen of my dual monitors (this seemed like the easiest solution). When I uploaded this to DA I though about changing to colours but I....basically I am too lazy =P (Razz). I may update it though! The Ps,  files are included as well, if the user want any special fonts or colour patterns.
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