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Gosh, i woke up to the nicest thing ever, in the entire world??! I got this month's Golden Words award from ProjectComment for participating in their weekly commenting! there's more info in the Project Comment - March Newsletter. i'm so flattered, that is super cool??? Project Comment has been the main way i've gotten feedback and there have been so many insightful and lovely people with detailed comments and crit i've gotten through the group, i'm really grateful and it means a lot. if you're ever looking for some constructive feedback, i'd highly recommend joining the group!

2016 By 3wyl-d9ml6vu by affectionateTea
Thank you UszatyArbuz for creating this award for ProjectComment.

In other news.... after a year of no journals (hollow laughter) i added charms, small prints, and other things to my storenvy. it closes sometimes when i'm at conventions/particularly busy, but for now it's open! and i ship things out pretty frequently. I don't have any more cons planned until next winter I believe, so now would be a good time to get things from my shop if there's something you want! Envies and signal boosts are also great appreciated, all the time, forever.

Charms by affectionateTea
terrarium charms

on the fandom side of things.... i have been in sports anime hell ™ in a big way, mainly haikyuu and oofuri (holy shIT oofuri!!!!) and i just got fe: fates the other day!!! i'm only 8 chapters into birthright and i already love everyone i've met and have been emotionally destroyed by the murder. this game is gonna Wreck Me i can feel it coming a mile away, in typical FE fashion. (there will probably be art in the near future, my Corrin is the cutest lil dragon imagineable and i am 100% gonna draw her and her fam)

also also! i added my 2015 sketchbook to gumroad, and it's pay what you want, so give that a dl if you'd like as well as my month of huevember draws, which is $2. both links are down below!

  • Reading: oofuri fanfic
  • Watching: oof and haikyuu!!
  • Playing: don't starve / minecraft
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UszatyArbuz Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2016   Digital Artist
Congratulations :)

I see you have this Storenvy, is it kind of an Etsy store?
affectionateTea Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

yep, storenvy is a platform for selling! i do production and shipping myself, same as etsy. they don't charge for listings, and they only take commission out of products sold via their marketplace and not your custom storefront, but they also don't drive any traffic to your storefront the way etsy does. So it can be a bit more difficult to make sales when you don't already have a large following. i've been super disappointed with etsy's shift away from handmade items and small, independent businesses though, which has made me unwilling to use it, even though i might make more sales if i did :/
UszatyArbuz Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016   Digital Artist
I was about to open Etsy but after reading their Policies (which took me like forever because its like in 1000 different articles ;/) I wasn't pleased with the personal info you have to provide to create an account. I noticed you have to pay for listing as well, and that's ain't cool. I read so far a few Info for sellers on the Storenvy too, and so far it seems to be better site for me :) Still need to read full policies and Terms of Service.

I was checking your shop to see how the site works but I'm a little confused ;D When I go to the… the Envies are stuff that you are selling, right? And what means this people on the bottom part of the things? People that bough it or liked that product?
Collections are like your products gathered in folders, yes?
And the Purchases was stuff that you bough or people bough from you? :P
affectionateTea Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, and etsy has also made some changes that make it easier for big factories to make cheap items and sell them on the site, and it's become more like ebay, rather than limiting it to actual handmade items... which kinda sucks :/ the factories keep undercutting artists, listing items for cheaper than artists can afford to sell them at, which means the artists made fewer sales.

SE is a little confusing cause there are a few different pieces. that link is actually to my profile page as a user -- the envies were items that I'd "envied," which is basically their "like" button, and the purchases were things i'd bought. my shop is here (with the username at the beginning). i could probably change the "shop" to be something different than my profile url, but then i'd have to update all my links, lmfao. but anyone who signs up/makes a purchase has a profile page! you have to go through a bunch of additional steps to make a shop. by "the people at the bottom" that you're talking about, if you're looking at a product page, I think you're looking at the Similar Products section? so it's other stores offering items for sale that are related to what you're looking at, either through the tags the artists used or the category it's in, or maybe from people who bought similar things. In the box on the right under the description of the shop there's also a section with more from the same store, but it's a little smaller.

Yeah, collections are just. curated lists of stuff, i guess? i would put those together myself. I think they also have a thing now where you can promote other artists? i don't know much about that, i haven't done it. oh, the other thing SE does kinda weird is they have your custom storefront, and then you can opt-in to the Marketplace, and sales thru the marketplace (which is traffic that they've driven to your store) they take 10% on. i just use the custom storefront, since it's mostly people coming from my tumblr/dA and i don't care about them making Marketplace sales for me.

there are also other sites that basically do the same thing? is one i've seen, it's the same setup where you create your own merch and they're just a storefront that handles taking payments. i think they only give you the first 5 listings free, but there's no "marketplace" and it seems a little more fine art/indie-friendly? Then there are places like society6 and INPRNT which do all the printing for you, so you make much less on individual orders, but you can offer a wider variety of things since it's all print-on-demand and they handle the printing, shipping, the transaction, buyer complaints, etc.
UszatyArbuz Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016   Digital Artist
Yeah, I have ready Etsy's Policies as well, and other articles from them, looks like they really want to make people work together with manufactures ans such.

ahh got it! I digged a bit more in these links you sent me, and after reading all the policies articles it really seems to be much clearer for me.
Yeah I read about Marketplace thing as well :nod:

I already have Society6 but I'm not that happy of it, in some way. It's really easy to post your art and already had so many options of printing like pillows, tote bags and stuff, yet they are SO unperpricing artists there, you can change the prizes only for fine art prints, and the other stuff like mentioned before gives maybe 10% of the full price to the artist. :| I'm still keeping it though, I made one sale so far :lol: But I wanted to open a shop for my artisan crafts directly, and I was looking for something specifically like the Storenvy or Etsy :nod:

I guess I will open the Storenvy soon, I still have to make and print out a bunch of business cards which I want to include in packages, and prepare everything in my home for this new "activity" sort to say :P
affectionateTea Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh yeah, s6 and redbubble are definitely not good for income, haha. but it's much cheaper in the case of non-paper items to use their print-on-demand services, rather than trying to do a large batch for lower individual costs but still having to pay 100+ and then hoping that they sell? i'd only do that for conventions, where i'm gonna be around a bunch of people willing to spend money, where they can see it and make those impulse decisions, haha.

OH you should definitely take advantage of SE's discount code feature for your business cards to encourage repeat customers! Set a code that they can use for a percentage off their next order or something, and put it on the business card to send with the item: "use this code for 10% off your next order!" -- that kind of thing. (they can also encourage their friends to buy stuff that way!) i also want to work on making cute little custom thank you memos.......... but i haven't gotten around to it yet, haha.
UszatyArbuz Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016   Digital Artist
Yeah, it's easy to post here and don't care about printing on random stuff, but almost no income is a bit bothering lol :D

I read about that as well! I really love they included this feature to their site, it definitely sounds useful from businesses management point of view. I think I will definitely try it in the future :) So far I have to work on setting up the store, and prepare stuff to put on the listing. I'm excited! :la:
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